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_Chapter 14_

"Lissa explain this to me…how do these airplane people expect me to fit all my clothes AND my new souvenirs in one small suitcase!" I was trying to pack my suitcase for our trip back to the Academy but was failing miserably. All I had managed to do was make a huge mess around our room.

"Maybe it was something to do with the fact the most people don't buy gigantic beluga whale stuffed animals for souvenirs?" Lissa said rolling her eyes at me. Like usual, she was already done packing while I still hadn't started.

"Whatever, I'm going to make it fit!" I replied confidently. I stepped back and leaped onto the suitcase, it snapped close and I grinned proud of the accomplishment.

"Whoo I did it!" I screamed doing my victory dance.

"Yeah yeah, whatever Rose," Christian said walking into the room, "just hurry up! Everyone's waiting for you in the car."

"Humph, people now a days," I muttered hauling my bulging suitcase down the stairs and to the car.

"OK people, Rose Hathaway is here!" I said getting into the van, "make room for me!"

Everyone burst out laughing when no one moved aside. "Fine," I mumbled under my breath, "have it your way." I dumped my suitcase on Adrian and sat down next to the window squishing Christian into Lissa.

Both Christian and Adrian glared at me and I smiled back sweetly. I heard Dimitri chuckle from the driver's seat and I looked up to catch him smiling in the rearview mirror. I winked and grinned back.

A few minutes later, we pulled into the nearest airport. The bag check line went along which was good because I was seriously losing patience. Just after we handed over our last bag, Eddie came running up to us.

"Guys" he managed to gasp out, out of breath from running so hard, "the announcer lady says our plane leaves RIGHT NOW!" it took exactly half a second for this to process in all of our brains before we all ran to board the plane.

Dimitri and I were the first to reach there since we were both faster runners. I handed over my ticket and was about to enter when the hostess stopped me, "umm excuse me mam, but this isn't your plane."

"What do you mean this isn't my plane?" I asked her bewildered...I did not just run a bajillion steps for no reason.

"This ticket is for a flight to Montana, this plane goes to New York."

I turned around to glare at Eddie who was smirking at me from the corner. "Glad to know your running skills haven't faltered Rose!" he called out. Pissed off, I chucked my purse at his head.

"Hey!" Eddie protested, rubbing his head where the purse had hit him, "what do you put in that thing, feels like a rock!"

Grinning, I took the purse out of his hands and dug out my ipad. Staring at it he mumbled, "Gosh Rose, are you TRYING to give me a concussion?"

"Yup!" I replied popping my P.

15 minutes later, I was officially going crazy with boredom. "Urgh how long does it take to clean a freaking plane?" I complained to no one in particular.

"Shut up…" Christian started but got cut off by an announcement on the speaker.

"Flight A154 from Malibu to Montana now boarding."

"Finally!" I mumbled leaping out of my seat and walking over to the boarding plane.

"Rose I think you're missing something…" Dimitri reminded me from behind. I turned around to see him pointing to my suitcase with a raised eyebrow.

"Whoops!" I said embarrassed while he laughed. Dimitri shook his head at me, "Your blonde moments are very amusing Rose."

"Shut up, Comrade." I told him smacking his arm with my ticket while we searched for our seats. Christian was sitting with Lissa, Eddie was sitting with Mia, and Adrian just HAD to be in the first class section of the plane. All the guardians were also sitting together which left Dimitri to sit by me. I glowed at the opportunity and sat down in an empty seat, pulling Dimitri down with me.

"Sit here." I commanded him pointing at the seat next to me.

"Rose, I think I should sit with the rest of the guardians…" he started but I stopped him.

"Please!" I begged, "I'll do an extra mile at our next morning practice." I grinned knowing he could not say no to that.

Dimitri shook his head and sat down next to me smiling. "Whatever are we going to do with you Roza?" he asked me affectionately.

"Love me and feed me Cookies and cream flavored ice cream!" I replied grinning at how yummy that sounded right now. (hahahhah sunayna xD that line was for you!)

I yawned and leaned against Dimitri tired from the past days. Dimitri wrapped his arm protectively over me and whispered in my ear, "Go to sleep Roza."

I nodded and said sleepily, "Kay, I love you Comrade."

"Love you to Roza," he replied back stroking my hair back with his fingertips. I feel asleep instantly, knowing that I was going home with the person I wanted most.

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