Author's Note:

I know it took me forever to type this out, but I've had a lot of family stuff and school-related balderdash to attend to. Consider this a late Christmas present, since it's up the day after Christmas. So…Merry Christmas. Happy Solstice. Happy Kwanzaa. Happy Hanukah. Whatever it is you celebrate. I don't know…being politically correct is a pain in the ass =P

Also, I've introduced 3 new O.C.s. They usually find their way into all of my stories, and are a source of comic relief. However, as it can get with the real-life inspirations for them, things can tend to get a little crazy/stupid. Please do try to bear with me…all I can say in my defense is it was fun as hell to write. :)

Generation Landslide

I think Cara knew what Darken Rahl had planned for me that night all along. Why do I think that? Simple: most of the Mord-Sith suddenly became less hostile towards me (meaning Triana and a few other random ones…Denna still hated my guts.) the few that had been cordial to me beforehand (meaning Cara and…well…the rejects, more or less) rapidly grew to be practically my best friends.

Kellie was, put simply, the most rebellious Mord-Sith in history. Don't get me wrong, she was completely loyal to the house of Rahl, but she was definitely not your typical Mord-Sith. Whereas most of the Mord-Sith had insanely long braids, she had short, shaggy hair that was varying shades of brown. Her eyes were a comforting shade of brown, reminding me quite a lot of Richard's. Though Mord-Sith are taught to abandon the softer emotions when they are trained, it was clear Kellie had re-developed them. She seemed to me to be the ideal shoulder to cry on; and with her (somewhat twisted) sense of humor, she never failed to cheer one up. In fact, other than me, she was Darken's closest friend and primary confidante. As Cara phrased it: "Kellie is to Lord Rahl as I am to you." Which is actually frightfully accurate, and proved to be a poor choice on his behalf at times.

Amanda, though appearing to be more of your traditional Mord-Sith, was in the same league as Kellie. She had a long dark-blonde braid and laughing bluish-green eyes; kind of like Cara, except you weren't afraid Amanda would jab you with her agiel for no reason. She didn't look even remotely evil, to be perfectly frank. Unlike nearly every other Mord-Sith who ever lived, Amanda possessed a certain maternal affection for those close to her. In that respect, she reminded me of Kahlan. She shared Kellie's sense of humor, and didn't hesitate to crack an awkward joke at the most inappropriate times.

Belladonna was quite the character. Sometimes she wore her dark brown hair in the traditional Mord-Sith braid; sometimes she didn't. Her hazel eyes reminded me of sunflowers, the golden petals of which unfurled from her pupils into an expanse of blue-green. Whenever an assassin was needed, Belladonna was called on. Sometimes I wondered why; she was convinced that she could creep up behind someone like a cat, stealthily as could be, and then attack without a moment lost…many times, she epically failed at this for her intended target. Nevertheless, she always managed to produce a corpse…however, you could never be sure exactly whose to expect. In her…resourcefulness (for lack of a better term), she made me think of Zedd. Other than that, she shared many of the same personality traits as Amanda and Kellie.

As unlikely a group as they seemed, they each made their way in life by doing what they did best: being themselves. Most of the Mord-Sith couldn't stand them, but I loved them dearly; and I honestly think Darken found them far too entertaining to do anything about them.

I wouldn't have it any other way.