The Imbecile's Guide to Creatures 2 Albia

Welcome! This guide will cover mainly the objects, plants, and animals of Albia, what they do, and how they will help or hurt your creatures. To make it easier to read, I've divided Albia into different parts: The Incubator, The Desert, etc.

1 Chapter 1: The Incubator

The Incubator area consists of the Incubator cavern, the little side platform next to it, and the Cellars beneath it. These animals can be found in the Incubator:

Goldfish: The goldfish are really more of a decoration than anything else. They can be found in the pond to the far left of the Incubator cavern. The creatures of the game can't eat them, but they can pick them up and play with them. Goldfish can't hurt your creatures in any way. Listed as 'critter'.

Dooser: The doosers are the little brown animals that walk around. If a Norn or the hand pushes it, the dooser will say a word, which will always be a noun. Useful for teaching creatures their nouns easily. They can be picked up and moved around. They are listed as 'critter'

Bats: The bats only come out at night. The creatures can pick them up, and the bats can bite them if the creatures do this. The bats eat fruit, so watch the mushroom patches at night, or else a bat will eat them all! Listed as 'badcritter'.

Ants: The ants go around cleaning up detritus in the area around their nest, so they can be quite useful. However, creatures can pick them up, and they bite. Also, creatures can eat them, and this can be painful for them. All in all, individual ants are okay, but keep creatures away from ant nests. Listed as 'badbug'.

The following plants, fruit, and seeds can be found in the Incubator:

Colorful Mushroom Patches: The creatures can't pick these up. The mushrooms make a very tasty snack for the creatures, but I've noticed they make creatures sleepy. Listed as either 'plant' or 'fruit', depending on if you have Cyberlife's update.

Tomatoes: Tomatoes are one of the plants that can grow, seed, and die. The actual plant itself is listed as 'plant', and cannot be picked up or eaten. The tomatoes that drop off are listed as 'fruit', and can be picked up and eaten. A half-eaten tomato quickly turns into detritus, and detritus can make creatures ill, so clean it up!

The following objects and food can be found in the Incubator:

Pond Waterfall: A decoration, so it can't be picked up or eaten. Listed as 'nature'.

Water Pump: Can't be picked up, but it pumps fresh water from the pond for creatures to drink. Listed as 'drink'.

Speech Laptop: The Speech Laptop is the little gray box with the arrow pointing at it. When the red button on it is pushed, it opens up, and the Shee on its screen recites the words 'look', 'come', 'eat', 'fruit', and 'food'. It can be picked up, so it is very useful for teaching Norns on-the- go the vital words. Listed as 'implement'.

Incubator: The Incubator is where eggs are placed to hatch (obviously). When placed in the incubator, eggs will hatch in 5–10 seconds, depending on which growth stage it's at. The incubator cannot be picked up (sadly). Listed as 'incubator'.

Red Ball: The red ball is the basic toy of Albia. It can be bounced, thrown, picked up – just about anything! A very good toy for baby Norns, Ettins, and Grendels. Listed as 'toy'.

Cheese: The cornerstone of any creature's diet. It is rich in many nutrients, and should be a regular part of your Norns' regiment. Cheese can be picked up and eaten (of course). Listed as 'food'

Verb Learning Computer: One of the most important objects in Albia, this computer teaches creatures their verbs. It can't be picked up. The button on the far left top of the computer repeats the last word, and the other two buttons scroll left and right through the vocabulary. Listed as 'computer'.

Home Teleporter: This is the "home teleporter"; it's where creatures end up if they push the orange button on a normal teleporter. Creatures can't go to anyplace from here, but they can come from somewhere. It can't be picked up. Listed as 'teleporter'.

Lift Call Button: This is one of the many lift call buttons in Albia. Form region to region, the buttons will differ in appearance, but they all serve the same purpose: to call lifts from other rooms. These can't be picked up. Listed as 'button'.

Lift: Like the lift buttons, these too differ in appearance depending on where in Albia you are. The lifts transport creatures vertically between rooms. They can't be picked up. Listed as 'lift'

Water Fountain: The water fountain gives thirsty creatures in the Cellar drinks. It can't be picked up. Listed as 'drink'.

Tennis Ball: The tennis ball basically serves the same purpose of the ball, only smaller. I've found adolescent creatures enjoy this toy more than the babies. It can be picked up. Listed as 'toy'.

Triangle: A little triangle for creatures to play with. It can't be picked up. Listed as 'toy'.

Saxophone: A saxophone for creatures to play. It can be picked up. Listed as 'toy'.

Spinning Top: The top is an excellent toy for Norn children. When pushed, it spins around and makes a funny noise. It can be picked up. Listed as 'toy'.

Punching Bag: The punching bag is a way to let creatures vent out their anger. When pushed (or rather, punched) it rocks back and forth. It can't be picked up, and is listed as 'toy'.

Torches: The torches are decorations. They can't be activated or picked up. Listed as 'nature'.

Adjective/Feelings Learning Computer: Same as the other one but teaches feelings and adjectives.

Cheese Vending Machine: A machine that vends cheese, should you ever run out. It can't be picked up. Listed as 'dispensor'

Bouncer: The bouncers are the little springs with arrows on them. They bounce creatures up high in the air. Depending on where they are, they either can or can't be moved. Listed as 'toy'.

Teleporter: These are found all over Albia. They transport creatures to different places in Albia. The blue button will transport them to a random teleporter in Albia, and the orange one takes them back to the home teleporter near the incubator.

Science Kit Powerup: Found on the little side platform next to the Incubator Cavern, it powers up the Science Kit Applet. It can't be picked up, but Norns, and Norns alone, can activate it. If you have the Game State Controller COB you can bypass the need to activate this. Listed as 'implement'.

Coming soon: Chapter 2 – The Desert/ Season Tree