Dear Die-ary,

Since I have not written in this for a large amount of time- I will start by explaining to you on why I have been away these past... 4-5 months.

First of all, since I am living by rent, I had to add money up quick- it's not too easy when you don't have a stinkin' job while the loan is $2,100 a month. Which forced me to look for a stupid job.

Unfortunately, the good jobs didn't need anybody else- which made me search for any typical American job- in restaurants- or anything involving food or fat customers.

So as I took the bus to Downtown Los Angeles, I could not shake out the feeling of someone's eyes staring directly at me- and since I was standing in front of the bus- I found it quite irritating since they could've been perverts and they could've been staring at my behind. ya' know?

So as the bus stopped, I began searching for the money to pay the bus driver- I couldn't find my five bucks on my right jeans pocket- where it was supposed to be- so I began searching everywhere- and I mean EVERYWHERE.

Turns out my $5 wheren't on me- Perfect. Just Perfect.

So I went and asked a dude behind me if he could be nice enough to leand me five bucks.

He simply smiled and took the money out.

But here comes the worst part:

He grabbed my wrist and yacked me toward him.

"Only if you do me a small little favor." he said, smirking.

That's when I was like: "Oh Hell NAH!"

He was such a pervert.

BlowJob? Please!

Turns out I had to stay until the very end of the bus driver's "journey" and explain to him on why I hadn't go off the bus.

He told me that I couldn't leave the bus station until I payed.


So from there on- I felt like killing him. BAD.

But when I glanced at his head- I took note that his lifespan was not due to end that night- Fuck.

So I had to stay at the bus station and figure out a way to pay... Five Dollars.

Stupid, right?

So I payed the next day when a cop guided me to my apartment and waited for me to give him the stupid $5.

What a waste of 24 hours.

So, the next day, I walked (yes, walked) downtown and searched for a job.


So now I'm woking my ass off to pay my loan.

Note: McDonalds does not pay enough.


Beyond Birthday.