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December 25th, 2010 (Present Date)

Yeah, its Christmas.

Nothing better than Christmas sometimes.


But, believe me... things were definately better then they were before.

According to James and Carlos... and Logan (who i really never thought of as a friend before, but i never really saw him either) all said that i was better. Back to my old self... happier.

I had, obviously, moved on from Kendall - and i cant believe i'm saying this... but im actually dating another hockey head. Something i promised myself i would never do again. But atleast i knew this guy... better than i knew Kendall.

And one more thing i never thought i would ever say?

It was James.

I was actually dating James. James Diamond. My best friend for as long as i can remember.

But he made me happy.

It was senior year, and time for a change - James was always there for me... i trust him with my life. I know practically everything about him, as he knew everything about me.

After the whole Kendall ordeal, me and James had gotten a lot closer. At first we were always together - hanging out 24/7, and that's how it was for a few months after everything.

Yeah, we stayed best friends the whole time... and i never imagined anything more of the two of us.

Summer vacation rolled around, and i knew that i wouldnt have to deal with Kendall anymore. Not for 3 months, at least. So me, James, Carlos and Logan all went to California for the summer.

James had always wanted to go to California, I had always wanted to learn how to surf - and i loved the ocean, so i just figured 'what the hell', me and the guys could just stay with my Aunt Molly.

When i called her and asked her, she happily agreed to the idea of us staying with her.

I asked the guys if they wanted to go with me, and of course they did. So, we packed up Logan's car and took a road trip down to California.

It was so much fun. Like, more fun than i think i've ever had.

Just hanging out with my 3 best friends.

It was perfect.

Best summer of my life - by far.

And not only because i spent, basically, the whole summer in the ocean with the guys, or the fact that i learned how to surf, or the fact that i almost drowned.

Wait, what? I didnt explain that, did i?

Yeah - That's kinda how me and James actually became a couple.

Me, him and Carlos were all in the ocean, pretty far out too. (Logan was making reservations for Dave and Busters for the night). We were being stupid, and riding waves and shit. I wasn't expecting how big the wave was going to be when it hit us. Me, being the smallest of the 3 of us was the only one to get stuck in the undertow. I managed to come up for air when another wave hit me from behind and took me back down. I honesltly though i was going to die. I mean, with how far out we were, and how deep the water was, and how freaking strong the undertow was, i never thought that someone would be able to save me, and that i was going to die... at the age of 17, I was going to drown and die.

Not exactly the greatest of thoughts, i know.

But that was before i felt someone's arms wrap around my waist and pull me up from the water was when i figured out that i wasn't gonna die.

And it was the greatest feeling in the world.

But, when i looked up at my 'savior', i thought i was going to be looking up at a lifeguard.

I wasn't.

No, actually, i was looking up at James.

Apparently, after he and Carlos realized that i hadn't come up for air after the wave took me down, he dived in after me, freaking out.

After we had gotten to shore, and i had stopped crying, James told me that the only reason he found me, is because my bikini stood out against the water.

The realization hit me right there - had i not worn my hot pink bikini, and i had worn my blue one, James never would've seen me, and i would be dead.

I dont know where it came from, but all i know is that I passed out after James told me that he only saw me because of my bikini.

I woke up, and i was laying on a bed. My bed... in my Aunt's house. James was sitting on the edge of the bed, obviously waiting for me to wake up.

"James?" I asked quietly.

He looked from the doorway, back to me and grinned. "Kat! You're awake!" He practically screamed as he leaned down and hugged me.

He pulled away slightly, and when I say sightly, i mean slightly. He was still practically hugging me, his hands still wrapped around my waist.

"Never scare me like that again, promise?"

I nodded. "promise."

I dont know how it happened... James just looked down at me, and i stared up at him. The next thing i knew, he was leaning back down and kissing me.

It came as a shock at first, but after a few seconds, i relaxed and kissed him back.

I always imagined that kissing James or Carlos or Logan would be like kissing a brother - but kissing James wasn't like kissing a brother - It was... nice.

