July 11, 1986

Dear Daddy,

Hi! I just found out today that your my daddy. I'm 6. I am having my friend Wesley write this letter for me. He's a wizard. I found out he was a wizard when I saw him practicing with his wand. So now I get to keep a big secret.
And when I turn 11, I get to go to Hogwarts to. I know this now because I went with Wesley to Diagon Alley today so he can get his second year supplies. ( The secret got me to come with him, shhh). We went to the bank Gringotts (I am happy Wesley is writing this with his auto-notes quill because these are big words), and a Goblin, those short scary green guys, saw the ring I had on my necklace, and they said it was the Black Family Crest! I already new I was a Black, because that's my last name Black. And my first name is Cassiopeia! Cassiopeia Black, that's me! My friends call me Cassie, since you are my daddy, you can call me that to, unless you want to call me Cassiopeia. So anyways, I went with them to a big room, because they didn't believe me at first that the ring was mine, so they did an inheritance thingy with a piece of parchment and a big scary knife, Wesley held my hand, it was scary. Then all of these names appeared(Wesley is helping me with the big words to), and the Goblins told me that the names were my family tree. We have alot of people in our tree.
What was sad is that the family tree didn't have the name of my mommy. They said that she did some spell thingy( it was complicated) that made it so I would never know her name. That's sad. But its good to because I know that I am your daughter.
Me! Cassiopeia Black!
I saw on our family tree that I have some cousins to. But I wanted to write to you first and ask if it was ok to write to them. Wesley said I should write first to you,
then to the first cousins. Their names are Andromeda and her daughter Nymphadora.
And there's Narcissa and Draco. Would it be ok to write to them daddy?
I was allowed to go get some money from our vault to. The cart ride was FUN! I'm going to go buy some parchment and a quill so I can write to you on my own, and some books to.
The Goblins said to that you are in jail. That's ok, some of the kids in the orphanage have parents in jail, and now I have one to! I have family now!
Even though I haven't met you yet daddy, I love you and I will write to you again soon.

Love your daughter Cassiopeia Black (That's me!)