This story spoke to me in a strange dream, it haunted me for a long time, and then I realized that this could be a nanny story, to make me less scared. This takes place in the fourth season. Please comment, I'm desperate. Anyway, I hope you guys love it. And please excuse my grammar, English is my second language. Sorry for that

EDIT: Ok so…I have some splaining to do. Almost 10 years later, I have forgotten about this story, mostly because my dog ate my laptop charger and had to buy a new laptop because the one I had used to write this story was old anyway, by the time I got a new one, I have moved on to lesser things lol I also lost the story in the laptop and decided to just say goodbye. I've recently gotten back to loving the show and reading fanfiction, and I have decided to come back to this story because the last review was around January and I have realized there is someone out there waiting for an update. I was about 13 when I typed this story and 15 when I decided to post it. And kept on writing after posting the first story. I do not love how rushed I made it out to be, and therefore I will not only continue this story, but I will rewrite it also. Chapt 1 will be like the original, with a few changes, and I'll also have chapts 2 and 3 mashed up together with a lot of changes, I read them, cringed because of how ridiculous it was and realized I still know, many years later, where I wanted to take this story.

My Oh, Gracie!

"Maxwell, the play should be ready for next month. I really think this will be a big hit!"

It was a normal day in the Sheffield mansion, a perfect day to be in the outdoors, and a bad day to work with the devil heeled, nasal woman interrupting . Yup, this is the life (in a sarcastic tone, of course). While the dust buster was cooking dinner, and the tramp was shopping, cc used that time to work, hoping to have enough time before the yenta and the butler came. Which gave her about one hour in counting. Although her 'office space' wasn't comfortable, she was used to it, and it took her fifteen years for her. That was and will always will be (sadly) her spot. She was at rest, and that's how she liked it, until it came.

"Mistah Sheffield! Y'all Neva guess what I bought. Well it wasn't easy ta get, considering all the crazy women fightin ova the clothes, I'm telling ya, it was not pretty. Well it wasn't the worst thing I've eva seen, like at my cousin Alan's party last year, Oi! Food started flying everywhere...and hair pieces startin flying about! Oi it was like a war zone over there! Anyway...where was I?"

"You were interrupting our work, that's where you were! Nanny fine, why don't you go to your mother's house, and tell her exactly what you were saying here, because I know I, nor Maxwell, will never be interested in your silly little stories. Now run along now, and don't come back."


"Maxwell! You know I'm right we have to have our heads in the game if you want to beat Andrew Lloyd Webber!"

At that moment, Maxwell realized she was right. He thought for a minute, and looked at Ms. Fine

"Ms. Fine, we really need to finish work today, why don't you take the children to the movies, Hm? Or the park? It really is nice outside, get some sun and fresh air."

"yeah nanny fine, have some fresh air." cc said, mockingly.

"Yes sir, it is time to take the faux blonde out for a walk anyway." Said the butler as he was coming in, only hearing the last part of the conversation.

"Oh, Windex, I didn't realize you were here, no wonder It smelled like dead animals in here!" yes, yes, that's good enough.

"No, it's your perfume."

"You wish. Now run along now, both of you! Maxwell and I are working."

" Well I didn't come here for nothing, I have mail for you." Niles gave cc the huge stack of mail, and, before she knew it, she accidentally dropped them.


"Idiot. Well aren't you going to help me! Isn't that your Job!" She said as she got up from the couch and kneeled down to get the envelopes that got under the couch, while Niles got the ones closer to the desk. Biting his tongue when she knelt down. He had a very good insult to throw, but CC had given him a dirty look before saying something.

"Shut up,"

"I didn't say a thing."

"Yeah right," She said to herself as she spotted another envelope under the green couch and started reaching for it, she had to go lower to get it, almost having her body laid down. She felt an odd thing that seemed to be stuck under the couch and grabbed that instead. It was an old manila envelope, dusty and crinkly. It read 'To CC and Niles'

She got up, confused at the letter before her. It had her name on it. And even weirder, it had Niles' name on it. Without thinking, she opened it, curious to what it read. Forgetting the other people in the room.

"What is that?" Niles asked, as he and Nanny Fine walked closer to the tall blonde. Maxwell sighed, ignoring them all and continuing his paperwork.

"Mind your own business, Hazel." She said, walking closer to the door, about to walk out.

