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"Little Toddler"

Chapter I

"WHAT?" L shouted, jumping up from his chair and slamming his hands on-top of his desk, surprising Watari.

"You heard me. You will be taking care of your Backup while we are away for a whole week." Watari said casually.

L growled, "No fucking way!"

"L! Refrain from using that type of language while I am around!" Watari shouted, "you will do as I ordered. Period." Watari sighed and opened the large oak wooded door behind him.

L glared at B whom slowly emerged from behind the door.

"Hi... Mister L." B mumbled entering the room with a cute shark plushie under his left arm while he dragged a small Pikachu backpack with his right hand.

L frowned at his young (very young) successor before glancing at Watari.

"Starting when?" L asked.

Watari sighed, "Starting right this moment." he said, walking out the door and leaving L and B alone.

B smiled at L. "Hiya!" he cheered, running to wards the young (very young) detective but accidentally tripping over his pikachu backpack's strap and falling forward, letting out a small "oof!" sound escape his pink lips.

L stared at the small boy and burst out laughing.

"Hahaha!" L laughed, clutching his stomach.

B loked up at L with saddened red eyes.

L looked down at B with a smirk playing on his lips.

"H-Hey..." L began, "you're not going to cry, right?"

B frowned, "..." he stayed silent.

L rolled his eyes, "Frea-"

"Wahhhh~!" B cried, tears running down his pink-tinted cheeks.

L flinched, "Now what?"

B continued crying.

"What wrong, freak?" L shouted.

B stopped crying and glared at L.

"I hope you die and rot in hell sooner." B mumered before standing up and walking towards a random room. Even though B was a small child, he was quite the creeper.

L blinked.

This is going to be the worst week of his life.

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