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Everyone except Fran went Pale as well. They all knew how BB Babcock could be. And how powerful she was. If she threatened, she'd not only win…but would make sure that person would crumble till there's nothing left. Maxwell was almost there, CC didn't know what will happen to him after her mother's done with him. Not even his soul would make it out alive after she was done with him.

"How bad can she be?" Fran asked.

"The last person she threatened hasn't been heard of since. No one knows and no one will ever find out, she has power because she knows the right people to take someone down." CC said. "I'll call my father. Hopefully, we can get him to understand. He knows the same people." Her face read that she wasn't hopeful at all. She turned to Maxwell, and realized he looked ill. "Maxwell, I promise I'll do everything in my power to protect you and Sara's parents." She looked at him sympathetically.

"Sir, she always keeps her promises. We're all going to have to stick together." Niles said, giving a small smile to CC, she smiled back.

CC dialed her father's number and hoped that he would answer. After two rings, he finally did.

"Kitten…is it true?"

"Daddy…I…depends on what you heard."

"The child, the youngest one. She's yours?"

"Yes, Daddy." She said.

"I see. And Maxwell, is he there with you? The butler as well?"

"Yes. Is there any way for you to come here, so we can talk in person?"

"I'm already here Sweetheart. Just arrived actually. I'll be there in a few. I take it your mother knows by the tone of your voice."

"Y-yes she does, and we need you to help, please."

"Are you sure she's yours?"

"There's papers that prove it, daddy."

There was a long pause. "I'm a grandfather." He said, not really knowing if it was a question or a statement.

CC smiled. Her eyes were watering, "Yes daddy, you are." Seeing her reaction everyone felt relieved.

"I can't wait to meet her…well, you know what I mean. And that butler, Niles. I can't wait to be reintroduced. And I'll do whatever I can to help you."

"Thank you daddy. Oh and call me when you get here, you'll have to go through the back."

"I will, Kitten. See you soon."

They hung up. A tear fell down her cheek. "He said he can't wait to be reintroduced to his granddaughter and father of his granddaughter."

Grace and Niles smiled.

"Is he going to help us?" Grace asked,

"He said he would do anything he can to help. He's on his way now. He just landed."

"CC…I uh…I want to thank you for this. I don't deserve to be treated with such kindness after…and Niles, old man. Whatever happens, I know you did whatever you could. I guess I should change." He said as he started walking to the stairs.

"I'll get Dinner ready, I'm sure your father will be very hungry after a long flight."

"Thank you, Niles. Gracie, hun…are you ok?" CC asked,

Gracie smiled at her, "I'll be ok now. It's good to see everyone working together. And…I…thank you for standing up for me. It was really cool to see that man go down like that." Gracie said as she got up and hugged CC.

"Call me crazy, but I think I heard a little Ms. Babcock in there." Brighton said, they all laughed.

"What should I make for dinner?" Niles asked,

"Anything. I miss your cooking Niles. A week of take out gets pretty old really fast." Maggie said.

"My father's favorite is Chicken Parmesan, if we want him on our team we can start by bribing him with food." CC suggested,

Niles smiled, he knew that was also Gracie's favorite as well.

"It's my favorite too!" Grace said excitedly.

"Then Chicken Parmesan it is. I'll be back in a few. Anybody need anything from the grocery store?"

They all shook their heads.

"Wait never mind, can you also get Ice cream? For dessert. Vanilla for Maggie and Grace, chocolate chip cookie dough for Brighton, Fran do you still like that Sherbet you always order at the ice cream place?"

Fran nodded in surprise,

"Alright and I'll have mint chocolate chip. Daddy's favorite as well. Butter pecan for Maxwell and you can also get your favorite as well. Rocky Road right? Get a pint each, it's been a long week. And here it's on me, use it for the groceries too," she handed him some cash.

Everyone looked at her surprised.


"nothing," they all said.

"Need me to write it down?" CC asked,

"I know everyone's favorite."

