At 25th December, 2010, Christmas day in Seoul

At 6:45 AM

Heechul is sleeping cutely in the bed when the phone ring...


"Uh uh what a mess" heechul whined...

then hang up with the eyes half open...


the other replies"Good morning hyung, I am Siwon, I am waiting at the outside of SM building, please just come out, I will wait."

Oh, what up, he is even coming ,I am late for work too,Ohmo it is 6:45, what a hell, I have to get up,

" "

the other can't wait for a late reply"Hyung, do you hear me?, hyung!"

Heechul reply, " aww, Siwonnie, wait me I will come now" and hang up

Then he goes to bathroom and clean his face and wash his teeth and then change his pajama with a T shirt and go outside to meet gentleman dongsaeng of him.

At the outside,

Siwon is waiting patiently beside his car, but he is really nervous now

then Heechul come from the building and approach to Siwon

'What up siwonnie? Tell me!"

Siwon said" Merry Christmas hyung, I come here to meet you because I want to recieve a christmas present from you and I want to give you a present also."he smile

Heechul confused but said" I am sorry Siwonnie I haven't prepare a present for you but at night I am sure to give you my present."

Siwon said, " Hyung, I have one thing I want to recieve from you, can you give me that?"

Heechul still confused,"What is?, siwon, I will pay if I can."

Siwon laugh and said, " Just a kiss."

Oh, what, this one is really pissing me off, Heechul yell" Are you kidding me at the morning?"

He reply, "No, I really want." and then he lean and give a soft kiss on Heechul's cheek and then on the lips,

Then Heechul pull away," Ya, why are you like it? I am your hyung, I think you forget it. .Respect me." heechul said angrily.

Then siwon chuckled and said"Yeah, you are my hyung so I prepare the most valuable thing of me as a Christmas present to you, Do you know, you are such a lucky person to receive my present?"

Heechul asked with curiosity" What's that, tell me?"

Siwon point the yellow ribbon placed on rim of the pocket of his coat," It is that! Please take this!"

Heechul confused, what, this's just a ribbon, he want to give me that early and it is valuable!,

"Huh, you! really make me confused, you want to give me that ribbon!"

Siwon face straightened and said quietly, "No, I point not a ribbon, but it is me, I want to give you myself as my present, this ribbon is just a sign of present that prepare neatly,hyung please accept me, accept my heart hyung, I want to give all of mine to you so I planned to give myself to you, Do you know, it takes about 26 years to become Choi Siwon who is standing infront of you and God makes me but my parents look after me hyung so I became and can stand infront of you hyung"

He continue," But I am a bad one that I only give myself to you,so you can use me as you like and you can also drop and leave me as you like, again you can also come back to me as your wish, you can just only accept it and don't need to give me anything in return, Please accept me"

Heechul can just say" I can't believe my ears."

But siwon continue, "If you tells me that you totally don't know that I love you, you are a liar, I think I love you obviously, I always take care of you and it is my pleasure, I am sure of my heart and please decide to accept my propose and prepare to receive my heart,

I am really a good guy, I will do everything for you, I am really a gentleman and never make you hurt and mad, I really want to give you everything I have,Oh I just advertise myself much, but it is real my heenim,my princess",Siwon stop talking and take Heechul hands and stare at him with the eyes that seems to be begging to accept him,

What is happening in the world, heechul can't believe this time,it is impossile but when he look infront, he can see siwon staring at him, but he really don't know what to do and what to tell,

So he can only ask himself and his petals to know what to do,

"Oh what should I do,what can I do, this is really a tempting offer,it is very difficult to reject because it is really valuable present, but I am a guy and he is a guy so it is also difficult to accept too, Oh, tell and help me petals and E.L.F, what should I do to solve the problem?, I really really dont know what to do!

This is my first fanfiction, I love Heechul whole heartedly and I dont want to give my Heenim to anyone, but I want to write a fanfiction so I write it now.

Thank you for reading...