It was time. Naruto had made his decision. He would see who truly accepted him for who he was. And who truly knew him for who he was for that matter. A couple months past now, he had bought a new outfit, and today was the day he was going to wear it for the first time.

Everyone knew him as the blond knucklehead who always wore an orange jumpsuit. That's what everyone thought of when they thought of him. But was it him they saw or just that ridiculous suit? He had decided to find out. That's why he bought this new outfit. He almost chuckled to himself as he slid into it. He would have laughed if he wasn't so nervous about how people would react to it.

Ten minutes later, he was outside, walking around the village. The first person he saw was the one he was most worried about, Sakura. He called out to her and she turned and saw him. Then her eyes shifted like she was looking for who had called her. He got right in front of her and she finally seemed to see him.

"Oh, Naruto! Sorry, I didn't see you," Sakura said. She looked him up and down. It was obvious she saw him differently like this than normal. He forced himself to keep smiling.

"It's okay, Sakura. I gotta get going." And with that, he took off. He fought hard to keep from crying. It was almost like Sakura didn't see him at all.

He had similar reactions all day. No one would see him until he was right in front of them. Kiba knew he was there because of his nose, but no one else seemed able to see him until he was immediately in front of them.

Finally, he only had one person left. It was someone he doubted would react any differently from anyone else, but he hoped against hope that she'd be different. Maybe someone would see him, recognize him. There she was. About a block away, just right for this.

"Hey, Hinata!" He called out. He saw her turn and look at him. He waited for her to start looking for him, but she didn't. Her eyes met with his immediately, and she started towards him.

"Hi, Naruto," she said. She was blushing prettily. "You look very handsome."

Naruto was surprised, but happy. "You think so?" She nodded. "You look very pretty yourself, Hinata." It was true. She was wearing a lavender body suit instead of her normal baggy jacket. Her curves pressed against it, not straining, but very defined. He saw this and how her eyes shone; he realized she really was beautiful. He smiled. And she had noticed him right away. So she saw him, not just his clothes. Maybe this day wasn't so horrible after all.

He reached out and took her hand gently. She gasped and blushed all the more. Naruto chuckled. "Well, Hinata, would you do me the honor of joining me for dinner tonight?"

Hinata was shocked, to say the least. Naruto was asking her on a date? This couldn't be, but it was! She looked at him and saw he was smiling. "I'd love to, Naruto!" She said immediately. Naruto smiled and the two headed off together, her hand still held in his.

As they walked off together, Naruto chuckled to himself again. He looked down at himself, then at the beautiful girl beside him. "And all of this from a black trench-coat," he thought to himself. He smiled. His little experiment may not have had the results he hoped for, but he was pleased with the results nonetheless.

Author Note: I don't know what made me think of this, but yeah. Hope you enjoyed it. And to make it clear, Naruto's "new outfit" was a black trench that covered him from neck to knee. And I know this was short, don't hate me for it. This will be the first in a series of drabbles. Hope you all enjoy them.