"Don't think I'm blind, I read the envelope, it's for me too," he said as he was walking towards her

"Oh wonderful, Tighty wighty knows how to read." She said, as she stopped in front of the door, realizing the dust mop was right, she rolled her eyes

"Let me read it,"

"Well if you get over here we can both read," She said annoyed.

Nanny Fine stayed where she was, knowing Niles will tell her what the letter read, either later or now if he decides to snatch it from Babcock.

'Dearest Niles and CC,

I'm sorry. I so sorry. I'm a coward for writing this letter. You both deserve the truth, with both Maxwell and I explaining everything in person. But I don't have time. The cancer is spreading, and I will never forgive myself if I die knowing we kept such a dark secret from the both of you. When I was two months pregnant, we were on vacation with Maxwell and the children. You must understand, it wasn't easy like when we had Margaret and Brighton. We lost before…and hurt greatly each time. I didn't know I was pregnant, until I lost the baby. That was the last straw, and Maxwell knew it. The doctor said I was unable to conceive.

Maxwell and I cried together because we really wanted another child. Then I remembered you had some of your eggs frozen, CC. Your mother had told you to when I had Margaret, remember? 'You're not getting any younger CC, it is always good to have a backup plan.' We laughed at the thought, but you did it to make her happy. The day I wanted to ask you, was the day you were in the hospital. We thought we were going to lose you. That's when we convinced you Niles, to donate your sperm during CC's coma. We told you life was short, and if something were to happen, you would live on through a child of your own being raised ny someone who will love them unconditionally. We thought we were doing something good for you CC. You would live on through a child raised by Maxwell and I.

Everyone would always confuse us CC, everyone would call me CC, and you Sara. Remember we would mess with people back in college? Blonde, tall and blue eyed. Even the same height if I wore heels. I took them. I took the eggs. Maxwell thought it wouldn't be fair to raise a child that was biologically his, and not biologically mine. That's why he convinced you, Niles, but we didn't tell you that we took them too, so CC don't kill Niles, he didn't know either. We thought we were doing this for you CC, because you were not going to make it.

Until you woke up. The damage was done, and we felt so awful. It was never the right time to tell you what we both did. As time went on, I faked the baby bump and when it was time for the birth, we both went out of town to see our surrogate give birth. That's when we came home with Grace. Yes, Gracie is biologically your child, Niles and CC. We were going to tell you both as soon as she was born, maybe use the baby's cuteness to keep you both from killing us, but, you see, we fell in love with her. And we decided to keep her. I know it was very selfish of us, but you have to understand, we wanted another child, we already loved our child before she was even born. We named her after your grandmother V.V., which stood for Vivian Victoria, you once told me. Grace Victoria Sheffield, just so we wouldn't feel too bad about it, but we all know it still doesn't make it right or even at all. I guess now it all makes sense, huh CC. The number of times I asked you to care for her, to spend time with her, I'll never forget the day you first changed her diaper, it still makes me laugh to this day. You always told me you had no interest in her, but I saw you sing her a lullaby when you thought I was downstairs making her a bottle. You knew deep down CC, I know you did. And Niles, I knew you would love her as you have loved Margaret and Brighton. I know you didn't care for her because you had to, but because you wanted to.

I'm hiding this letter in hopes that you will find it one day. Writing this now, as I am dying of cancer, as Grace is now 4, I beg you both to forgive us. I am so sorry. It was my idea, and Maxwell was the good husband, wanting to make me happy, so please don't blame him.

I changed the birth certificate before I got worse. It was a hard thing to do without people finding out. But you and I both know, CC, how easy it is to live a life with money. I did everything I could to make it right, so legally, she is now yours. Both of yours. Even though It hurts to give her away, I knew deep down I had to give her back to you. After all, it's only right. Everything you need is in this envelope.

Sincerely, Sara'

They were both stunned. They couldn't believe what they had just read. Nanny Fine took one slow step towards me, before speaking,

"What does it say?" she asked concerned.

Maxwell finally looked up, taking off his reading glasses to look up at both Niles and CC, realizing that they were both staring at him.

Finally, she spoke.

"How can you do this!"

OK so some things might not be possible, like the birth certificate, or the will, but you can use your imagination, right? Right. Sorry to leave you hanging, I mean if you find it interesting. The next chapter will come soon.

EDIT: I obviously fixed Sara's Letter lol I actually have a review on how the part where Sara explains how she drugged them. It was a much faster way to explain it I guess lol and yeah, I laughed at that part too, many years later. Oh, past me, how young and foolish you were.