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chapter five

He turned his flames into a burning barrier that protected the coach that Luna and a number of students were in from the force of the two military leader's weapons meeting caused. The shockwave that shot out and around them tore into the soldiers of Heaven slicing them in two upon contact with the wave.

But even while the coach was protected, the entire train still shook due to the force of the impact of the two blades. It was rather unheard of until now, or at least no one alive had ever witnessed such a powerful meeting of blades, blessed and uholy blades as they were.

"Dismount," Harry intoned causing Tom's winged steed to disintegrate into dust, "You've just lost one advantage."

"You've just brought your doom to your person," Tom said as he sent a wave of magic at Harry who blocked with Recro, "Unlike you, I need no shield."

Tom them sent another blast of destructive magic and power at Harry, intending to crush his bones, while the possibility of permanently disabling the Devil himself was slim, there was still that slim possibility. At the same time as he sent his magic soaring he continued to engage the teen in a sword fight, their steel clashing and clanging as they fought with punches, kicks, and sword strikes atop the roof of the train cars.

They traded blows until Harry's power began to falter, and the coach that Luna was in was breached ever so slightly. His world turned red and Tom knew when to call for a retreat.

"Retret! We've done what we came to do!" Tom shouted as he kicked his opponent away using some of the power he had received from his master.

"This isn't over by a long shot Riddle!" Harry shouted amidst the howling winds caused by the flapping of wings of the heavenly host that had attacked the train.

He followed up his promise by sending a torrent of fire at the retreating army, it was a mixture of all his active flames, which caused massive loss of life among the forces of Heaven as he no longer had to worry about his lady love, and the train.

"I was chosen for a reason Devil!" Tom shouted back before vanishing, into the night, the wave of fire having missed him, Harry wanted to personally and physically tear the wizard to pieces personally and without the need for his magic to hold the bastard still.

A roar of rage not heard since Hell last waged war against Heaven pierced the night. The train did not start moving again, for before the attack really started, before Tom arrived, the driver and staff of the train had already been disposed off, their souls taken to Heaven save for the trolley lady as she was a demon in disguise and vanished off to Hell taking a few souls with her.

"Are you alright?" Luna asked Harry as he re-entered their compartment, she sat on the floor hugging her knees, some pieces of the ceiling laying around her from when the roof was breached ever so slightly.

"Are you?" he asked, he sounded a little tired and he didn't know why, it was probably due to his worry for her safety, he didn't know that Heaven wanted to avoid involving her at all costs.

"You protected the whole train didn't you?" she asked him.

"I did," he replied and sat down on the floor with her and gathered her up in his arms.

"You've changed," she noted.

"I know," he said.

"Were you ever going to tell me?" she asked him.

"I didn't plan on it, until I won that is," he replied.

"What happens now?" she asked him after a moment of silence.

"We wait for the authorities to pick us up and send us to the school," he said, "I'm not about to expend more resources than I need to. School is overrated anyway."

"I would like to disagree with you on that, not everyone can simply absorb knowledge like you can, you know," she said somewhat scoldingly.

"If you say so, my little angel," he said as he leaned against the bench behind him and closed his eyes to rest from his fight, she followed him to dream land moments later.


The government sent search and rescue teams after it was reported that the school train had yet to arrive at the train station. They suspected foul play, but at the same time it also took the influence of some demons to convince some of the officials to finally send out teams to locate the generation that was to inherit the world.

They found the train a mile or so away from Hogsmeade, and summoned more help to get the students to the castle and to attend the feast that had been delayed. It was amazing that the Hogwarts faculty and staff hadn't wondered what had taken their students so long. Little did anyone know that the faculty and staff were already in on the war effort, they had been divided and were silently and unknowingly fighting amongst themselves. Albus Dumbledore even going so far as to suggest during the pre-term staff meeting to implement a religion class, or something like that.

Lines had definitely been drawn, and the war really was real now that Harry had experienced it first hand. Having received reports and speaking with his minions was one thing, but being in a battle himself along with the possibility of his love being harmed made it really real to him. He hadn't really accepted the reality of it all til he briefly faced off against Tom on the roofs of the train.

He had seen red for a moment, and in that moment he had seen the fear of the Heavens of his potential. He wondered slightly why such a fear had flashed in the eyes of Heaven, what it had meant, but decided to ponder on it at another time. He had a feast to attend, though late as it was, it was still a part of the traditions of the school plus Luna wanted to enjoy what could be enjoyed of it still.

A thought struck his mind, flitted in and didn't want to go away. He gave it some thought and sacrificed a seemingly insignificant portion of his power.

'What if there were other hells out there...ones that have yet to be pulled in or joined in the war...perhaps I can find them and bring All Hells some additional reinforcements...' Harry thought to himself, there was a chance after all that not all of the hells under his rule were a part of the war, just as not all of the heavens were either.

While his core self and body fought in the war, defended his people, and protected his love. This tiny part would flit through the fabric of space and time to find help elsewhere. Hell needed all the help it could get after all. Even the Devil was not above asking for such...though asking was too strong a word really.


Apologies for the rather short chapter...but it's all I've got at the moment. Think of it as a filler that is not a filler. A prelude for things to come or something like that. I wouldn't want you, my dearly beloved and inspiring readers, to think that I had abandoned writing.