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"Bijuu talking/special effect noises"

'Bijuu thinking'


Team Seven, also known as Team Ayatsuru of the Hangyaku, was a force to be reckoned with. And when they are assigned an important mission to go back and stop nuke-nin Orochimaru from killing the Sandaime Hokage of Konohagakure, how will the trio change the fabrics of time? Will the three be able to stop the reoccurring pattern of past Team Seven's? Tight-bonded Team Seven (brother-sister relationship), minus Kakashi. 100% chance of no yaoi. So relax.


Naruto yawned as he watched the board decide who was going to compete next. It seemed that he had awakened at just the right time, for on the board was the match between Yamanaka Ino and Haruno Sakura. He looked to his left where Sakura was getting up fro, her Indian-style position, a small sigh escaping her that, as far as Naruto knew, only he and Sasuke could hear.

"Knock her dead, Sakura," Naruto encouraged his female teammate, knowing the reason behind her sigh. Although all three of them remembered their arsenals (there had been a time or two when the squad that had been sent by the yutori ryoko no jutsu and only remembered what their mission was) and had their chakras stores from their twenty-five-year-old bodies, their physical features had diminished greatly, meaning they had their twelve-year-old bodies.

Signing in the Hangyaku code, Naruto told Sakura that would be one of the things they would work on over the two-month training period. Sakura merely nodded before jumping over the railing and into the arena where Ino was waiting for her. Naruto watched as the proctor (he couldn't remember the man's name to save his life) announced the participants, and smirked with pride as he noted the determined look in Sakura's eyes; while it was true Sakura was in her twelve-year-old body, her psyche was that of an adults'.

Already knowing who would win this match, Naruto glanced around the field, observing some interesting things, such as the Iwa-nins- 'They actually made it this time?' Naruto mused to himself- who were glaring holes into his head. Out of the corner of his eye, Naruto observed the team, noticing that the jounin-sensei of the team was in his late thirties, early forties, which meant he was still an impressionable teen during the third Shinobi War. The boy couldn't resist teasing- it was mocking, really, but Naruto wouldn't admit that to anyone- the jounin and so looked the jounin in the eye with a smirk. This sent the jounin into a silent hissy-fit, seeing as Naruto no longer had the whisker marks from Kyuubi, and his radiant blonde hair and ocean deep blue eyes were a perfect replica of his father's. He could see that Sandaime was looking at the Iwa-nin, no doubt wondering what had sent the man into his fit.

Turning his gaze, Naruto was shaking with barely repressed snickers, catching the attention of his other teammate. Said teammate looked over to Naruto with questioning eyes, and Naruto slyly pointed to his left. Onyx eyes looked to where the pointed finger led, and upon seeing the sight, the Uchiha just stopped himself from face-palming himself. It was obvious what was making his younger teammate have stitches; Naruto had clearly antagonized the poor Iwa-nin, since he was a miniature clone of the Yondaime. Sighing, Sasuke shook his head and looked back towards Sakura's match, leaving his teammate to continue his observations.

And observing he was. Looking around the field once more, he noticed straight ahead of him was Kotetsu- the chuunin he usually saw at the gate- who was looking straight at him. Raising an eyebrow, Naruto discreetly tapped his right thigh twice with his right index and middle finger. Kotetsu responded with two taps to his right shoulder with his left index and middle fingers. A foxy grin crept upon Naruto's face when he saw Kotetsu's reply. The Hangyaku had created a base in Konoha, which instantly brightened the blonde's mood.

He nudged Sasuke, signing to him that there was a base here. Sasuke's eyes widened, searching Naruto's for any sign of lies. The blonde boy merely pointed straight ahead of himself, leading scrutinizing onyx eyes to a slightly shocked Chuunin's. To show that he was a part of the Hangyaku, he signed in the language known only to the members, the language that was taught to them as soon as the Leader was sure they were loyal to the cause.

Sasuke relaxed at that, and nodded his head, reassuring not just himself, but Kotetsu himself, who was slightly shocked the Uchiha and the Kyuubi container were part of the Hangyaku. All through this, Naruto had been watching what had transpired between the two. He smiled slightly as a part of the weight on his shoulders was lifted. It was going to be easier to complete his mission now that he knew there was at least one more person in Konoha who was fighting for their cause alongside him. Inwardly, he wondered how long it would take Kotetsu to find out that they weren't just some meager team from the future base of the Hangyaku, but the famed team Ayatsuru. For sure, Naruto was looking forward to this realization.

