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~RIP Renji (Set before the California trip)


"Ichigo…" Thump. "…Ichigo…Ichigo…Come on Strawberry, ya can't ignore me forever." The red headed, tattooed antagonist threw the rubber band ball he'd been bouncing against the wall at the supposedly unsuspecting, orange headed male typing away at his desk. The tattoo's framing his brow dipping into a scowl as the other male caught the ball with his right hand, attention never leaving the computer screen.

Ichigo snapped a single band on the ball while glaring at the screen, "You'd be surprised. I have excellent selective hearing."

Renji leaned back on the bed, "Douche. Don't invite me over here and submerge yourself in homework. That assignment isn't even due until next month."

An orange brow rose as Ichigo spared a side-glance to his current annoyance, "I didn't invite you, you followed me home. And FYI, this assignment is due next week. You should probably get started."

With crossed arms, the redhead replied in an irritated tone, "What makes you think I haven't started it?"

Ichigo returned his attention to the screen, "Have you?"

"That's beside the point! Just because I'm not a freakin' nerd like you doesn't mean-"

"Hey Renji…"


Ichigo was once again glaring at the screen, the English paper refusing to flow smoothly, "What's another word for annoyance?"


A small knock sounded from the door, catching both the males attention, "Ichi-nii, Renji-san, dinner's ready."

Ichigo leaned back to stretch and called back, "Thanks Yuzu, be down in a minute."

As soon as Ichigo's attention left the computer, Renji stalked over to him, leaning down and effectively invading his personal space, "Ichigo…"

"I told you Renji, when you decide to start experimenting with your sexuality, you will have to find someone else, I'm not interes-"

"Let's go to America."

The silence was heavy as Ichigo processed his friends words. As soon as he was convinced that he'd heard the redhead properly, his eyebrow twitched and he smacked him in the side of the head, "Fucking moron…Come on let's go eat, I'm starving."

Renji took a step back so Ichigo could stand, "Dude, I'm serious. I wanna go to America!"

Ichigo felt stupid for encouraging this line of conversation, but he just had to know, "Why?"

A bright smile overcame his friend's features as he dug into his pocket, pulling out and unfolding a ripped out magazine page. Staring up at him from the worn paper was Renji's personal idol, and Japan's most loved actor and heart throb, Kuchki Byakuya. Next to the picture, an oversized article heading, 'Japan's finest extends his acting career to the U.S.'

Yeah, he really shouldn't have encouraged him. Not really caring to hear the rest, Ichigo turned on his heel and headed for the door, Renji close behind.

Unfortunately, the redhead didn't feel he needed approval to explain, "He's filming a new action movie in Los Angeles in two weeks and they are calling for extras! This could be my chance!"

The conversation continued as they headed downstairs. "Congratulations. Now how are you going to get there?"

"By plane stupid."

Ichigo snorted, "Now that that's settled sounds like you're ready to go."

Renji gave a self satisfied grin, "You're comin' too."

"I am huh? And what makes you think-"

Catching the last few sentences of the conversation, the older Kurosaki at the table chimed in, "Renji-kun! You weren't supposed to tell him yet! Christmas presents are a surprise!"

Ichigo froze in step, glancing from the smirking Renji, to his pouting father at the table. Before he could even think to question it however, Isshin recovered and pulled a small folder from inside his jacket pocket.

He stood and handed it to a confused Ichigo, "Merry Christmas son! You can thank Renji-kun for helping to pick it out."

As the older dark haired male danced over to the poster of Ichigo's late mother, singing about how much his son will like his gift, Ichigo opened the folder. Two plane tickets departing in two weeks to Los Angeles, California.

Sporting a fake over sized smile for the sake of his family, Ichigo spoke to Renji through clenched teeth, "I'm going to kill you."

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Clicks 91-95

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A continuation of Shiro and Ichigo's bad break in 90 Clicks, Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood and Champagne by Cavo. I don't like the way that ended...

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Alone in his room, frustrated with life, Ichigo turns on his stereo, drowning himself in the music and submitting to his inner demon.

3. Forsaken- David Draiman (Queen of the Damned soundtrack)

Ichigo Kurosaki is an English solicitor (banking/real estate adviser in the late 1890's) who has been hired by Count Ogihci Dracula of Transylvania. The Count requests Ichigo's presence at his castle to review and discuss his purchase of land in London. But after arriving, Ichigo soon learns that the Count isn't what he seems. (Yes, this is based off the first five chapters of Bram Stoker's Dracula, though it will be modified for YAOI purposes).

4. Five Finger Death Punch- Walk Away

Canon- Zangetsu/Dark Ichigo's POV during the fight with Ichigo for the final Getsuga Tenshou.

5. Snow White Queen- Evanescence

The original Incubus has found new prey. Now, not only does poor Ichigo have to come to terms with the fact that demon's are very real, he has to dodge the advances of the supernatural world's most lustful entity, Algol (dark Ichigo). *I will be taking certain liberties and altering some demon folklore. **Look! I've joined the authors of the supernatural! Hopefully I can give you something worth reading ;)