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Me-Lawyer person-do your thing!

Lawyer-My client does not own Labyrinth, she owns nothing if anything actually.

Me-…thank you lawyer person…

Lawyer-that'll be 500 dollars.

Me-…do you take monopoly money? (I don't own that either)

"Sarah?" A familiar voice asked.

"Damien?" Sarah said. After calling his phone at least five times, he finally answered.

"Yeah; where are you? It's quite late you know, my love." His tone was warm and concerned, her heart swelled every time he called her his love.

"I know, but Karen wanted to try on dresses too and well, we lost track of time." Sarah told him, Karen huffed at Sarah's subtle way of blaming her for being out late.

"Ah, so are you on your way back to our apartment?" He asked her.

"Err, no… you see, we can't find the car…" She started to explain.

"How can you lose a car, Sarah?" He asked her.

"Well-we can't find it-I'm sorry, do you think you coul-"

"Honestly, dear Sarah, you can't keep track of a car?" His tone made her feel childish. He was a great man, strong, sweet, and smart-but he was also very gruff at times. He would make a great father, he commanded respect-gave it when he got it and he was fair…but she still hated it when he made her feel childish-it was like he knew better than she…

"Damien-I'm sorry-don't give me a hard time." She called at him, her temper was stirring.

He sighed into the phone. "Fine, I apologize. You must be stressed, my love. I am at fault." He told her.

It was her turn to sigh now.

"I'm sorry, don't blame yourself, I should've remembered. I'm not a child anymore. I love you, Damien." She told him, expecting him to say it back.

"It's alright. Do you want me to arrange a pick up?" He asked her.

"Oh yes" she said with a slightly deflated tone, before adding a final word. "Please."

"Alright then, I'll send a car for you then." He told her a bit off handedly.

"Oh okay, bye-"She said as he hung up on her.

She closed the phone and looked at Karen.

"Well?" Her stepmother asked her in an impatient tone.

"He's sending someone over." Sarah told her as she put her phone back into her purse.

"Good." Karen said as she sat on a bench, took out a nail file and started to trim her nails.

"What are you doing?" Sarah asked as she sat next to Karen.

"My nails, duh. I'm surprised you caught such a catch like Damien, Sarah" Karen told her with little care. "Your pretty and your smart-but really, Damien is a rich man-you need to start acting like a rich man's Wife."

Sarah scowled at Karen and turned her back onto the infuriating older woman and looked at the stars above…

'Everything I've done, I've done for you…I move the stars for no one…'


The Barn Owl screeched and flew over the heads of the redhead and brunette duo. He perched on a lamp post and watched the brunette mortal look off into the sky…

'So beautiful' he thought. He remembered her soft ivory and gold dusted skin, her long soft brown tresses-just like silk, lips born from roses and ofcourse-how could he forget-the gems that rested within her face. A pair of emeralds with more luster, depth and value than any treasure he ever saw.

'Or ever will' He thought as the wind blew and slightly ruffled his feathers.

The mortal women didn't notice him as he then flew off to their home, he had an appointment with a young boy and a band of misfits who wanted to keep Sarah away from an unsuitable suitor-he wasn't going to miss it.


"Hey! Put that down!" Mina called as she chased a small goblin that held a rather expensive looking vase and was running around the large home of the William's.

"Mimp found! It's Mimp's now!" the goblin called at her as he ran from the annoyed girl.

She had almost caught him when she saw a group of goblins jumping on the couch and watching an old music video on the large TV in the living room. She stopped and glared darkly at the group and gestured to the floor.

"Down" she ordered and they all stopped jumping and sat down-well except for a large goblin with a bulging big nose who, then got nudged in the gut by another goblin with a blue dirty cap on his head.

"Mondei says stop, Boklu." The goblin said, pointing to Mina when he said her Goblin anointed name meaning bossy woman. Boklu looked at Mina and immediately sat down.

"Stay." She growled out as she ran to find Mimp and that vase.

Meanwhile, Toby was in his room playing video games with Hoggle, Squeak and some other goblins. They weren't oblivious to the chaos raining down on the other parts of the house, far from it, but they figured it was better to be with their most favored mortal boy than out there causing trouble and getting yelled at by the Mondei who watched over him when their Queenie wasn't around.

"Gah! Stupid moving picture game…" a goblin muttered as he lost a round to Toby and handed the controller to another goblin.

"Better luck next time" Toby said, giving a small smile and patted the creatures head. That was why the Goblins loved Toby, he was nice and treated them with respect, but he would also yell at them or help them cause trouble-he was like their king…maybe that's why their king liked the boy so much-that and the boy's sister was beautiful.

"Squeaks turn! Squeaks turn!" the goblin cried as he jumped to take the losing goblin's place.

"Shut up, Squeak!" the other goblins cried, not that it fazed him, and Squeak just stuck his tongue at them and started to play against Toby who laughed at the Goblin's antics.

A loud chuckle echoed through the whole house after Toby's laugh. The chuckle caused all the goblins-Hoggle, Ludo, Ambrosias and Sir Didymium included-in the house to stop what they were doing and assemble in the hallway in front of the door. They stood in a rather organized cluster and had their attention on the front door.

"Err-guys? What are you-" The doorbell cut Mina off as she and Toby followed the goblins.

