Good day, community! I know the idea of this story has been attempted/used at least two times already but I'm throwing my own work of "the Descenders as twins" into the world. I really hope you like the journey I plan to take you on and since I have an actual story-line which I can follow (and add my own twists) updates will be faster than for my other stories.

Disclaimer: I don't own any characters of the "Tales of" series except for my Descenders, they're personalities and appearances are the result of my own mind. This is a work of fiction, any similarities to living or dead persons is purely coincidental.



the World

Twin Mythologies

-Prologue: Disaster and Plight-

In the endless reaches of the universe there exist an abundance of worlds. On countless numbers of these worlds sentient beings thrive, some of them beyond our imagination, but what all these worlds have in common is the source of their existence and the life on them: the World Trees. These gargantuan trees harbor the matter from which everything is created: Mana.

One of these worlds is called Terresia by it's inhabitants. Terresia is, however, far from being an ordinary world: it was born from one of the largest World Trees to have ever existed. A large mass of different beings have been created on Terresia and stand under it's protection. This sheer volume of life combined with the strength of the Tree itself has granted Terresia an incredible amount of pure and powerful Mana.

Although the inhabitants of Terresia do battle each other, there haven't been any world shaking wars or occurrences in a long time. There had been a horrible war, however, records from this Dark Age are few and incomplete so that which mostly remains are numerous myths, legends and speculations.

The power and amount of Terresia's Mana has roused the attention of a powerful being which travels through the universe in order to find new worlds to saturate its endless hunger. The Devourer has targeted Terresia and burrowed itself into it's soil.

For months it has festered inside of Terresia, slowly consuming the inhabitants, the earth and the Mana itself until whole continents, mountains and ocean's have vanished inside it's belly. The majority of Terresia's sentient inhabitants, the humans and elves, have begun fighting the Devourer in order to protect their world. Although they refuse to falter and vigilantly fight the beast, all their efforts have been in vain.

In this dire time of need a traveler, who has been battling the Devourer for some time to avenge his own world, has arrived at Terresia and turns with his plight to the World Tree...

An explosion of white light filled the ancient corridor. When it died out a strange creature rested at it's center. The cat-sized being was covered in white fur except at the chest, face and the tips of its limbs, which were covered in light-gray fur. Its head appeared much too large for its body and possessed two large, triangular ears and two large, blue-colored eyes. Its limbs were compared to its body and head tiny and at its rear it had a small tail from which four dragonfly-like wings sprouted. Strangely enough, they were able to keep the creature airborne while it gathered its bearings.

"Ugh, that teleport took more outta me than I thought." The creature shook its head from side to side in order to clear its vertigo. Then it started appraising its surroundings.

"Wow, these ruins are ancient... ...and the Mana... it's incredible!"

The corridor in which the creature appeared was indeed ancient: the floor tiles were all cracked and covered by a thick carpet of moss, while the ceiling which almost seemed to disappear in the heights was broken up and giant roots made their way down towards the floor, almost completely covering the walls. Out of dozens of cracks in the stone structure vines and various flowers battled over the nutrients in the ground. In a circular room a few meters ahead several waterfalls were pouring from the abyss above and feeding a basin with crystal clear water.

The creature took in its surroundings in awe but soon pulled itself together and flew with a surprising amount of speed deeper into the ruins. It knew that time was of the essence and it had to reach one of the main roots in order to continue with its mission. So focused on it's task it was that it didn't notice when two plants detached themselves from the walls and started attacking it!

"Whoa!" It's shout rebounded from the walls and echoed through the corridors. It appraised the new-comers and when they started to attack it again came to a final conclusion.

"Yikes! These guys aren't too happy to see me! I'd better get out of here before they turn me into fertilizer... and I should really stop talking out loud to myself, it's creeping me out."

However, avoiding the hostile inhabitants of this place was harder than it had thought at first, but in the end it succeeded... and realized it was completely lost. Grumbling to itself it flew up and down the corridors for a while trying to re-orientate itself. That's when it was drawn to a large concentration of Mana. Following the trail it reached what appeared to be a dead end of a corridor.

The sound of rushing water filled the room and the air glistened with moisture which originated from the two waterfalls on opposite sides plunging into a basin filled almost to the floor with an fluorescing and yet crystal-clear water. The being floated to one side and peered down into the depths and although the water glowed and was clearer as glass it was unable to see the bottom of the basin. The same resulted when it kipped its whole body in the air in order to stare straight up from where the light-source of this strange place seemed to come from. The ceiling was so high and, strangely enough, lost in complete darkness, only the tips of some huge roots visible in the darkness. The creature's gaze swept across the room and rested on an object at the opposite side of the entrance, how it hadn't noticed it before was a mystery to itself.

The object was a giant root rising out of the basin, arching across the floor and then disappearing through the wall. Out of the top of its arch two crimson-red flower buds sprouted. This was also the thickest part of the root, measuring almost three meters in diameter and the flower buds rose an additional three meters into the air, at their base two meters in diameter themselves.

From these objects it was receiving the waves of pure and powerful Mana which had led it to this room. A huge grin spread across its features as it excitedly bounced in the air.

"This is it! I found it, I found it!" It was so ecstatic it flew around in circles, performing some sort of dance maneuvers before it regained its composure and slowly flew towards the root and stopped about half a meter in front of it. Slowly inhaling it closed its eyes in concentration in order to sort out its thoughts. It's now or never... I hope this works out.