"Of course you do,"

When Niles left, they all looked back at CC.

"Why did you pretend to hate us Ms. Babcock?" Maggie asked, "Because if you really did you wouldn't have remembered our favorite ice cream."

"I'm sorry. I should've apologized sooner. I guess it just made it easier. I mean you look so much like your mother. And Brighton you have her eyes. You just reminded me of her so much it hurt. I just decided it would be easier to pretend to hate you all."

Maggie smiled.

They all waited for the arrival of Stuart Babcock, in the living room. When CC got a call from her father to let her know he arrived, she walked to the kitchen after instructing him where to park his car and greeted him at the door. Niles was by her side, nervous than before, because of course now he wasn't just the butler, he was also the father of his daughter's daughter. Soon he hoped to introduce himself as CC's husband. One day he hoped. One day.

"Mr. Babcock." He greeted him, taking out a hand to shake his,

"Nonsense, you're family." He said, as he gave Niles a hug. "Now, where's little Gracie?"

Grace had just entered the room, slowly approaching him,

"Now daddy, please, understand that all this is new. So don't push ok?" CC said warning him.

"It's ok, it gets easier with time." Grace said,

"A grandchild." He laughed, "I can't believe I have a grandchild, look at you! You've grown since I've last seen you,"

Grace smiled giving him a hug. "Grandpa." She whispered. "Or…would you be ok if I called you grandpa?"

Stuart, whose eyes twinkled when she called him grandpa, nodded, holding back tears. "I would love that very much!" Giving her another hug. "Come here you two! Group hug." Niles and CC went in for a hug

As they pulled away, CC smiled at him, "I'm glad you're happy daddy."

"Of course! No matter how we got into this, it does not matter, as we have this beautiful child before us. However, I would like a word with Maxwell. In fact I'd like to speak with all the adults here to let me in on this."

"Of course, Sir." Niles said.

"No, son. Stuart."



After they had their dinner, Maxwell, Niles, Stuart and CC were at the office, Fran stayed behind to stay with the children. Both CC and Stuart were sitting down on the green couch, with Niles and Maxwell sitting down in front of them, Niles had to steal a chair from the dining room, while Maxwell used his office chair.

After Maxwell had explained from his side of the story, and CC and Niles had explained theirs, Stuart stood up, walking towards the glass doors, thinking. He sighed.

"I'm guessing that black eye was done by my daughter?" He said as he turned around to face Maxwell,

"Y-yes Sir." He said, a bit nervous.

"Well, I guess we can all agree you've got what you deserved." He said as he chuckled while he glanced at his daughter. "That class was worth the money, well done Kitten. We can all also agree that that's the end of it?"

"Niles and I haven't quite forgiven him yet, daddy. But, and I speak for myself when I say, I think Maxwell has had enough."

"I agree as well. Though this does not mean I'm close to forgiveness." Niles said.

"I really did love that Sara. I'm really sorry you've lost her mentally before she died, son. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. I'm sure the Judge will understand that she was not well."

"Judge? You think she'll take it to court?" Niles asked,

"She'll sue for emotional distress. For putting her daughter in this situation." Said CC "Once again making all this about her." She rolled her eyes.

"There's also the fact that Sara stole CC's frozen eggs." Niles added "She also posed as you Babcock, to take them. Another crime."

"And Barbra will find a way to take down Sara's parents for her actions. Even though they had no idea of her crimes." Said Stuart. "the only way to win is if we beat her before court,"

"What does that even mean? Daddy, just because you paid for my self defense class doesn't mean I should use it against my mother," She said jokingly, her father chuckled. "Just how can we convince the dragon lady, to not sue. Something she loves to do."

"Well, as far as she knows, there's a child produced without your permission. When word gets around, the story changes, does it not?" Hinting at an idea

"Even if we tell her we gave our permission, wouldn't she want to go to court if there's no proof of that?" Niles said, concerned.

