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The Eds now stood in a lab similar to the one they had met Doc in, and awed at the 8-passenger DeLorean Time Machine. It was a bit bigger than the one that Biff had just stolen, and it had a white glow coming from the two back squares on the car as opposed to the red one's on Biff's.

"Sweet!" Eddy exclaimed.

"Okay," Doc's voice rang, "Get in!"

The Eds did so and found a TV attached to the car, in which Doc was talking to them from.

"Coool." Ed exclaimed.

"Okay," Doc said, "Now keep your hands IN."

The Eds did so, and Doc pressed a button on his remote control, as the doors to the DeLorean closed.

"Now make sure you have your seatbelts on." Doc reminded.

The Eds did so.

"Good," Doc said, "Now don't worry about a thing, you're in good hands."

Just then, sparks flew from the remote control as Doc looked surprised.

"Oops." Doc exclaimed, "I still haven't worked all the bugs out on this thing. But no matter, we're on a mission of Universal Proportions."

"Doc," Heather's voice called from the intercom, "All pre-launch systems are check."

"That's our cue," Doc noted, "Hang on to your hats."

The lights went out for a second before Doc turned back to the screen.

"Don't forget," He reminded, as the De-Lorean started up, and the metal door in front of them opened, releasing a foggy runway similar to an airport's, "When we see Biff in the DeLorean, we must accelerate to 88 Miles per-hour and bump him!"

With that, the car took off, as the Eds braced themselves for the 'temporal displacement.'

"Accelerating now at 55 Miles Per Hour," Doc said, as he read the speed limits, "65, 75, 85..."

With that, a bright flash of light appeared in front of the car, and the three friends could hear something that sounded like lightning as the Flux Capacitor began to glow and hum loudly.

"I WANT MY MOMMYYYYYYY!" Eddy screamed as the speedometer read 87.

"88 Miles Per Hour!" Doc screamed as Edd and Eddy yelled in horror as Ed just laughed as if he had just been told the funniest joke ever.

With that, the car disappeared, leaving a trail of fire behind it.


Re-Entry point: Hill Valley, 2015...

Three loud bangs were heard, as the DeLorean time machine carrying the Eds re-appeared and the Eds could see where they were.

"What the-?" Eddy asked, looking at his surroundings, "Where are we?"

"According to this..." Doc said, reading the time circuits on his computer, "You are in Hill Valley in the year 2015!"

"2015?" Eddy exclaimed, "But that's only four years from now!"

"Eddy!" Double Dee scolded, "The rules of time travel in this fanfic do not apply here. For all we know, it could still be 1999! Besides, just look at how amazing this all looks!"

Eddy took this moment to keep quiet. Come to think of it, actually, it DID seem kind of cool. Eddy noticed that there were cars IN the sky, rather than on the road. He also saw how different the Hill Valley Courthouse Square looked from the photos he had seen in one of his bro's old magazines. The Clock Tower that he had seen in one of the images looked brand new, but the clock still remained the same, residing at 10:04 PM.

"Okay," Eddy said, to no one in particular, "So where's Biff?"

"Hello, Mister Tannen!" Ed called.

Double Dee and Eddy looked ahead of them and saw Biff's DeLorean flying down the street.

"There's Biff!" Doc exclaimed, patching them into Biff's DeLorean hovercam, "Let's get them."

On the Hovercam, Biff looked back behind him before seeing the camera.

"Whoa," Biff said, looking into the camera, happily, "Whoa Doc Brown!"

As the Eds started to gain on Biff, a hovercar turned down the street, nearly hitting them. Luckily, Doc managed to turn the Eds car away, and they dodged the incoming vehicle before chasing Biff down.

"Okay, Time-Travelers," Doc exclaimed, "Now's our chance!"

"Yeah; that's what you think!" Biff shot back, turning his DeLorean 360 Degrees, before flying away from the Eds car, as the chase began.

"Woah!" Biff joked, "Gotta get some gas, Doc!"

The Eds looked ahead of them, just as they (along with Doc) realized that they were now in a crash-course for a giant 'Texaco' sign. Unable to turn around, Doc accelerated the car as the Eds screamed, and they crashed through the sign. Luckily, the car wasn't damaged, as Doc had reinforced the toughness of the DeLorean just in case of any emergency.

"I'm up here, Doc!" Biff laughed, hovering above the Eds car.

