Me: Now it's your turn to do it Dimitri!

Dimitri: Do what?

Me: You know….the isclaimer-day

Dimitri: since when do you speak pig latin?

Me: Since the time when a Russian god forgot his lines…

Dimitri: I did NOT forget! *offended*…. does not own any of this it belongs to Richelle Mead.

Me: haha I made you say it!

Dimitri: *groans* whoops!

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_Chapter 2_

My room was mess…well, it was always a mess but today it was messier than usual. We were leaving to catch our flight in 30 minutes and I hadn't even packed my bags yet (surprise, surprise!). I was stuffing everything in my suitcase when I realized that I had way too many clothes and only one small bag. Aggravated, I stuffed a handful of shirts in and quickly slapped the suitcase shut. I was shocked when I actually stayed close rather than bursting open.

My timing was perfect, Lissa knocked on the door just as I was lugging the suitcase to my door. When I opened the door for her, she took one look at my room and shook her head but didn't say anything. She was used to all of this.

"Hurry up Rose we're all waiting for you outside the school." She helped my carry the bag to the parking lot where we met up with the others. They were waiting for Dimitri to come with the rented minivan.

Adrian was lying down, tired from caring so many bags. I wondered what was in all of those, but knew that knowing the truth was just going to creep me out.

"Adrian I think you forgot that we aren't moving to Malibu, but just going there for a vacation," I said rolling my eyes.

"Sorry little dhampir but my entire swim trunk collection can't fit in just one bag now can they?" he said in mock shock. (A/N: hahaha that rhymes XD)

"Of course not," I mumbled, "silly me for questioning that."

5 minutes later, Dimitri came with the van. The window was open and his hair was flying back. He looked like a hot Russian god, minus the guardian clothing though. "Hop in everyone," he screamed over the chaos of everyone rushing to get the seat the wanted before the others. After winning a battle with Eddie for the back seat, we were off to the airport.

To everyone's surprise (except Lissa) Dimitri stopped the car one mile south of the airport. "Did you really think I would let all of you go on a public plane?" Lissa laughed. She handed everyone their tickets for a private jet.

"Umm…yeah Lissa, that's what the rest of the world does." I said. I loved having Lissa as a friend but she sometimes (who am I kidding…ALWAYS!) goes overboard with her spending.

It looked as though Mia thought that going to Malibu was going to be more interesting then Malibu itself and had started taking pictures of the plane. She blushed when she saw me looking at her and I grinned. I took my pocket camera out and started taking some pictures myself.

The plane ride was boring. I was sitting in the middle of Mia and Lissa, who were both sleeping since the spent the whole night packing. Dimitri was in the front sitting with all the other guardians. I wanted him to be here next to me…but life apparently didn't think that was a good idea. I sighed…2 more hours until Malibu!

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