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Life as We Know It

Finding no solace in the unsettling realization, the three boys stood up, dusted the dirt of their clothes, grabbed another torch and continued along the unknown path before them. Only their footsteps and the crackle of the fire echoed through the cave.

Taking a breath Sam broke the silence.

"So where do we-"

"Shh!" Fred snapped

"Fred you asshole I was just-"

"Shhhh!" Fred asserted with more command. "Do you guys hear that?"

Stopping their trek Joe and Fred listened to the hallow cave.

"Um no? What are we supposed to hear?" Joe turned to Fred with a quizzical look.

With furrowed eyebrows Fred's face held a confused look.

"I thought I heard something like a voice. Like a giggle."

Joe, Fred, and Sam stood still listening to the silence.

"Fred I think you hit your head when you fell." Sam scuffed, but immediately after a faint giggle could be heard echoing through the cave. The boys began frantically looking around for the source. With each head turn and frantic eye movement the giggle became more sinister.




"Where is it coming from?" Fred exclaimed frightened and confused.

Suddenly Fred felt a pain in the back of his head and his body fell. The last thing he remembers as his eyes fluttered, each blink causing him to succumb to the oncoming darkness, was that giggle ringing in his ear. His senses felt hot breath grazing his ear.

"Oh Fred."


"They look so innocent when they're unconscious. It's almost a shame they'll stay that way forever," a dark voice said offhandedly. The three time warpers had been knocked unconscious, chained to a wall, and were being watched by a foul pair of eyes.

The figure turned its head towards the three lounging bodies.

"You three did well. Very well. Perhaps you'll get a few extra coins for your skills."

The three figures nodded their heads in acknowledgment, but didn't move beyond that.

A silence fell over the corridor.

"Well there's no sense in prolonging their stay. Let's wake them."

One of the lounging figures rose off their seat and sauntered over to the handcuffed teens. Reaching down and grabbing a bucket of water, the figure threw the water at the warpers.



I gasped as I felt a cold rush of water doused on my skin. My eyes jolted open. My vision was blurry but as the seconds passed I could slowly make out my surroundings. I was still in the cave, but this place was much bigger. The rock walls had been hollowed and hacked at to create more space. The ceilings were higher, looking up I could see a small hole at the very top. I could see the bleak sky and gloomy clouds.

I moved to get up, but was quickly sent back onto the floor with sound of clanking chains.

"Hey Sam."

I blinked my eyes multiple times.

"Callia? Where? Where'd did you come from? Are you alright? When we got up from the fall you were gone-"

"Has anyone ever told you, you talk too much?" Callia stood tall, shifting her weight from one foot to the other. Her arms were crossed across her chest and her blonde curls were hung loose, cascading down her back.

"Callia… what are you doing here?" I was so lost.

"Waking you up of course."

She must have read my perplexed expression because she let out a sigh and rolled her eyes to the ceiling.

"Callia!" Fred and Joe had finally woken up and judging by their faces, were just as confused as I was.

"Callia get us out of these things!" Fred exclaimed, moving his arms in every direction trying to get loose.

"I can't do that."

"And why the hell not?"

"That's not what I'm getting paid for."

At this statement Fred went limp as just stared at the small Greek girl.

Callia moved to be in front of all three of us and plopped down onto the chalky ground Indian style.



"Well, I guess if you haven't figured out by now it's my job to tell you." As I spoke the three boys sat their dumbstruck.

"Simply put, I'm a bounty hunter. I get paid by people to collect what they've lost a hold of, and usually its people. Most of the time my friends and I do our hunting in the time warp universe, but for the past few months it's become too easy. That's why we took your case. It was challenging. It's usually not a very stationary job. We tend to move locations every few months, but you're case had to be done with real precision. You know we had to use a lot of planning to secure you're capture."

Joe tilted his head to the side.


"Yes. We." I didn't have to even flinch to look who it was.

"Anani? "Isabella?" Fred, Joe, and Sam sat there, horror filling their eyes.

"Hey boys." Isabella said, the sinister tone not escaping my ears.

"Awe babe I missed you." Anani smiled a sickly sweet smile as she crouched down next to Fred and planted a kiss on his cheek. Fred ripped his head away. Anani just chuckled.

I got off the ground, dusting the gunk off my pants.

"It was quite fun really." I said watching them squirm uncomfortably.

"But we trusted you guys!" Sam screamed, anger hiding under his glasses.

"It's nothing personal. It just had to be done." I couldn't help but let a giggle out.

"That laugh." Fred exhaled. I could see him slowly making the connection in his head.

"I think they did a marvelous job, don't you?" A dark voice said looming behind me, his footsteps echoing off the walls.

All three of the boy's heads snapped up immediately and sat there.

Eyes wide.

Shell shocked.

Joe sat gazed. His mouth only letting a small mutter out.

"Mad Jack."

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