Me: Hurry up Rose!

Rose: But I don't want to…..

Me: Do it now! (Note to sunayna: hahahah Gibson XD)

Rose: *mumbles* fine but don't get all "Gibson-y" on me….the Vampire Academy series and all the characters belong to Richelle Mead not !

Me: Yay!

Rose: *sarcastic* Yipee!

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_Chapter 1_

When I woke up, the first thing I noticed was that I was all wet. The second was that Lissa's face was staring right at me.

"LISSA!" I yelled propping myself my on my elbow, "why do u wanna give me pneumonia?"

"Sorry Rose but your a heavy sleeper and I couldn't think of another way to wake you up!" Lissa said in a gentle voice. She knew I was never at my best in the morning. Both of us were best friends but there were always those little differences that we learned to appreciate about each other. One of those differences was the fact that Lissa was a morning person, whereas I, apparently, was not.

"That's ok…but why was there a need to wake me up before the sun?"

"OMG, Rose!" she jumped up and down on my bed, "I got a present for you…well it's not only for you it's also for Christian, Eddie, Mia, and Adrian."

This perked my ears up. I loved all presents but especially those from Lissa because she always went beyond what anyone could ever imagine.

"What is it?" I asked. Now I was bouncing on the bed along with Lissa. We looked like two hyper little girls that just got a trunk load of Barbies for their birthday.

"I booked us all tickets for…..wait for it…..A VACATION TO MALIBU!" Lissa squealed.

"WHAT?" I just stared at her. "Do you know how dangerous that is! Humans are everywhere and Strigoi could be hiding at every corner."

"Oh, Rose!" she sighed. "Since when did you become all safe? And do you really think that I'm not going to take a bunch of Guardians with me?"

"Really? Which Guardians are tagging along?" I still hadn't told Lissa about Dimitri yet and was praying that he was one of the guardians coming with us. Lissa started rattling of names and my eyes glowed when she said Dimitri. This was going to be one vacation to remember!

We spent the rest of the day telling everyone else about the trip. Christian, Eddie, and Mia were all hyped and excited. Adrian had already been to Malibu (obviously) but even he couldn't help but pick up on everyone else's excitement. Now we just had to patiently wait for the week to pass by…

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