Dear Die-ary,

Hm, so I believe that this is going to be my first "Diary" entry... To be honest, I find this quite ridiculous.


Okay, this is bugging me deeply, but I guess I will start off by introducing myself:

My name is Beyond Birthday, but I'm more commonly known as "B" or "BB" or the threating "BACKUP".

I am currently 18 yeas of age and also living in Los Angeles, California.

I just came to California about two months ago.

I came flying from Winchester, England.

You might be wondering on 'why' I chose to move here...

Well, I have my reasons and some of those reasons I choose not to share; not even writing it on a Diary.

I don't trust diaries as much as I am supposed to.

I think I'm just paranoid.

Yes, paranoid. I have used that word towards myself for the first time in my horrible 18 years.

I deserve an award.

Oh, right- you are just a diary, I apologize.

Oh... I am loosing my sanity little by little.

But then again, I lost my sanity a long time ago... So I'm just a crazed maniac

Yes... A crazed Maniac... That is what I am.

... A HOMICIDAL Maniac.

Hm... Well, I believe my first entry I finished.

Thank you for listening(?) or... as I might put it, "reading" my thoughts.

I have a feeling we will get along quite well.

And maybe... just maybe... I'll share my deepest and darkest secrets with you, if you'd like.


Beyond Birthday

Re-posted! And this time, I'll have B in character. :) Please leave a review if you want more "Die-ary" entries from BB himself~!