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"Kingy! Squeak has letter for Kingy!" said the small goblin as he ran into the throne room of his king.

"What is that you have there, Squeak?" said the blonde king as he was sprawled out on his throne, shifting from watching his rowdy subjects drink grog and chase chickens to the goblin with a letter in hand.

"Letter from Toby!" the goblin cried out. As soon as he said that, the king grabbed the letter from the goblin as the throne room went quiet from the mention of the child they all remembered.


Dear Mr. Goblin King Guy,

My name is Toby. I think you might remember me, if not, I'll refresh your memory, you took me and my sister, Sarah Williams, ran-and succeeded in finishing-your Labyrinth. From what her friend Hoggle and Mina tell me, she's also the only person EVER to do that-she's the Champion or something…anyway, the reason why I'm writing this is because she-Sarah-needs your help. Why? She's getting Married! To a guy who's a word I can't say 'cuz I'm too little or something like that. Mina doesn't like him-she's Sarah's friend from College and she regrets introducing Sarah to the Fop. I wrote Fop 'cuz it's from a movie Mina showed me and the Fop was the guy who took the girl from this other guy who loved her and the other guy really deserved her and stuff…do you love Sarah? I love her, she means the world to me, but that guy isn't right for her! He's a Fop! So can you help? I don't know how you can-but can you at least try to help? Ever since she was even dating the Fop, she wasn't like herself. Since she ran your Labyrinth, she got more outgoing and nice and she was becoming an actress like her famous mom and was starting to write a book-but when she starting dating the Fop…she got more withdrawn-that means she wasn't as out there as she used to be. But only me and Mina and Hoggle and the other Goblins who visit see this, my mom and dad are too happy that Sarah found someone as 'Wonderful' as the Fop. But I'm kind of rambling now…and I'm running out of space on this paper so yeah, help us convince Sarah not to marry the Fop! Please, Mr. Goblin King Guy!

From: Toby Jared Williams and the rest of Sarah's friends-but mostly Toby!


Jareth finished reading the letter and then rereading it-then reading it again. Precious was engaged? To some mortal her brother called a Fop? What was a Fop anyway, now that Jareth thought about it? He shook his head and then began re-re-rereading the letter from Toby. No…he couldn't have that now could he, if anyone deserved his Precious it was him! And why didn't Hogshead tell him!

He stood up and started pacing around his throne room; the goblins were eerily quiet as he did this. In the rare moments of supreme intelligence, they could feel the tension and frustration that was boiling under his pale skin and in response, they kept quiet-plus, being bogged as a punishment would've been a dream come true if anyone disturbed the pacing King.

After some hours, Jareth stopped and sat down. He gestured to the poor goblin who had given him the letter to come to him.

"Ye-yes, Kingy?" Squeak squeaked out, visibly shaking.

"Send word to Hogbreath that I want him to deliver young Toby a letter of my own." He said with a growing grin.

"Yes kingy!" Squeak said as Jareth handed him his own letter.

"Go now." The goblin nodded and left after his king spoke.


Toby yawned as he sat up, he felt someone shaking him, but when he fully sat up, no one was around. He was about to go back to sleep when he saw a rolled up piece of parchment with a silver and gold wax seal. He took the parchment, carefully peeled off the seal and read the one sentence on the letter…

Dear Toby,

I shall assist you.

~Jareth, The Goblin King

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