Little Toddler

Chapter IV


L's eyes immediately shot open upon hearing the loud scream. L sat up, only to be pushed back down by B pounding on his chest with his small hands while his eyes remained closed. Damn, he's dreaming.

"STOP IT! THOSE ARE MY COOKIES! YOU BASTARD!" B cried out, punching L harder.

L winced in pain. Damn, that hurt!

"B-Backu-OW!" L groaned.

"DIE! DIE! DIE!" B cried, slapping L's face.

"OW! WAKE UP!" L shouted, grabbing B's small hands to prevent him from slapping him.

"AAAH! THE MONSTER GOT ME!" B cried, kicking his feet against and area only god knows should be treated nicely.

L yelped and let B's hands go, which resulted in B falling off of L's lap and onto the floor.

L stared down at B whom was currently sitting up and rubbing the back of his scalp.


L stayed silent.

B slowly tilted his head up and stared at L and blushed.

"...He stole my cookie." he pouted.

L sighed and glanced at the clock. 2:10AM. Fuck.

"..." L turned to face B once again and groaned.

"And why did you punch and kick me?" L asked, raising an eyebrow.

B laughed, "I wasn't kicking you! You silly goose!" he scoffed.

"Yes, you were." L said.

"Oh? I was?" B asked, tilting his head to the side cutely.

L sighed.

Damn you, Watari.

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