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This isn't going to be a full blown story…just a few ramblings of how Shanks and Hawk-Eye became friends. I'm also using the deviantart: how did they meet by pinki100 as starting point: #/d2jk6cv

How They Met

He felt several pairs of eyes on him. As he turned to see who they were, he heard a small commotion and what sounded like a fist hitting something hollow.

"That's a MAN!" growled the Dark King, Rayleigh. He was standing over a boy with blue hair and a giant red nose. "Get your eyes checked, Red Nose!"

"Owwwwwww," sobbed the boy clown. "And don't call me Red Nose!"

Many of the men around them burst out laughing.

"Shut up!" he cried angrily. He went to massage the growing lump on his head but paused, "Wait…Where's Shanks?"

The young man who'd been watching the scene suddenly found his view blocked by a straw hat and flaming red hair. The clown's companion who was arguing with the clown earlier was now sitting beside him at the bar.

"Yo, Friend! You alone?" Shanks grinned. He noticed the quiet young man with strange yellow eyes walk in a few minutes earlier and decided to use Buggy's misfortunate observation as a chance to talk to him. The newcomer said nothing as he turned back to his drink. Shanks pointed back to where Buggy and Rayleigh were sitting.

"Come, you should join us—"

"I don't make it a habit of conversing with weak underlings," stated the young man in a quiet voice.

"Huh?" Shanks didn't get a chance ask what he meant. He found himself on the floor. The stranger had kicked his chair out from under him.

"Don't consider me to be on the same level as you." He looked down on Shanks as he dumped the remainder of his drink on the redhead.

The room became silent. The young man looked up to find the others glaring at him. Many reached for their weapons.

"TEME!" hissed Buggy, tossing his daggers at the offender. "Only I can do that to Shanks!"

Faster than the eye could see, the yellow-eyed boy drew his nodachi and deflected them. This boy is well rehearsed in the Sword, thought Rayleigh. He made to grab his own blade.

"Matte, Rayleigh!"

"Captain!" Rayleigh glanced over his shoulder at the man sitting in the back of the tavern. The King's signature grin flashed in the shadows. He studied the boy for a moment before he spoke, "Alright there, Shanks?"

"Yessir!" Shanks laughed as if nothing happened, "Must've leaned too far back and my chair fell, taking this guy's drink along with me. My mistake!"

"There. You see, gentlemen, nothing to worrying about!" Roger laughed as well. "Go back to your drinks."

The men in the tavern did as they were told, but a few of them still glanced over their shoulders at the instigator.

"Tell me, boy, what's your name?" inquired Roger.

"Dracule Mihawk." Mihawk held Roger's gaze without hesitation. "And you are the Pirate King, Gold Roger—."

"Do not call me that!" Roger corrected him, "My name is Gol D. Roger! You will do well to remember that, boy."

"Mihawk?" whispered a patron. "Hawk-Eye Mihawk? The rookie that sails without a crew?"

"I heard he was exiled from the Wano Kingdom."

"That's why he's so skilled with a sword…Rumor has it he can see through his opponent's attacks."

"A devil fruit maybe?"

"Nah I doubt it." Hawk-Eye ignored the murmurings around him as he focused solely on the man who conquered the Grand line.

"What is it you want from me?" Roger asked.

"I came here to challenge you." The room was silent again. Roger burst out laughing. "Challenge me you say? Why?"

"Right now you're the strongest man on the sea." He pointed his blade at Roger, "if I beat you then I take the title of the strongest."

"Is that so? Very well. I accept your challenge." His crew looked at the man in surprise.

Mihawk made for the door when Roger said, "your opponent will be Shanks."

"What?!" exclaimed the three youngest pirates in the room. Actually Shanks and Mihawk simply expressed mild surprise while Buggy shrieked.

"Why does Shanks get to fight him?! I can take him!" This earned Buggy another lump on the head.

"You would have me fight a mere child!" Mihawk's voice became a deadly whisper, "To hide behind weaklings is a coward's move. You insult me!"

"On the contrary, I commend you." Roger spoke in a fierce voice, compelling the young man to listen, "To make it this far on the Grand line by yourself is quite a feat. Not even I—"the strongest man on the sea"—could accomplish such a thing without the help of my nakama. I assure you—Dracule Mihawk—when you beat Shanks, then will I fight you. You have my word."

Mihawk closed his eyes and turned to Shanks, "Let's get this over with, boy." He paused and looked at his opponent. The redhead had been in the process of getting up when he and Roger had their confrontation, but now he was standing stock still, still dripping in liquor, with the straw hat hiding his features. "What is it?"

"You can beat me down, dump sake on me and belittle me all you want, I can take it. However," Shanks' words oozed with venom. "I WILL NOT STAND BY AND LET YOU INSULT MY CAPTAIN!"

Mihwak suddenly felt as though he was being oppressed. An invisible force swept past him and shattered many glasses and bottles behind the bar. He recognized this as haki. He glared at the boy in wonder…how was it possible for someone like him to possess such power?

The men behind them burst out laughing again. "Put it away, kid!"

"ROGER!" a woman with short black hair shouted, "Take it outside! Hama-ba will have your head for any damages to the tavern."

"Gomen, gomen, Shakki-chan," Roger chuckled as he and the others stood to leave.

Outside a crowd gathered around the two teens as they stared each other down. Crocus stood between the two competitors as the referee, Rayleigh stood with Roger where they had an unobstructed view of the battlefield, while Buggy stood off to Mihawk's side of field. Everyone was either cheering the boys on or making cat calls at them.