Doc brought the car up, but Biff went down. Doc brought the car down, only for Biff to go up again. The cars continued to engage in this game, until Double Dee got so sick that he threw up on the floor of the car. Looking up, Double Dee saw another sign coming in, that Doc was unfortunately unable to avoid again, and they crashed through the sign.

Now they were in a neighborhood. (One called Hilldale from the looks of a sign that Eddy caught a glimpse of when they drove in.)

"We got him!" Doc exclaimed, revving up the engin, "Okay, let's..."

He trailed off when he realized what Biff was doing.


The Eds looked up, and saw that Biff was hovering dangerously close to a cozy house.

"Hey, Doc!" Biff joked, "This is my new house! You like it?"

He laughed, as he hovered off, and Doc turned the car hard to the right, saving the house, but crashing the car through a tree.

"Ha-ha!" Biff called, as he drove over the Eds DeLorean, "I can fly circles around you Buttheads!"

"That weasel!" Eddy called, as Doc finally got the car accelerating on Biff fast. Biff however, just turned to the camera saying one thing;

"Watch for traffic, Doc!"

Almost on cue, another hovercraft appeared, nearly crashing into the Eds DeLorean, but luckily, it missed, thanks to Doc.

FINALLY, they seemed to have him now, as they hovered over the Courthouse lake.

"I think we got him!" Doc exclaimed.

"Come On Doc, Bump Me! Sucker!" Biff called, hovering above the Clock Tower, before his car disappeared, leaving behind a trail of flames.

"Biff got away!" Doc exclaimed, before the car drove straight into the Clock Tower's Clock, and hitting 88, disappearing as it took out a good chunk of the clock with it.


Re-Entry Point: Hill Valley, 2000 BC...

When the Eds reappeared again, they were hovering over a humongous glacier bellow them. Also, from where they were hovering, they could see Biff flying down there.

"Looks like we've headed a million years back in time," Doc explained, "That's Hill Valley bellow us in the Ice Age!"

"THE ICE AGE?" Eddy asked, shocked.

"Oh dear..." Double Dee whispered.

"I WANT TO BE A WOOLY MAMMOTH!" Ed yelled for no apparent reason.

On their screen, Biff suddenly reappeared and looked at the camera.

"Back again?" He asked, sarcastically, "Then come on in..."

With that, The Eds De Lorean hovered down into the glacier, but there was no sign of Biff.

"Ka-Boom!" Biff suddenly yelled, as the ice seemed to break around them.

Biff laughed again, as the Eds looked around for any sign of him.

Suddenly, they heard Biff's voice echoing nearby.

"Hill Valllleyyy's High'sssss Butheeeeeaaaads..."

And with that, Biff's De Lorean suddenly appeared in front of the Eds as the 50's bully drove off again, with the Ed's chasing after.

"Jump a snow!" Biff laughed.

"Give it up, Tannen!" Doc ordered, "Before this crevasse starts..."

Before he could finish, a giant hunk of ice fell, nearly hitting the Eds as they screamed.

"AVALANCHE!" Doc declared.

"Oh," Biff laughed, "Is that scaring you?"

With that, he honked his horn, causing many ice drops to slam onto the front of the Ed's car.

"See ya later!" Biff mocked, "Take care!"

With that, Biff disappeared again, but for some reason, the De Lorean wouldn't go.

"What's going on?" Eddy asked, now scared.

"Blast!" Doc responded, "The Engine's dead!"

With that, the De Lorean tilted forward and began falling towards the ground bellow them. The Eds screamed in terror, knowing this was the end, but at the last second, they heard the humming of the De Lorean building up again, and they stopped.

"YA-HOO!" Doc yelled, as the three friends suddenly went back up in reverse, hitting 88 MPH.


Re-Entry Point: Hill Valley, 1000 BC...

"This is beyond my comprehension." Double Dee explained, as the Eds found themselves facing a volcano.

"Hang in there, boys!" Doc called, as they saw Biff heading towards the volcano, "THERE'S BIFF!"

Biff must've seen them because he knocked on the roof of his car.

"Hello, Buttheads!" He called, "Hey, you guys don't know when to give up, do ya?"

"Who you callin a butthead?" Eddy demanded.

"Prepare yourselves, gentlemen," Doc explained, as they neared the top of the volcano, "I suspect that the primeval Hill Valley that we're about to enter could be a pretty rough place."

"NOW you tell me." Eddy groaned, as they entered the volcano.

