"Chris McClain better have a good explaination for bringing my all the way here." Grumbled the annoyed Courtney walking into a theartor and took a chair. Narrowed her eyes to spot her ex, Duncan and her hated rival with his arm aroud her shoulders both laughing. "Or what; sent in your lawyers to do the work?"

"I did got myself in the show didn't I?" She said, walking passed them without looking. Leshawna and Trent sat with them followed by Harold next to Leshawna. Leshawna took a few popcorn and threw it into her mouth."But the girl's got a point, what has Chris and Chef thought up to get us into this time?"

Harold smiled to Harold. "Whatever it is I'm sure to battle alongside my fair Leshawna."

"A little dramatic string beans." Before the two would threw one another's fists or Harold doing the martial arts, they were held back by their friends with Trent and and Gwen holding each of Duncan's arms and Leshawna restraining Harold.

"Hey look! Smoke!" Beth shouted out for all the teens to notice the soke rising and rising from the smoke was a darked clothed figure with a huge helmet over it's head. Hearing the heavy breathing. Hadie and Sadie hugged eachother with frightened expression. Sierra tightly hugged Cody who was hardly getting any air. Then to something odd, the figure looked as though he was struggling to breath, grasping tight on his helmet until pulling the face plate up to show it was Chris inside who was quickly getting air.

"Man! Now (breaths) I know how Rick (breaths) Moranis felt in this costume." Chris gasped for air under his helmet. Chef stood next to him wearing a costume similiar to colonel Sandurs.

"Told you not to breath in that helmet so much!"

Everyone just stared at the two wearing odd costumes. Heather coughed for attention and broke the silence. "OK, to make this quick what are you two wearing?"

"I know! This is from the Spaceballs movie made by Mel Brookes." Harold said with a proud grin while Chris was annoyed.

"Yeah, anyway we thought of recreating a movie thanks to Mel Brooke's approval. We call it... Total... Drama-" However his sentence was punctured by Duncan shouting out. "Actually is there any show or movie not related to-" This time Chris interrupted him by throwing a space ball helmet against his gut before falling on the floor.

"Alright, fine we wont have any title related to Total Drama. As that goes for a warning anyone like to object?" To make him slightly reliefed everyone complied. "Alright I already chosed the lucky cast members for the movie! Chef if you will."

Cast crew so far:

Chris McClain: Dark Helmet (Dark Mcclain as he likes to call himself)

Chef Hatchet: Colonel Sandurz (Colonel Hatchet)

Duncan: Lonestarr

Owen: Barf

Gwen: Princess Vespa (Princess Gwen)

Trent: King Roland, Ruler of Druidia (or as cousin)

Leshawna: Dot Matrix (L matrix which seems to fit)

Geoff: President Skroob (President Geoff thought it would be a laugh)

Cody: Yogurt

Justin: Prince Valium (Both seem suited)

"There rest you will find a suprise in the movie, believe me you will like them." Grinning with pride. "Alright let's get get startd! Lights, camera and Action!"

Sorry for being verys short but had to ge this done. Will be doing so in the future, Merry Christmas to all and a happy new year!