"Hey, Shanks! Don't lose your head!" Someone shouted. Shanks grinned as everyone laughed.

"Shanks is a pushover! You can beat him easy!" Buggy spoke words of encouragement to the quiet swordsman.

Mihawk's head barely moved as he looked back at the clown. "What are you doing?"

"I hate Shanks with a passion. So I've decided to lend you my support."

"A weakling who hides behind others is a coward. A coward who cannot even admit to his own weakness is pathetic." Buggy bristled at his words and began imagining slow and flashy deaths for the both Shanks and the yellow-eyed swordsman.

"Alright, listen up! " Crocus shouted for the crowd to hear, "If you throw in the towel, you will be declared the loser. If your sword breaks you will be disqualified and declared the loser. If you are rendered unconscious, you will be disqualified and declared the loser. If you die, you will be declared the loser. Ready…START!"

The crowd roared as the two combatants clashed. Only Roger and Rayleigh remained quiet during the fight.

"Ibo," Roger spoke quietly as Mihawk sent flurry of slashes down on Shanks which Shanks parried and countered with a barrage of his own. "That sword…"

"Yeah, it's the cursed blade Kikoku. " Rayleigh answered, "Question is: how'd this brat tame it?"

"I don't care. But this young man is certainly interesting."

"I don't think Shanks has what it takes to beat him." Rayleigh watched as Shanks dodged out of the way when Mihawk attempted to use a sword breaking technique.

"Willing to place money on it?" Roger asked.

"You're on." They shook on it. Roger grinned as though he knew something his first mate didn't.

Mihawk shot up when he realized he'd been asleep. The first thing he noticed was the bandages.

"Oh. So you're awake, are you?" Crocus walked into the room.

"Who won?" The boy went straight to the point.

"Neither. The two of you collapsed that the same time. We brought you back to the ship and fixed you up. You've been out for three days now."

"Three days?" Mihawk looked out the door and got a view of the deck. The red-head was sitting on a rowboat and talking to the clown. He was also in bandages. As if he knew someone was watching him, he looked up and grinned.

"Shanks woke up yesterday." Crocus noticed the boy's gaze. "Energetic brat."

Suddenly a scuffle broke out between Shanks and the clown.

"Knock it off," growled Crocus, "or I'll throw you both overboard!"

Buggy pulled away in horror. "You can't do that. I'd drown."

"Good. Then I'd finally get some peace and quiet around here." He laughed as the clown turned several different colors.

There was a party that night on the Oro Jackson, but Mihawk didn't feel like participating. He just sat off to the side with his back to the merrymaking. Out of the corner of his eye, captain and first mate were having an argument. It ended with the first mate begrudgingly departing with a large sum of money. Roger grinned as he pocketed the pouch and made his way over to their guest. He leaned against the railing with his back to the sea and waited.

"What was that about?" The youngster spoke quietly.

"A bet." Roger answered.

"A bet?"

"Rayleigh thought Shanks was going to lose. I disagreed."

"He didn't win—"

"He didn't lose either." His grin grew wider still.

Mihawk looked up at the captain. Was Roger implying that he knew it'd be a draw? His eyes narrowed.

"You have no intention of fighting me." That was a fact not a question.

"I will say this: You have a strong will and I see you accomplishing many things. However rushing into things is a surefire way to end up dead." Roger said, "Had you challenged Whitebeard or Shiki, you would have been press-ganged or killed."

The young swordsman said nothing.

"Here's my advice: Take it one step at a time…I've seen too many Rookies fall because they were in over their heads." He patted Mihawk on the shoulder, earning a piercing glare from the young pirate. "Overcome Shanks, then we'll talk…as equals." And the Pirate King left him to think it over.

The next day, the strange young swordsman was nowhere to be found.

"Good riddance!" breathed Buggy in relief. Having the older boy around had been nothing short of nerve-racking. Shanks, on the other hand, was somewhat disappointed. He slouched over the railing. He had to admit the swordfight was fun…He thoroughly enjoyed that match against Dracule Mihawk more than any training he'd done with Rayleigh. A hand rested gently on his head. He looked up to find the captain grinning at him.

"Don't worry. I'm certain you'll run into each other again."

A/N: MERRY CHRISTMAS! Here's my first story after a long year….I don't intend it to be much…just a few short stories about how they became friends…Also please don't expect me to update on a regular basis. I'm not very good at doing that. But I hope you liked the interactions between Shanks and Hawkeye and Roger and the bit of Buggy-bashing.

A bit on this chapter…This takes place between the time Roger becomes Pirate King and the time he disbands his crew:

Shanks: 13-14 yrs

Mihawk: 17-18 yrs

I checked on the One Piece Wiki and it said Hawkeye was a good four years older than Shanks.

Hama-ba: Short for Hama-bachan or Granny Hama. Hama is the tavern owner, a fierce old hag with the ability to put even seasoned pirates in their place. OC…She may or may not be making an appearance in later chapters.

Japanese terms: One Piece is one of the few I watch in the original Japanese so to me it doesn't sound

right to do the story in all English…but I only used a few common words:

Matte: wait

Teme: a derogatory word for you…most subbers translate it as "you bastard"

Nodachi: a field sword…longer than a katana.

-ba and –chan: suffixes usually added at the end of a name….in this case these are meant to be nicknames.

Nakama: friend, comrade, crew

Ibo: Partner

Gomen: Sorry

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