Chapter 2: Cuteness and Randomness

Credit to cross-over-lover232 for giving me the idea


"Coming!" I yelled. I turned down the totally awesome song called Stratosphere, the deep sea version. A hop, skip, and a jump and I made it to the door. I waved to the same delivery guy that delivered the perverted groper. "He-aaaahhhh!"

"Speak of the devil." I growled. I stomped on Yong-Soo's foot again for the billionth time this week. He let go as he moaned on the ground. I turned to the delivery guy with . . . blue hair? I pointed to his hair. "Did you have that the last time you were here?"

"I was wearing a hat." Oh, I didn't notice. He handed me a clipboard and an envelope. "Sign here please."

"I wonder who I got this time." I signed my name and got the envelope. He pushed in the box and waved goodbye. I opened the envelope and nearly died.

YAO WANG: User Guide and Manual

I walked to my computer and turned up my volume. I brought down the box that was at the top of the other one. As soon as the Japanese words from the song came along I heard a voice from the box.

"Kiku?" Yong-Soo got to his feet. "Kiku, is that you? Why am I in a box aru?"

I opened the box and let Yao Wang out. He bowed and stepped out of the box .But then I remembered. . . . . .

"ANIKI!" I jumped out of the way as Yong-Soo went to hug "Aniki". Yao jumped passed me and ran to the living room. I couldn't help but to laugh.

"Why are you here aru?" Yao shouted.

"That's my fault." I said as I calmed down a bit. Yong-Soo finally hugged Yao. Yao groaned but patted his head. Yong-Soo let go of Yao but went behind Yao.

"Your breasts belong to me daze!" Yong-Soo groped Yao. Or at least tried to. I put a plate of kimchi next to his face. He stopped midway of groping Yao and grabbed the plate of kimchi. "Thank you daze."

"Yes, thank you." Yao cried happily. I smiled. "My name is Yao Waaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!"

I looked behind him and sure enough Yong-Soo is groping Yao. I sighed.

I covered my ears from the loud cussing. Yeah, that did not help at all since I could hear him anyways. Yao was soon choking Yong-Soo with his hanbok.

"You perverted bastard why the hell did you that aru?" China shouted. "Don't you know how to keep those perverted hands off of other people? I bet you even groped that girl over there." Why am I suddenly into the conversation? "Knock off the pervertines aru!"

"Your breasts belong to me daze." Yong-Soo said I laughed and then I unplugged my ears.

"Why are you laughing aru?" I kept laughing.

"Because . . .you knocked him out." Yao looked down and sure enough Yong-Soo and swirls for eyes. Yao dropped him on the floor and climbed over him.

"Sorry about that aru." Yao smiled. "I'm Yao Wang."

"I'm . . .Kara. . . . . . ." I said between breaths. I breathed in and out and calmed down. "That was hilarious. I'm sorry about the whole laughing bit."

"Believe me, that groper deserve it." I giggled. "I didn't kill him, yet."

"I know the feeling." I went to the living room closet and got a blanket. Then I put a blanket over Yong-Soo. Yao had the look of surprise. "I'll feel sorry if he's left out here in the cold. But let's leave him here for now. I'll show you to your room."

"Thank you." But just before we got to the stairs the doorbell rings. I tilted my head to the side then I looked at Yao. "Do you have a guest?"

"I don't usually." But then when has things been usually for the last week? I walked to the door and looked through the peephole.


I opened the door and still nobody. I was about to close the door until I looked down. I saw the very cute and adorable blond haired, blue eyed little sister of mine. You may not think that we're sisters but we are. Even though I have dark brown hair, green eyes, and a little more tanner skin then her.

I smiled and picked up my little sister. She gasped for air as I hugged her really tight. But then, Yao hit me on the head.

"SHE'S SOOOOO CUTE ARU!" Yao grabbed my little sister and twirled around in circles. Then he sat down on the couch. "What's your name?"

I rubbed my cheek and glared at Yao. Yao glanced at me and smiled innocently. My little sister got away from Yao and went to me.

"Is big sissy okay?" Awe, isn't she cute. I patted her head and she smiled.

"Wait, why are you here alone?" I asked.

"Big brother went on a big trip with his new girlfriend." I dropped head. Surprise, surprise. "But big brother wanted to be lonely so he put me here and went that's away. Big sissy has a biiiiiiiiiiig house so I stay with big sissy." She stretched her arms on the word big. Awwwwww, she's sooooo cute.

But . . .

I get it. I turned around to face the wall. That stupid bastard, of course he wants alone time with whatever number girlfriend he got. That stupid playboy, he should have at least told me he going on a trip. Then I started to bang my head aginst the wall. Why. Didn't. That. Bastard. Tell. Me. ANYTHING!

I sighed. That's like my 15 millionth time I did that this week. I turn to see my little sister in the middle of Yao and Yong-Soo. Yao brought out a, wait, did Yao always had that panda with him and when did it wake up?

"Here aru, you can play with Panda aru." Yao smiled. Oh, candy. Well my little sister does like candy.

"That panda is made in Korea so there are really mine daze." Yong-Soo smiled. Yao growled.

"What do you mean it's made in Korea?" Yao shouted. "I've had panda with me the whole time aru."

"But it's made in Korea daze."

"No it's not aru!"

I sighed as I dragged my little sister from the middle of those two. Yong-Soo and Yao sat down in the two chairs in front of the couch I set my little sister in. For a good two minutes, everything was quiet and awkward, never forget awkward. I yawned and checked the clock.

"Oh, I didn't realize that it's 8." I said to myself. I looked at my little sister. "Hey, Meli are you hungry?"

"Yeah big sissy." Meli smiled. Then she turned to Yao and Yong-Soo and raised her hand. "My name is Melissa but my big sissy calls me Meli."

"Hello, I'm Yao Wang." Yao pointed to Yong-Soo. "And this is the terrible perverted monster named Loser. Please pay him no mind."

"Daze!" Yong-Soo frowned.

I snickered as my little sister laughed. Yong-Soo and Yao eventually laughed with us. I calmed myself down and poked my little sister's shoulder.

"His name is Yong-Soo." I said. "He is perverted but I doubt he would do anything in front of you."

"Okay, but sissy . . ." I looked at her. "What does perverted mean?"

Oops. Yao and Yong-Soo started laughed. I glared at them but I got to laughing myself and my poor little confused sister just sat there. Just as long as they don't do anything indecent then my sister is safe. Well that was until I found out what 'unit' I was getting next.

Author's Note

I have add these author's note more often. Anyways, thanks for those reviews and stuff. As I said at the top, I want to thank cross-over-lover232 for giving me the idea for this chapter. The little sister bit I had a real blast writing. She's going to be here for a while. So thank you and please review.