Dear Die-ary,

Err... New Year's Eve. 8O.

Well, since this will be my last day writing on the year of 2010, why not make it special?


Today wasn't much of an ordinary day... to me... and

to some people.

Ya' see...

Right this moment, I am having a 35 year old female "Food Source" cashier captive in my basement.

Oh! Now you are wondering on "WHY" I have her here!

Well, why not share it! :)

Well, I went to the food mart to do some shopping (for Strawberry Jam.)

And when I came to her slot, she said that I did not have enough money!

And so, I counted the damn money.

And guess what?


The change was to be approximately $2.00!

That Lying Bitch!

And she was like: "Ohh... I'm sorry, Sir... I apologize for my uncaring counting."

I just glared at her and was like: "Oh? Then try to care more about your damn customers if you don't want a huge dick being thrusted into you multiple times."

And she just stared at me and sped up her process.

Once I had purchased my 5 jars, I walked out of "Food Source" and sat in my flippin' awesome black Lamborghini and waited for her to leave the store

and follow her home.

And so on...

I pretty much took her away without asking her permission (Much like kidnapping)

and brought her over to my house until she learns her lesson

on being a great employee and give better customer service!

Damn human!


:) Wow. That made me a bit more relaxed.

Oh, right! I forgot about my victim- I mean... "student".

It's her first day for a new "lesson" I will give her.

Happy New Year!



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