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Hi everybody! This will officially be my first Time Warp Trio story. I have really no other reason for writing this except I needed to get these characters and plots out of my head.

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AN!— the gang's in high school.

Life as We Know It

The cool, crisp morning air of Brooklyn nipped and pinched the cheeks of walking pedestrians in the early sunrise. It was Monday morning and people all over New York City were moaning and grumbling about having to return to their usual midyear schedules. Santa had come and gone, the Time Square had dropped the ball, and the festive celebrations were packed up in boxes waiting in the attic for next year's parties.

While the break was great and the food was amazing, it was finally time to go back to their normal lives, which was just fine for a certain black haired boy. The boy was of average height, had gangly limbs and his pale white skin was pink against the snow covered winds. He wore a pair of owl glasses and was dressed in a winter jacket. His name was Sam and he was on his usual morning walk to his second favorite place on earth.


He arrived early like always, when it was still fairly empty and most students were just rolling out of bed. He headed straight for the school's library, not only his source of heat, but a sanctuary. He immediately went for the history section, picked up a book on the Greek Alphabet, took a seat at one of the many vacant tables, and began to read. Even at 16 years old he never lost his love for knowledge.

The teenage boy's car came to a stop as he parked in one the school's many parking spaces. Being only a sophomore and at the bottom of the high school driving food chain, he had to park in one of the crappy spaces, far away from the school. Which suited him all the same; it gave him time to think. He stepped out of his old, red, Sedan and began his trip to the large school up ahead.

The boy was a tall boy. He had tan, cinnamon looking skin, and brown eyes. He had dark brown, spiky hair, and a steady fixated stare. His name was Joe and he was basically a loner. He really had no one to speak of as a friend and in a way that was just fine. He had, had friends once.

Best friends actually.

In the long run though, things just didn't click anymore. As they got older and entered middle school, they began drifting apart. He tried to hold on, they all did, but there was just nothing to really hold onto. They couldn't have kept using the book as an excuse to hang out. So he let go and here he is now, walking to his high school, utterly alone.

The loud, obnoxious noise a yellow school bus pulled into the bus lane of the school and loosened its doors, letting anxious kids out of the rolling death trap and into the teenage wasteland. About halfway through the mad rush for the outside, the path suddenly cleared and out stepped a teenage boy. Not just a teenage boy, but the teenage boy.

He had blonde, slightly curly hair peeking out of his infamous, blue ball cap. His yellow strands leaked out onto the back of his neck and curled upward in a messy, but cute way. He was a little over average height, had broad shoulders, and sun kissed tan skin. The only other splash of color on his face was the pink on his cheeks from the cold and a light array of freckles running over the bridge of his nose. His name was Fred and he was walking into his palace. He was the guy on top and everyone else just fell into their places behind him.

He wore a blue and gold letterman's jacket with the letters CBHS in a crest of the front of his jacket. It stood for Central Brooklyn High School. Only jocks and sometimes the jock's girlfriends got the jackets. How'd he get it? Well, this sort of thing happens when your freshman year of high school you make varsity football, baseball, and soccer. Then manage to land MVP in two out of three of the sports.

Fred smirked as a group of freshman cheerleaders giggled as he walked by. He winked and they all blushed.

It was good being king.