Hi there! It's been awhile. Don't worry I haven't abandoned this story. It's just that I'm stuck on a fighting scene and there hasn't been any real inspiration to help motivate me. This chapter is more of a filler than anything. It's been brewing in my head since I started writing this story, but my plate was full with school and work and my two fanfictions. I didn't want to commit. However, since we learned the truth about Momonosuke, this idea kept bugging me even more. Then in November my boyfriend introduced me to the Overwatch cinema "Dragons" and well…You guys got a filler. ('Course I ended up letting this collect dust for over half a year). I will warn you that I did borrow heavily from "Dragons" in terms of fighting and dialogue but I added my own touches to it as well. So as not to confuse you, it's split three ways:

Oden's Story

The Flashback


Any who, I'm too excited about this to talk anymore so on with the show!

Chapter Four: Dragons

The night was cool and not a single cloud stopped the stars from shining brightly. The moon was whole and the cherry blossoms were in full bloom. It the perfect night to be outside admiring nature. However there was not a soul in sight. Throughout the castle, banners of white hung. All lanterns were out save for ones located in one of the innermost rooms. They burned low, casting long shadows on the room's two occupants…or rather the sole occupant and the body of his late brother. Muffled sobs were the only thing disturbing the otherwise silent night.

"You're still awake, I see." A voice sounded behind him. His master came to check up on him.

"Of course I am," sniffled the little boy. "I will not allow demons to claim my brother's body before the sun arises."

"Such loyalty." The master joined the child in his vigil. They remained in silence until…

"Why?" The old samurai glanced down at the child. "Why did my brother do it?"

"You are too young to understand what was going on with your brother."

"Then explain it to me!" The boy turned toward his master with clenched fists. "Maybe if I had understood then my brother would not have—!" A large hand enveloped his head.

"Even if you did, it would not have helped your brother. The difference between the two of you is too great."

The boy turned back to his brother's remains in defeat as more tears threatened to fall. The man watched his ward in sorrow. The boy was too young and too narrow minded to understand the complexity that was his brother. Who knew how long it would be before he could tell the boy the truth. Sighing the man pulled the boy closer. Perhaps a story would have to do.

Many tell of ancient legend about two great dragon brothers: the Dragon of the North Wind and the Dragon of the South Wind. Together they upheld balance and harmony in the heavens.

The village was silent as a figure slipped silently from shadow to shadow. His destination: the smoldering remains of his master's castle. The only things that survived the fire were the outer wall, the shrine and the watchtower. The latter two had been located far enough away from the main buildings to escape damage. Scoffing at his enemy's lack of judgment, he quickly scaled the unguarded main gate. Had he been more aware of his surroundings, he would have realized that his actions hadn't gone unnoticed.

But the two brothers argued over who could better rule the land. The quarrel turned to rage and their violent struggle darkened skies until the Dragon of the South Wind struck down his brother, who fell to earth, shattering the land.

Though the gate had been unguarded, the remaining buildings were crawling with pirates and the shogun's men. The figure bypassed most of them, concerning himself only with the ones in the shrine.

Making his way across the roof top toward the inner garden, he watched men meandering around, not taking their job seriously.

"Why do we have to guard some dinky old building and a bunch of graves?" complained one of the guards, "The guy is dead and his followers have been driven off. I don't see the point."

"Kaido-sama believes that the old samurai is hiding the information we need to find the One Piece in the castle," growled another. "So until the remainder of the grounds have been thoroughly searched, we can't risk any more damage to the building."

"I don't like it here," muttered a third, "This place…It's been cursed."

"You and your curses," mocked the first guy, "This is cursed…That is cursed…Give the old superstition a rest, will ya?"

He was met with silence. The first guy turned just in time to see his friend fall to the ground with an arrow blooming out of his chest.