After that first kiss, me and James were practically inseperable... Hell, we were inseperable. Yeah, we were pretty much dating, and Logan was the first one to find out when he saw me and James down at the beach. At first (According to him) he was gonna go down to the beach to find me and James, so that we could all hang out. But then as he got closer to the beach he saw me and James kissing, and he freaked out. So, instead of letting us find out that he saw, he basically spent the rest of the day spying on us, trying to figure out what was going on - if it wasnt already obvious... I really thought that Logan was the smart one of his friends, but apparently i was wrong. I dont know, maybe it's just a girl thing - when a guy and a girl kiss, it usually means that they're dating.

So, Logan figured out the fact that me and James were dating, so he confronted me and James - asking us what was really going on between the two of us.

And it's Logan - it's not like we could lie to Logan, it was pretty much impossible.

So, we did what we had... well, technically we didnt have to do anything, but we told Logan what was going on.

From the first kiss to the date that we were on.

He was a little confused at first - he knew how amazing of friends we were, and how we had always said that we would never date, because it would be too weird - but then he just kinda realized that we really were dating, despite what we said.

We all talked about telling Carlos, and decided that he should know too. I mean, aside fro m the fact that he was our best friend, it was gonna start getting harder and harder to sneak around.. James and I. On these secret dates and shit. So instead of letting things fall to pieces and go crazy if Carlos found out without us telling him (He is the most sensitive about not knowing stuff)... things might not end so well.

And what did our crazy friend do when we told him? Well, we never actually told him.

Me, James and Logan had come home from the beach to see Carlos, inside, playing X-box.

Typical Carlos.

But he stopped playing as soon as we walked in the doors, looked at us and said, "I know."

"You know what?" I asked him, crossing my arms and leaning against the wall.

"About you and James." He said nonchalantly.

Me and James both turned and looked at Logan. "YOU TOLD HIM?" I yelled, slapping him on the arm.

Carlos was watching me and James yell at Logan when he started laughing.

"Guys!" Carlos yelled, distracting us from yelling at a confused Logan. "Logan didnt tell me anything!" He laughed.

"He didnt?" I asked, looking from Logan to Carlos.

"NO!" Logan piped up from behind me and James. "How could I have? I just found out 2 hours ago."

"Duh." I said quietly, hitting myself on the forehead. I looked over at Carlos. "Wait, how'd you find out?"

He sat down on the couch, looking back at the Xbox and then back at me and James with a grin on his face. "You guys really should be more careful about locking the door when you're making out." He said, and then looked back at the game laughing.

I looked down and blushed when Logan piped up laughing as well. I could just tell that James shot him daggers when he shut up and said "Well, he does have a point you know."

Looking back up i saw Logan now sitting on the couch with Carlos.

"WELL," James said, loudly, getting Carlos, Logan and I to look at him. "We," He said, grabbing my hand and holding it up. "Are going back to the beach to finish our date."

I looked up and him, then back at the guys, smiled and nodded before turning around and walking out the door, hand-in-hand with James.

and it could very well have been the best summer of my life.

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Summer ended, but me and James still dated. Being with James in school, walking through the hallways with him really distracted me from all the other crap going on around me (ie; Kendall).

Not gonna lie though, I saw Kendall in the hallway all the time, and every time I did 1 of 3 things happened.

1, I wanted to scream and punch him over and over and over again

2, I wanted to cry and just run from him

and 3, I wanted to run up to him and tell him how much i miss him.

I know, im so effing stupid! How in the hell can i miss him after what he did to me? I honestly dont have any clue. Yeah, i know that im with James. I care about James alot - but no matter what, im really starting to believe that i'll always have those small little annoying feelings for Kendall. And i honestly hate it! But i really cant help it, the nagging voice in the back of my head telling me that I should tell Kendall - but he cheated! I dont want to risk that happening again. It hurt too bad last time.

Like I said before, it was christmas - 8 in the morning, actually. My younger sister (my dad adopted her in September) Natalie woke me up at 5 this morning to open up presents. She was 13, but still. 5 in the morning?

