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I opened my eyes and all around there is nothing but sand, white sand. When I really looked around I realized there were large trees everywhere. I got up and made my way over to one of the trees and it looked like it was made of a silvery quartz substance. They were beautiful and yet it worried me where I might be at.

As I looked around some more I realized I recognize this place. I just couldn't put my finger on it. I decided to walk around to get my bearings and try to figure out how I got here.

I was still walking around when I heard a howling. Soon as I heard that it just clicked in my head. I was in Hueco Mundo, mainly Forest of Menos. This isn't possible, I thought, there is no way, this place was just part of an anime and it can't be real. Then something else worried me. If I was in Hueco Mundo then was I a hollow too.

I looked down at my body to see if there was a hollow hole in my chest. Thankfully there was none. I was still wearing the same clothes that I wore when I got killed and I still had my pink punk bear with me. Then I remembered how I died, I was walking home from school and stopped by the local cemetery. I stopped to visit a little girl there, you see I can see spirits and she was the one I mostly visited. She was like my little sister I never had. Her name was Lily, she had long blonde hair, green eyes, and wore jeans and a blue sweater. She was only around ten and she died in a car accident.

I was looking around for her but didn't see her anywhere. Then I heard howling, not knowing what it was I went searching for it. I wish I never went looking for the source. When I found where the noise came for it wasn't what I was expecting. It was a hollow, but that can't be possible they were fictional. This one was ugly too, it was a cross between a bear and a boar. It's body was that of a bear and it's head was that of a boar. It's mask was white and had I snout of a boar and husks.

It saw me and it charged at me. I didn't know what to do, I was frozen in place. It swung it's paw and hit me. I went flying into a tree and it broke some of my ribs. I struggled to get up and run, but it was no use I couldn't move. It came over to me and it swung its paw one last time. As it crushed me I realized that there was a random soul reaper and he destroyed the hollow. It was to late to send me to the soul society, I just disappeared and I still don't know who that soul reaper was. That's when I woke up here in Hueco Mundo.

I knew I needed to find somewhere safe, if there is such a place. I wandered around and making sure not to draw attention to myself. I was lucky I didn't run into any hollows and I found a cave that I made home, for now anyways.

I decided to make an alarm and traps to let me know if there was a hollow close by. I used hollow masks and sticks that I found laying around. I also ran across a hollow that was a house cat. I decided to adopt it so it would help with alarming me. I decided on the name Grimmy for him, I named him after Grimmjow one of my favorite characters. I just smiled just thinking about if those to ever met.

It's been two weeks since I made Hueco Mundo my home. I came across a couple low class hollows. They were easy to defeat, especially when I realized that I was stronger and faster than them. I'm glad I took karate and was a black belt. Grimmy finished them off by consuming them. He was now the size of a beagle dog.

That night when I fell asleep I was in a different place. There was ash all over the ground and the trees were charred and dead. There were boulders dotting the landscape here and there. It was just barren yet beautiful at the same time. I walked around and found a river made of lave and also a cave that was beside it.

I headed to the cave and I saw a guy there that looked a lot like a demon. He had fairly long hair, crimson red eyes, slightly pale skin, horns growing out of his head and black leathery bat wings. He looked like he was around 7'0'' tall. He only wore long sleeves on his arms leaving his chest and back bare. He also has on a breechcloth and leggings on that had a skull hanging from the belt and he carries four short scimitar swords in front. Then I noticed he has on a necklace made up of skulls and four tattoos, one on his neck, one on his stomach and two on each inner thighs. His outfit was black and blood red and his horns were black.

We just stared at each other, then he broke the silence. "So I see you finally come," he said. His voice was loud and demonic. I wasn't afraid of him though. It felt like I knew him personally.

I answered back, "Yeah, I guess I have." I had a bit of an attitude, but that's just me. I continued, "So who are you and what do you want from me? If ya want my soul then forget about it."