When he tried to glimpse the culprit, he was smacked in the face with the end of a bow. Dazed, he staggered back, allowing the figure to elbow him hard in the chest. Continuing through, the figure grabbed the pirate's arm and twisted it around his back as he got behind him. He shoved the pirate forward toward the edge of the steep wall. Just as the poor guy tried to reclaim his balance, the figure gave him the boot.

The cry and the subsequent landing alerted the remaining guards to the intruder. The second pirate pulled out his sword and lunged at the archer. The archer moved both his head and arm, allowing the sword to slide past his head while grabbing the attacker's neck and using the momentum to disarm the pirate.

A quick glance up showed a samurai trying to call for back up. The archer swung around, notching an arrow and placing the captive pirate in a choke hold at the same time. The arrow struck the den den mushi out of the samurai's hand, the force causing him to stumble headlong into a tree. The archer finished off the pirate and continued into the shrine.

"The Dragon of the South Wind had triumphed!" His master exclaimed, clenching a fist. The little boy watched as his expression softened, "But as time passed and he realized his solitude." He gazed upon the body of the boy he thought of as his son. "The sweetness of victory turned to ash…"

For years the bereft Dragon's grief threw the world into discord…

Only two items decorated the otherwise sparse inner sanctuary. A massive wall scroll carrying a name, long forgotten by most in Wano, and twin dao broad swords crossed on an altar, one of which carried a large chip in the blade. The archer made his way toward the altar, turning his furrowed gaze from the swords to the wall scroll. Memories resurfaced against his will.

and he knew only bitterness and sorrow.

His master held him by the shoulder as he continued the story, "One day a stranger called up to the Dragon and asked 'Oh Dragon Lord, why are you so distraught?'" He lifted his arm in a great sweeping motion, "The Dragon told him 'In seeking power, I killed my brother.'" He dropped his arm and shook his head. The little boy looked down in quiet thought as he continued to listen, "but without him I am lost.'"

The stranger replied 'you have inflicted wounds upon yourself. but now you must heal.

The archer shook away the memories as he knelt and set to work on his offerings.

Walk the earth on two feet as I do.

On his left, a bowl of his master's favorite sake.

Find value in humility…

On his right, the feather of a hawk.

then you will find peace.'

He set the incense down in a simple vase, sending silent prayer.

"You are not the first assassin Kaido has sent to kill me," said the young man suddenly, "and I assure you, you will not be the last."

"You're bold to come to Kozuki Castle: the den of your enemies."

"This was once my home," answered the man snatching up his bow and shooting the figure behind him. "Did your masters fail to tell you who I was?!"

The pirate tilted his head and the arrow sailed passed harmlessly.

"I'm well aware of who you are, Dracule Ryuu."

Ryuu let loose another arrow, first sending it wide to fool the man into thinking he missed, then using haki to change its trajectory at the last second.

"I know you come here every year on the same day," said the stranger, calmly sidestepping the projectile.

The archer snarled and shot three more arrows in quick succession. The first arched just like the last one only this time it was meant as a decoy. The stranger was forced to take cover behind a shogi wall. It took him a split second to realize his mistake and duck down to avoid the other two arrows as they punched through the wall where his head and heart were previously located.

"You risk so much to honor someone who was murdered." Ryuu ducked as three projectiles were aimed at his head. A quick glance behind informed him that the intruder had not only returned his arrowheads but broke several other shafts in the process.

"You know nothing of what happened." Ryuu returned his glare to the man as he fired a haki-imbued arrow. His opponent blocked it with a dagger but the force behind it was more than he was expecting. It sent him crashing through the wall and over the railing to the floor below.

Ryuu made it to the opening just as the other ran passed. He followed the pirate with two notched arrows, then fired them ahead of his target. The haki imbued arrows ricocheted off each other and the walls as they entered the hall before the fleeing pirate. The pirate deflected each shot and others the archer sent his way before jumping though the same window he had entered through the first time.