Okay, when i was 13, i was waking my parents up at 3 in the morning to open up presents. So yeah, it really wasn't that big of a deal - waking up at 5. I really never minded getting up early, especially on Christmas.

But anyways, it was 8 in the morning, i was in my room, laying in my bed, talking to James.

No, not on my new Iphone that my dad got me, (Which im still freaking out over) but on my new laptop.

Yeah, video chatting was always fun.

James kept on telling me that he had a huge surprise for me, and that he really hoped i liked it. But, we both knew that i wouldn't be able to see him until New Year's eve. See, i was in Los Angeles visiting my Aunt for Christmas, and we werent going back to Minnesota until the 30th. My parents cut a deal with me - saying that i could be with my friends on New Year's eve, because i wouldn't be seeing them throughout the winter break. So i guess that was the fun part.

While we were talking, James kept on almost falling asleep.

"Are you tired?"

He nodded slightly. "Yeah, its..." He looked over and checked the clock. "4:17 right now." he said, sighing.

"Oh, shit, James i forgot about the time difference! Go back to sleep or somethi-" I was cut off mid sentence.

"Kat! No, im talking to you right now - I miss you."

I smiled, "I miss you too. More than you can imagine." I said sadly.

As soon as i said that, James' door flew open and his light was turned on. "JAMIEEE!" A small voice squealed. "You gotta get up and go open up presents! Santa came, Santa came!"

I smiled and so did James. "Hey Mo. Come say hi to Kat." James said, moving over in his bed so that his little sister, Morgan, could say hi.

"KAT!" She said grinning. "Santa brought presents!"

I smiled, "I know! He brought me presents too." I told the little girl.

She was only 5, and she always got up super early for Christmas.

James looked down at Morgan and smiled. "Go wake up mom and dad, i'll be down in a minute, okay?"

"Otay!" She squealed, jumping out of his lap, off the bed and out the door.

James looked back at me and laughed. "That kid is always hyper, but I love her anyways."

I smiled, "I know. Well, before she comes back in your room and kills you, you should probably go downstairs with her."

He nodded. "I guess you're right. I'll call you later okay?"


"I love you." James said, a small smile on his lips. "and i miss you."

"I love you too," I said, returning the smile. "And you already know i miss you too. Have fun seeing what 'Santa' brought you this year." i said.

He laughed. "Will do. Merry Christmas Kat."

"Merry Christmas James." I said, smiling and then signing off of the chat.

I sighed and closed my laptop. I stood up and got off of my bed, looking at myself in the mirror. I was wearing blue plaid pajama pants and a grey cami. My hair was still in braids and i looked moderately okay, aside from the fact that i had absolutely no makeup on. I moved my bangs off of my face and sighed again. I looked over at my super messy bed, and the small table next to it. A picture of me and James sat on the table, it was a picture that Logan had taken while we were on the beach over the summer.

Me and James had fallen asleep on the beach, James was stretched out on a beach towel with his eyes closed and his arms around me. I had my eyes closed and my head was on James' chest, and I was curled up into a little ball with my knees pulled up to my chest next to him.

I smiled at the picture before turning away from it and walking over to my door, and when i opened it i jumped back. My aunt was standing there, looking like she was just about to open the door.

"Hey auntie, what's up?" I asked, taking a step out of my room.

"Well, i was hoping that you could tell me that. There's a really cute guy at the door for you." She said, walking away smiling.

A really cute guy? for me? what? She knew about James, but James was still in Minnesota...

I ran down the stairs and opened the door. Sure enough, there was a tall guy with a grey beanie on his head, but with his back towards the door.

"Can I... help you?" I asked, making the guy jump and turn around.

My jaw dropped, I looked behind me to make sure no one was there before i stepped outside.

I looked up at him and swallowed hard, all of the memories flooding back.

"Hey Kat." The guy said sheepishly. "We need to talk."

My stomach was in my throat, my heart was pounding, i had goosebumps and i was just praying that he couldn't notice the fact that i felt like i was going to pass out.

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