"I think someone's at the door Mina" Toby said looking at it.

"No kidding…" Mina walked to the doorway and opened the door.

"Well, Well, Well. If it isn't my almost whole population of Goblins. Just What are you doing here?" an arrogant yet alluring voice said from the body of a tall blond man with sharp features and rather odd clothes.

"Who are you?" Mina asked him, her hand lingering on an umbrella, just in case the guy was some weirdo, which he probably was.

"I am-" The man was cut off when the resident blonde mortal boy ran into him and hugged his waist.

"You're here!" Toby said as the man chuckled and ruffled the boy's messy hair.

"Who is this guy, Toby" Mina said, letting go of the door and pulled the small boy away from the strange man.

"Why I'm the Goblin King." He said as he smiled at her with his pearly white sharp teeth.


"Ugh…where is our ride!" Karen said, complaining for the umpteenth time.

"Obviously not here right now, Karen." Sarah drawled as she read a book from her purse.

"Ugh…" was all she answered back.


"So you're the Goblin King…" Mina said as she circled the blonde fae, the umbrella in her hand, occasionally glaring at him and swinging the umbrella in a menacing way.

"Yes, I am." He said to her, daring her to comment while he looked wary of the object in her hand. He wasn't so wary of the metal in it as he was the pain she could inflict, and her being a girl and a mortal meant that he couldn't hit back-but he could throw her in the Bog-

"…Your hair is weird." She said as he was plotting. "Hm…I wondered why Sarah only went out with blondes before Damien." Jareth snapped out of it at that sentence.

"So Precious dates Blondes huh?" a smirk donned his face.

"She DID-now she's engaged, oh frilly and terrible Goblin King" Mina said, complete with an eye roll when she said his title.

"It's the great and powerful" a small goblin muttered to Mina

"I know what I said" Mina told the goblin who shrugged.

"Why should I help you-if she's engaged, she must obviously like the fellow" he told her, but that didn't mean he liked the fact that his Precious was betrothed.

"But that's the problem-you see-Damien is a Fop-and a Fop is a total loser who doesn't deserve a girl like Sarah." Mina answered back.

"I was wondering what exactly a Fop was" Jareth said. He then started circling Mina, who stood there.

"Why ask me to help though?" Jareth said, looking at her and the others. "I am a King you know, I don't have to help you at all."

"But Sarah needs the engagement to break up! She's sad-you can tell, she doesn't sing anymore, she doesn't dance, she stopped acting to plan for the wedding, her grades are going down-she even went shopping with my mom! Something's wrong with Sarah!" Toby cried at him, his baby blue eyes glistening with tears.

"Toby…" Mina said walking over to him and held him.

"Fine, I shall assist you in breaking up Precious and this Fop, Damien" Jareth said as he knelt down to Toby's height and brushed his tears away. "Come, we have plotting to do."

Toby smiled and nodded, wiping his other tears from his face and Mina nodded and clapped her hands loudly to get everyone's attention.

"Good! Now, before Sarah and or her parents get home, we-and by We I mean YOU all-need to clean up! So, Royal Goblin Creep, you better clean up that glitter you left-and that goes for the rest of you guys-clean up-Now." She ordered with the poise of a dictator.

"Yes Mondei!" The Goblins said as they did a salute and got to cleaning immediately.

"Don't order my Goblins around, Mortal" Jareth drawled as he flicked her nose, his Goblins didn't listen to him like that-why should they listen to a bratty Mortal like this Mondei?

"And don't order Me around, Blondie" she growled back, flicking His nose. "I don't take orders-I give them-now go get a dust pan and clean that glitter!" her hand pointed to the door.

"Hey, watch who you're talking to!"

"I'm talking to YOU! Now clean up!"

As Toby watched the two argued like kids, he chuckled. If they didn't kill each other-than there was hope for breaking up Sarah and the Fop.


"Sarah, where is-ooh! I see a limo! It looks like Damien's limo" Karen said, getting up immediately and fixing her clothes.

"That's because it is his limo. That must be our ride" Sarah said to her as the black limo rolled up to them.

A man of average height but not so average bulky arms, stepped out of the driver's seat of the limo and walked over to Sarah and Karen.

"Ah, hello Belloc." Sarah said to Damien's usual chauffeur.

The man who never spoke just nodded to Sarah and Karen and then opened the door for them.

"Why thank you!" Karen said, enthusiasm pouring out from her to bright smile as she sat in the limo.

"Thank you, Belloc. Sorry to trouble you." Sarah said, giving a genuine smile to the man while patting his bicep as she then too, got into the car.

As Belloc drove the women, Karen huffed.

"I just hope that weird friend of yours is taking good care of my Toby. Now I know she's your friend-but she does have a past with Damien, I don't like her very much-she could be jealous of you and hurt Toby because-" Karen started to rant.

"Karen, she's always willing to watch over Toby when I can't-and you said you liked her when we came over for dinner." Sarah intervened before Karen said something that would make her slap her.

"Oh I was just being nice. Her last name IS the same of that dictator you know-oh heavens! What if she-"

"Karen, just shut up!" Sarah yelled at the older woman and looked back at the window. Karen's annoying voice would make anyone yell.

As the drive continued, Karen just sat there quietly, and Sarah swore she heard Belloc chuckling, but maybe it was just her imagination…


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