Today was Christmas. Courtney Lanta woke up feeling extra excited as she ran out to her living room, finding her long-time boyfriend near the tree.

He held out his arms and said, "Merry Christmas, Princess."

Courtney ran into his warm, masculant arms and gave he gave her a huge hug bear hug and kiss on the top of her head.

"Well, the first one you're gonna flip 0ver. Come on, girls!" Courtney gasped as she heard her mother's complaining voice about airplanes and her sister's calming her down.

"Sami! Kristin!" Courtney ran up to her sisters' and gave them a huge hug.

"Mom!" She gave her mother a hug and kiss. "How did you guys get here? I thought you guys couldn't come" [A/N Lol, her mother is Emily. Emily is the flight attendent, in case you didn't know. And Sami is me! :D Kristin is her fraternal twin. Courtney and Kristin are 24 (So is Duncan), and Sami is 21]

"Duncan invited us, for part of your christmas gift." Courtney smiled at Duncan. The one thing she loved more than anything in the world is her family, and they told her they weren't able to make it that christmas because they all had to work. Courtney was crushed! But little did she know that they were coming.

"I have one more thing for you."

"Me too, but you can go first."

"Perfect." Duncan went over to Kristin and whispered something into her ear. There were various, 'Awww's in between. Kristin and Sami ran to Duncan and Courtney's room and came back with a camera, and they pressed record.

"You got me a video camera?" She gasped with excitment.

"Noo.. Better." Courtney and her mom gasped as Duncan kneeled down and got a little plastic box out of his pocket.

"I love you. I always have. Even when I was with Gwen for a year, I loved you. Will you marry-"

"Yes yes yes yes and YES!" She screamed and jumped onto his lap and have him a huge hug around his neck, strangling him for a moment.

"I love you soo much!" She kissed him on his cheek, and they made out. As they were kissing, Sami sang, "Every kiss begins with Kay." Everyone started at her awkawardly.

"What?" Kristin turned off the camera.


"Oh, I have something amazing to go with it!" Duncan told her

"Oh, me too! But you can go first."

"Perfect." He got out a picture of a big 2-story house and showed Courtney. "Tadaa"

"Oh, a house." She laughed akwardley. "Charming."

"Its not just a house. Its our house!"

"Oh my god, its beautiful, Duncan! OK, I have one more thing." She stood up in front of Courtney's mom, Kristin, Sami and Duncan.

"I'm pregnant!"

Everyone was blank for a second.
"Courtney, thats amazing!" They all gave her hugs and kisses and congratulated her. Duncan came over to Courtney and put his arm around her.

"I think you two will make great parents." Courtney put her hand with the ring on it on her stomach, and Duncan and Courtney both looked down at her belly, and smiled.