Alternate Summary: In which I imagine, in stark couplets, all the near-death experiences the team had in season 6 go the opposite way (mild liberties taken with timelines and/or circumstances).

Notes: Blame "Death House." It revved up my latent Harper's Island bloodlust, and by the time I got to the end of the season, most of the pieces were in place.

"Alternate Endings"

Angell dies on the operating table, leaving a curse behind.

It begins with a spray of bullets from which Danny never gets up, ring as red as the first week he wore it. Early omens will not be so easily dismissed.

November whispers on the wind as they find Flack's body crumpled in a subway, blood mixed with spilled beer. There are no suspects.

Stella wakes up in cold sweats, her nightmares worse, premonitions chilling along her skin. By the time she gives her notice, it's too late: the club of knives finds its mark in her back.

In suffocating panic, Hawkes screams for help and finds relief. Weeks later he finds himself trapped another airless room, a blade in his side and a riot in his peripheral vision.

Sid hangs around the lab, complaining about the innocuous death of a peanut allergy sufferer. Adam tunes him out as long as he can and then lets the prescriptions do it for him.

Mac doesn't believe in curses. But gravity believes in him until his head strikes concrete.

And Lindsay packs her bags to start over in a third new place, seeking south. Someplace it's always warm and the sunlight provides optimistic illusion.

Shane Casey has to settle for a different revenge.