"Well, there is my signature, giving permission to use my eggs. Sara and I would always practice our signatures. Hell, we made signatures easy to forge specifically for forging. We can show her that paper, it was in the envelope. And the crash…it may not be physical proof, but it'll backup our story. She doesn't know about the letter, and even if she does, we deny that there is one. I mean the story came from the same person who thought Elvis really did leave the building. The lie could work. It could work." CC said.

"It could if she believed you were kind enough to give Sara a child. Which we all know you're not…at least in her eyes," Niles said.

"Everyone thought I wasn't going to make it."

Stuart frowned at the memory. He walked by CC and sat down next to her, holding her hand.

"I remember that. That was the worst day of my life. I thought I lost my youngest child. My little kitten,"

She squeezed his hand "I'm sorry for that daddy."

"Don't be sweety. It wasn't your fault." He kissed her on the forehead and squeezed her hand again before letting go.

CC continued, "I was awake before I went into a coma. Sara was there, I remember, I could say we made an agreement. She had the papers for me to sign and she would take it if I were to go into a coma. Which I did. No one knew but us. Niles you can say that I had asked you to be the father because it would be my dying wish." Then she remembered, "Wait…it has to be before."

"Before? What do you mean?" Maxwell asked,

"She would claim CC was not mentally well for something like that during the crash." Stuart said,

CC nodded. "She asked me before, and I said I would and promised her I would before leaving home," correcting her story.

"Would your mother believe that?" Maxwell asked,

"Not if Sara promised me something in return…" CC said, thinking. "Or if she bribed, me."

They all stood quiet all thinking.

"What about a promotion? I can say we agreed to give you half of my company,"

"That happened many years later Maxwell, everyone knows that once the company name changed."

"Ever heard of the phrase 'saving it for a rainy day,'?" Niles asked

"That could work! I can say that I wanted to wait till I got an idea as to what I wanted. Then decided to wait because of Sara's sickness, then death." CC said,

"And if she chooses not to believe it?" Stuart adds, ruining the excitement

"Well…daddy, then we're going to have to play dirty. Do you or know anybody that has something against mother? Something she wouldn't want anyone to know?"

Stuart smiled, "I think I do."

The next day, CC had called her mother to come and have dinner with her and the family and to meet her granddaughter. BB wasn't as happy knowing there was a grandchild as Stuart was, which wasn't a surprise to CC. They were all nervous and waiting for her arrival in the living room.

"Everyone remember our story?" CC asked everyone, they all nodded. She turned to Grace, concerned. "Gracie, she's not like me or my fath…your grandfather. She has no soul. No heart. Whatever she tells you, you ignore it. Do you understand? She knows how to get to people…how to hurt them. She does it to me all the time."

Fran frowned, understanding why CC was…well CC. She wouldn't say heartless, but she would say that the woman didn't exactly know her words hurt people. Oblivious to the insults she gives. It came naturally to her because she would hear it from her mother and would think it was normal. Though, thanks to her father Stuart, she had a heart, she had realized at some point, that it was ok to care for others. Gracie showed her that without even trying. Whether it was lust or love with the butler, she knew the tall blonde cared for the butler too. And because of what they all went through, after Sara's letter, she knew that CC Babcock does after all cares, not just for Grace and Niles, but everyone in the household. She'd like to think it was because of them that she was different from her family. Well from her mother's side, and her siblings.

"I'm sorry Ms. Babcock. That must've been rough going through that growing up," Fran said,

"Don't be,"

"Yes, Fran, don't. The one who should be sorry is me. I should have taken you and your siblings with me after the divorce." Stuart said, feeling guilty. "I should've fought harder."

They hugged. And then the doorbell rang. They all took a deep breath. The children held hands, with Grace in the middle, protecting her. Fran and Maxwell stood next to each other, while CC followed Niles and Stuart to the door.

Niles opened the door for BB Babcock.

For some reason BB scares me. Lol we've never even met the monster, I guess even the writers were too afraid to write her in the show. Funny though, she's almost always the villain here on fanfic.