Surprisingly, there was a lot of empty space in the volcano, and it even included rock platforms for standing on. However, all that was moot by the eerie silence, with Biff right in front of them, and yet not putting any effort in getting away.

"Hello?" He called, "Anybody home?"

"Great Scott!" Doc yelled, "A dinosaur!"

"WHAT?" Eddy yelled, "Where?"

"It's a Tyrannosaurus Rex!"

"Where!" Edd said, clearly scared now too.

"HOLY MACKEREL!" Ed laughed, as they saw the giant tail right in between them and Biff, and screamed.

"Look out!" Doc said, dodging the tail.

"Come on, gramps!" Biff laughed, leading the dinosaur right towards them, "Come on, gramps, right this way...NOW SICK 'EM!"

With that, Biff took off, as the Eds dodged the head of the behemoth only to find themselves and Biff staring down another T-Rex.

"Come down, easy boy!" Biff called, not terrified by the giant dino right in front of him, "Easy boy..."

With that, the T-Rex knocked Biff down deeper into the volcano as he now looked afraid.

"Hey!" Biff yelled, "I'm hit!"

"Hang on Biff," Doc called, as the De-Lorean suddenly went dim again.

"Oh no..." Eddy whispered as the T-Rex suddenly noticed them.

"Watch those jaws!" Doc called as the T-Rex tried to snap at them, but was too far away to bite down.

That wasn't to say, of course that it was stupid. At that moment, it leaned forward, swallowing the De Lorean and evicting more screams from Eddy and Double Dee. Ed on the other hand, just laughed.

"Can you guess what I'm doing?" He laughed.

"ED!" Double Dee and Eddy yelled, "SHUT UP!"

"We've been swallowed!" Doc declared.

Suddenly, the De Lorean pulled out of the mouth, and went down, far away from the T-Rex's reach. Now, they were following a flow of lava leading to god-knows-where.

"Where's Biff?" Double Dee asked.

"Got him!" Doc answered, patching them in, as they saw Biff looking quite horrified.

"Doc!" He yelled, "Doc! My Flux Capacitor's out Doc! Help me!"

"Hang on, Biff!" Doc yelled as the Eds could see what was ahead of them.

"It's not a waterfall, Doc!" Biff screamed, "It's a LAVA-FALL! DOC HELP ME!"


"Only one, Eddy." Double Dee answered, surprisingly calm as he took the wheel and put his foot on the gas.

"Accelerate up to 88 Miles Per Hour and bump him!" Doc ordered.

The De Lorean flew down and came into contact with Biff's car just as the speedometer read '88.'


Re-Entry Point: Institute of Future Technology, Orlando, Florida, 2010...

"WE BUMPED HIM!" Doc declared, triumphantly, as the Eds could see the Institute coming in fast, "The impact between two time vehicles should send us straight back to the Institute!"

With that, the Eds heard Biff scream as they smashed through the time-vehicle gate, and found themselves in another departure lab.

Suddenly, Biff's De Lorean skidded to a stop right in front of them, and sighed a big relief.

Then some more Institute workers came out and restrained Biff.

"Thanks, Doc Brown," Biff said, happily, "You saved my life!"

He then noticed the workers and tried to pull away.

"BUTTHEADS!" He called, "Get your meat hooks offa me!"

But one injected something into Biff as he suddenly felt sleepy.

At that moment, the De Lorean was lowered down, and the boys found themselves back in Doc's lab. Doc put the remote down as Double Dee opened the door to the De Lorean. He went over and pressed a button outside of the door. The gates opened and Doc grinned like a madman.


His happiness died down, though, as he looked at the boys seriously.

"Too bad I'll have to destroy the time machines now." He said.

"DESTROY IT?" Eddy yelled, falling out of the De Lorean as Ed walked over his head, "WHAT FOR?"

"Think about it," Doc explained, "You saw what Biff could've done with a time machine. Society must be kept safe from time travel forever."

Eddy didn't want to admit it, but Doc was right. Eddy could now see the possibilities of time travel. Dinosaurs could still be living, maybe Napolean never died. It was all far too risky.

"All right." He groaned.

"Well, Dr. Brown," Double Dee said, shaking his idol's hand, "I must say that it's been an honor to be part of this experiment even if it is going to be torn down."

"Thank you, Mr. Eddwards," Doc said, as the boys exited, "Now go forth, and remember; the future is what YOU make it!"

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