Ryuu was waiting for him. He let loose another arrow just as the pirate came through the window. The pirate stepped out of its path but not before it whistled passed. With his thumb, the pirate wiped away the thin line of blood that appeared along his cheek. He turned on his heel and fled.

The archer followed him out to a wide-open veranda outside. But the pirate was nowhere in sight. He took slow, cautious steps, using his haki instead of his keen eyes to peer through the darkness.

"I know you tell yourself that your brother disobeyed the clan." He shot behind him at the source of the voice. The pirate sounded close but why couldn't his haki sense him. No matter; in a few moments, the sun will rise and the intruder will have nowhere to hide.

"That he was killed to maintain peace." The voice sounded behind him again. He still couldn't sense the pirate, but it seemed like the pirate was no longer trying to hide as he continued, "That it was only your master's duty."

"It was his duty." He slowly pulled the last two arrows out of their quiver. "And his burden."

He shot the first one. The pirate simply knocked it out of the way.

Ryuu was now on edge. The pirate's demeanor had changed and without being able to sense him or see him, there was no way of predicting his opponent's next move.

"That does not mean that I do not honor them both." Imbuing the last with haki, he released it.

Given the visibility, no normal human should have seen it coming. Yet, not only did the pirate locate it; he cut it clean in half.

Ryuu let his agitation slip through as he leapt at the pirate, bringing his haki encased bow down on the man as he would a sword. It seemed the pirate abandoned his dagger for a sword, but from what he could tell the blade was a lot larger and heavier than a normal blade. He slashed at the man, but the man jumped over him.

He slashed twice more before the man blocked him with the flat of his blade. The pirate then retaliated, pushing Ryuu toward the balcony with every strike he made. Ryuu was glad he hardened his bow with haki otherwise the bow would have snapped like a twig and he'd have been cut down. As it was, his haki covered arms were turning to jelly with every strike he blocked.

The pirate changed tactics and, before he could defend, his opponent kicked him hard in the chest. He flew back into the banister. Instinct brought the bow up to block a downward stab. They struggled against each other before the pirate spoke in a tone meant for a disobedient child.

"You think you honor your brother and Oden with incense and offerings?" Ryuu bristled at his rebuke. "Honor is in one's actions."

"You dare to lecture me about honor, you filthy pirate?" He angled the bow so the massive blade would slide passed as he smashed a side of his weapon into his enemy's head. "You are not worthy to say my master's name!"

Before the pirate could recover, he used the bow to pull him into a choke hold. Using his weapon as leverage, he threw the pirate across the veranda. With the little time he bought, Ryuu made a bee-line straight toward the arrow his opponent previously knocked aside. Pouring everything he had into one final shot, he aimed at the man picking himself up off the floor.

"Ryuu ga waga teki wo kurau!" The arrow flew as his haki took the form of two massive blue dragons coiling around each other. They sped toward the now standing pirate. The pirate calmly gazed on as two behemoths barreled toward him. He finally allowed his own haki to swirl visibly around his sword as he held it out with a single hand.

"Ryuujin no ken." Green haki formed into a single green dragon as it flew out to meet its kin. Across the balcony, Ryuu gasped, not just because of the similarity of the attacks but also the familiarity of the haki.

Instead of colliding, the green dragon maneuvered around the blue dragons, causing them to follow. With a slow sweep of his blade, the pirate lead all three dragons around the veranda before redirecting the blue dragons back toward their master. Ryuu had only a slit second to cloak himself in haki before he was hit with his own attack. The dragons pushed him back several meters as they tore through. He fell to his knees when the attack finally dissipated.

"Only a member of my family can control the dragons…Who are you?" The pirate said nothing as he walked toward the fallen samurai. The night was slowly fading as the sun peaked over the horizon. Ryuu could now make out the massive black beast that was the pirate's sword. Even though the pirate still stood several yards away, the tip of the blade had no problem reaching his unguarded throat.

"Go on then. Kill me." Ryuu had exhausted everything in that last attack. It was only by some miracle he hadn't passed out yet. But that didn't mean he was going to bow his head in defeat as he sent his executioner one final withering glare. "Your masters will still fall."