He just snorted, "Baka, I don't want your soul. I'm a part of it," he said with a smirk.

I just glared at him. "Don't call me an idiot. What else should I think, you are a demon after all. What do you mean a part of my soul," I said.

He just shook his head, "You are a baka if you don't know who I am."

I glared at him again for calling me an idiot. I started to think when he said I should know him. After about five minutes it dawned on me, he was my zanpakuto. Who knew I had an inner demon.

I looked back at him and said, "So you are my zanpakuto. About time you showed up."

It was his turn to glare at me. "Don't get cocky, woman. Yes I'm your zanpakuto and it was you that took forever to come," he growled.

"Ok fine, just to end the argument it's both our faults," I said back. He glared at me again and I just snickered. "So since you're my sword what's your name," I asked.

"I ain't telling you until you show me if you're worthy," he snarled at me. Damn does he have an attitude. I guess he would since we share a personality.

I knew where this was going. I'm gonna have to fight me, I sighed. "Let's get this over with," I said knowing what's coming.

He nodded and threw me one of his swords. He then pulled one for himself. I caught the hilt and went into a fighting stance. I waited for him to make the first move. He finally did.

He rushed at me with his blade raised. He slashed down towards me and I blocked it with my own blade. I jumped back away from him. He rushed me again and I moved to the side and slashed back at him. He blocked it with ease and countered it. It went like that for awhile.

I finally managed to distant myself from him. I kneeled on the ground panting. We both had cuts all over us, but that was it nothing serious. This isn't getting me know where. I need to think of a plan. Then I realized if I was a soul reaper then I could flash step.

I rushed at him again acting like I was going to attack. When he brought his sword up to block it I flashed step behind him and slashed his back. I managed to cut open his shoulder and back. He howled in pain from the damage.

When I realized I wounded him I turned towards him and grinned. He just growled at me and lunged. I moved out of the way the last minute and brought the blade down towards him. It made contact on his arm leaving a cut. I got a sudden burst of energy when I realized I was winning. Then he gathered spirit energy with his right index finger. It looked a lot like a cero, it was black and red, then he fired at me. I realized it was a cero. I couldn't move in time and got caught with the blast. I landed against a boulder bleeding. I got up wiping the blood from my face. I growled and cursed at him, "Fucking bastard, that fucking hurt."

He smirked and causually said, "I should of told you that me and your inner hollow became one. So not only I'm your zanpakuto and have those powers, but I also have the power of an arrancar."

I just looked at him. I curled my upper lip and yelled, "You could of told me before hand, bastard."

I ran towards him and he started another cero. Right when he fired it I flashed step at the last minute and landed behind him. I grinned and raised my blade, he turned around to face me and I stabbed him in the stomach. He grinned at me and said, "Well done. You are truely are worthy of me." I smiled back at him.

He returned back towards the cave and sat down on a flat boulder. He was healed and motion for me to join him. So I flashed step beside him and sat down. I looked at him and asked again, "What is your name?"

He smiled and I realized that he had fangs. He started saying, "My name is Senso no Akuma, meaning War Demon." He bowed to me and grinned.

"War demon, it suits you. So explain to me about becoming one with my inner hollow," I said. I was curious to what that meant. Does that mean I don't have a inner hollow that wants to take me over. I was lost in my thoughts and I didn't realized he was talking. I shook my head and asked him to repeat that. I gave him a smile and apologize.

He sighed and started again, "As I was saying before, me and your inner hollow became one. You don't have a inner hollow, but you still have the power of a hollow. More precise an arrancar. You can use a bala, cero and the Gran Rey Cero. You can also use the Garganta. You also have a hollow mask you can summon for more power, but you don't have need it to use those techniques and you can use them even without releasing me." He continued on about other techniques that I have.

I listen closely and when he was done I nodded that I understood. Then I heard Grimmy howling and I realized that we weren't alone in the cave. I jerked awake and crouched into a fighting stance glaring at the intruders.