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Double Dee was going through his mail when he came upon a peculiar envelop. The note was from Orlando, Florida, but there was no return address.

Double Dee opened the envelope, and read the letter.

'Dear Eddward Eddwards,

It is my honor to congratulate and inform you that you have won my contest on Astro-Physic Essays, and so you and two friends of your choice will be able to attend the grand opening of my new Institute of Future Technology in Orlando, Florida, as my new Time-Travel Volunteers, where I shall send you exactly one full day into the future.

Your flight has already been paid for along with your hotel and car services. I look forward to meeting you in person.


Doctor Emmett L Brown.'


Eddy was pacing back in forth in his room impatiently, while Ed was looking through Eddy's old magazines. Just then, the door to Eddy's room flew open, and Double Dee entered.

"Gentlemen!" Edd explained, "I have fantastic news!"

"What?" Eddy asked, not caring at all, "That you just spent half of the day getting ready?"

"Please, Eddy," Double Dee explained, "I have just won a contest hosted by Doctor Emmett Brown, and so we will be headed to Florida to attend the opening of his new Scientific Institute!"

"Cool!" Ed exclaimed, even though he obviously did not understand anything that Double Dee had said.

"Woah! Woah!" Eddy exclaimed, "Back up, sockhead! Who's this 'Doc Brown' guy exactly?"

"Eddy!" Double Dee chided, "He's the world's foremost scientific inventor, and he's just given us the chance to travel through time one full day into the future!"

"So? What good will that..." Eddy began before trailing off.

He thought of something.

If they were in the future, they could learn everything that was going to happen before anyone in the Caul-De-Sac.

They could be RICH!

"Okay then," Eddy said, going along with it, "Then what are we waiting for?"


A few days later, the Eds were driven to the Peach Creek International Airport, where they then proceeded to fly straight down to Orlando. After touching down, they were then driven to their hotel where they rested for the night.


The next day, Ed and Eddy were sleeping when they heard a trumpet ringing in their ears. Eddy screamed, as he and Ed fell out of bed.

"Rise and shine, gentlemen!" Double Dee exclaimed happily, "Today's the big date!"


After the three had changed and enjoyed a wonderful brunch, they were escorted into a limo. The driver drove them for about and hour or so, before Double Dee could see the building of excitement in the distance.

"Look!" He exclaimed, "There it is!"

Soon enough they were outside the entrance of the massive laboratory.

"It looks like a giant parking garrage!" Eddy exclaimed, once they stepped out of the limo.

"That's because it's a LABORTORY, Eddy!" Double Dee exclaimed.

"Excuse me." A female voice asked.

The Eds looked in front of them to see a 20-year-old blonde lady, with her hair tied back in a bun, wearing a bright-red suit. She turned to Double Dee.

"Would you happen to be the man who won Doctor Brown's contest?" She asked.

"Yes." Double Dee smiled, "I'm Edd. These are my friends; Ed, and Eddy. Well, I'm the Ed with two D's."

"Pleasure," She said shaking Double Dee's hand, "I'm Heather, the head Receptionist of the Institute. I'm here to escort you to the waiting room where you'll be seated before Doctor Brown returns and then you'll be sent one full day ahead into the future."

"Wait!" Double Dee said, as they began walking towards the building, "Where's Doctor Brown? I was told he was going to meet us here in person."

"He is currently visiting the year 2015," Heather, explained, as they walked into the building and the three friends found themselves in a gigantic open lobby, "We have a problem currently, and Doctor Brown is trying to see if he can't find any clues to solve it before he attends to you."

"What problems?" Eddy asked impatiently, "My parents paid good money for this!"

"Eddy," Double Dee whispered, "The trip was already paid for."

Heather ignored Eddy's last comment, attending to the former by pulling out an iPad, and playing a video. It turned on, and the Eds could see the old inventor fidgeting with the camera.

"Th-The-There!" Doc said, as the camera now came into focus and the Eds could see not only him, but the futuristic buildings, people, and cars behind him, "I did it! Doctor Emmett Brown here. Please pardon the crudity of our broadcast signal, but I'm coming to you from the year 2015. I've managed to rewire this hovercam so that I can beam transmissions to you people back in the present. Unfortunately what I'm about to tell you is of potentially cataclismic proportions. Brace yourselves time travel volunteers - this is he-hev-heavy! Biff Tannen is loose! Somewhere in time! It seems that Biff is lose somewhere in time. But just where or rather when he is, I'm not quite sure. But keep your eyes open, the one thing I do know is that Biff will most certainly use time travel for his own peronal gain, as he did when he got a hold..."

Doc ran into an antique store called 'Blast from the Past,' and held a book called 'Gray's Sport's Almanac,' which he pointed at seriously.

"Of THIS!" He continued, "It was right here that Biff found the sports almanac and devised his devilish plan. By stealing the DeLorean and traveling back to 1955 with the Almanac Biff was able to give himself forbidden knowlege about the outcome of every major sporting event for the next 50 years."

"Sweet!" Eddy exclaimed.

But then the video showed what looked like Hill Valley in hell.

"Or not." Eddy said, scared.

"And the result was catastrophic. Biff had succeeded in creating a nightmare-come-true." Doc explained, as the camera returned to him in 2015, taking the Almanac, and running out of the store, "Luckily, we were able to regain the almanac and restore the space-time continuum. But believe me, that isn't my idea of fun. I cannot stress enough that bringing back even the smallest item from the future can create the most incredible complication."

With that, Doc threw the book into a nearby garbage bin. He then looked inside the adjacent door before the camera followed him to a weird-looking De-Lorean.

"Once again time traveler volunteers, Information from the future must not be abused - As this Zemeckis-Gale diagram clearly shows. But for that reason Biff must be stopped. I will be returning to you at the institute shorty so remain calm. We will proceed with my plan as scheduled. You will be sent one whole day into the future. It may not seem like much, but any more than a day might be a shock to your system. Crossing the time barrier is not for the weak at heart. One more thing, when I send you one day into the future if you should happen to see yourself in line: Don't say hi to yourself! Trust me on that one."

With that, the video ended, as Heather took the iPad back.

"So let me show you to where you'll be waiting." She explained.

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