"No." The blade was removed and stored on the pirate's back as he closed the distance, "It is too soon for you to die. You still have a purpose in this life…Brother."

"What?" With bow in hand, Ryuu forced himself to stand and face the pirate. "That is not possible…My brother is dead!"

The morning light slowly crawled across the wooden floor of the veranda, casting away the shadows that concealed his foe. Before him stood a tall man in black boots, grey pants and a long open black jacket with rose-patterned, red sleeves. Around his neck hung a gold cross. Facial features were thrown into sharp relief: a well-trimmed beard and mustache, sideburns curving upwards, a permanent frown, a chiseled nose and underneath a wide-rimmed black hat with white plume:

Silver eyes met gold.

The Dragon knelt upon the ground. For the first time he was able to see clearly see the world around him and he became human. The stranger revealed himself as his fallen brother. Reunited, the two set out to rebuild what they had once destroyed.

"Mihawk." Silence filled the void between the two brothers.

"You are a pirate?" Ryuu couldn't look his older brother in face any longer, having remembered how he failed the man in their younger years.

"I have accepted what I am. And I have forgiven you and our master." He placed a hand on the young archer's shoulder, "Now you must forgive yourself."

"The world outside is changing and Wano can no longer hide. It's time for you to choose."

The older brother left the younger in silence as he dropped off the balcony to the roof top below. Trying to make sense of his brother's words through the confusion of finding him alive was too much. Releasing his hold on his overwhelming emotions, he snagged a stray arrow from its place in wall and followed his brother to the edge of the balcony.


"Perhaps I am a fool to think there is still hope for you." Mihawk glanced behind him, "But I do. Think on that, Brother."

Movement from the main gate caused Ryuu to glance away. He looked back to find his brother gone. Putting the arrow away, He took his leave as well.

The morning sun found the young archer crouched atop the watch tower. Something in the distance caught his attention. Four ships were making their way toward the island. One he recognized as one of his master's. The other three were clearly pirate ships, but they weren't chasing the Wano ship. In fact, the one in the middle had matched their speed and was leading the other two.

He made his way back down. Was this what his brother meant when he said the world was changing?

It was a very peculiar ship, painted in warm, bright colors with the figurehead of a lion. On its main masts sat a grinning jolly roger wearing a straw hat.

A/N: First off I wanted to thank everyone who reviewed my story; I greatly appreciate it. For all those who guessed Zeff last chapter guessed correctly. Way Back in the Baratie arc when Mihawk made his first appearance; a random pirate/ cook asked why Hawkeye would destroy an entire fleet of ships. Zeff said that perhaps they interrupted his nap. That's where I got the inspiration for the last chapter.

This chapter, like I said, was inspired heavily by Overwatch's "Dragons". The story of Hanzo and Genji sort of mirrors that of Mihawk and his brother Ryu (an OC obviously), only I sort of switched the roles: Mihawk being the brother presumed dead and Ryu being the one with survivor's guilt. He is pretty much the polar opposite of his brother. Where Mihawk sees, and experiences the world in its entirety, Ryuu refuses to see past the borders of Wano. There is (as of yet) no evidence stating that Mihawk knew Oden personally, so Oden's presence is merely my wishful thinking. The backstory is after their parents were killed, Kozuki Oden took both brothers under his wing and raised them as his own. However, Mihawk grew to the point where he became too strong/ too jaded to remain on the island. After a certain string of incidents, the shogun was calling for Mihawk's execution. Oden (bein the former pirate that he was) used the opportunity to fake Mihawk's death and smuggle him from Wano. Ryuu, however, was left out of the loop.

Also, for any overwatch fanatics reading this, I shortened the name of the attack Mihawk used on purpose. Hawkeye is so badass; he doesn't need to name his attacks. I only had him say part of it to give his brother a hint.

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