Returning his attention back towards the fighting grounds, Naruto winced as he saw Sakura punch Ino with a chakra infused punch, right into her jaw. Needless to say, Naruto's reaction was one of the calmer ones.

As Sakura's punch Ino, said girl flew into the wall behind her with a resounding crack. A smoke screen came from the wall, and the room waited with bated breath for it to clear. When it did, there wasn't anyone in that room who didn't feel a little pity for the Yamanaka girl; poor Ino was on the ground, completely unconscious, and as Naruto observed the blonde's condition more closely, he whistled. There were light lacerations all over her legs and arms, and some serious bruises there as well, the most noticeable one being the bruise that was forming on her jaw.

"That'll be a shiner," Naruto commented to Sasuke, who nodded in agreement. "And to think, she went light on that punch." Sasuke nodded again, the two aware that most eyes were on them, most of them enlarged at hearing the two boys talk. If that was a light punch, they sure didn't want to see what a hard one was. The crowd could only wonder if one of the boys had been punched that hard by her as they turned their attention to the fighting grounds once more.

"Gekkou-san," Sakura said, getting the proctor's attention. ("Gekkou Hayate!" Naruto cheered to himself, finally remembering the proctor's name). "Are you going to call the match?" She asked.

Hayate blinked, before nodding. "Winner, Haruno *cough* Sakura of Konohagakure, due to *cough* K.O." Hayate announce, coughing again.

Grinning, Sakura strolled up the stairs to her teammates, taking the open spot on Naruto's right. Some were surprised, seeing as how Sakura would usually take any opportunity to sit by Sasuke who was, oddly enough, on the blonde's left, sitting as if they were brothers of sort. That was, of course, interrupted by one Rock Lee.

"That was a most youthful battle Sakura-san!" Lee proclaimed loudly, Naruto cupping his ears at the volume of Lee's voice, which did not go unnoticed. "Your battle was most excellent and well-planned! You must be the strongest of your squad!"

Sakura chuckled, seeing the pain Lee was causing Naruto's eardrums. "Arigatou, Lee," Sakura replied. "But, I'm not the strongest on my team." She enjoyed seeing the look of shock on Lee's face, as well as everyone in the room who was watching (basically everyone, even a certain pedo-snake that doesn't need to be brought up).

"Surely you are the strongest after your youthful show of the Flames of Youth, Sakura-san!" Lee exclaimed, getting a shake of a head from Sakura.

"Iie," Sakura told him, smiling. "I'm actually the weakest of my team." Everyone's eyes went towards the two male genin on Sakura's squad, and sweat-dropped as they saw the two playing Jan-Ken-Pon. When Sasuke won with his paper covering Naruto's rock, Naruto growled in his throat before turning to Lee.

"You know what's not youthful Lee?" He asked the bowl-haired member of Team Nine. "The volume of your voice. I can't hear out of my right ear right now, y'know?" Naruto told the genin that didn't know, and said genin started apologizing to Naruto in the ear that he couldn't hear out of. That stopped though, when Lee was called for his match with Gaara.

"Alright, the match between Rock Lee of Konohagakure and Sabaku no Gaara of Sunagakure shall begin." Hayate announced as he jumped out of the way of the darting sand, courtesy of one Ichibi container.

Naruto frowned slightly as he watched his brother-in-all-but-blood beat up his fellow comrade. He really would have to fix Gaara's seal; the priest wasn't doing anything good for his psyche, that's for sure.

Zoning out for a minute, Naruto zoned back in when he saw Gaara's Sabaku Kyuu encase the almost unconscious Lee. With a flick of his wrist, Naruto discreetly, yet hurriedly, latched onto Lee with his puppet strings and yanked him out of the way. Those in the room who hadn't seen the string yank Lee out of the way looked around, wondering who did the deed that would get Lee disqualified. For those who had seen the string, though, didn't get a chance to connect the string back to its owner before it was disconnected.

When Gaara saw that he hadn't killed Lee, he sent his Sand after him, only to be stopped by a wall of wind. The red head sent a glare to his elder sister, who shook her head franticly, afraid of what her little brother might do to her.

"Proctor-san," Naruto called out (once again he couldn't remember his name). Hayate looked up towards Naruto, coughing into his hand. "This match can no longer go on any further. Rock lee is on no shape or form to continue." The audience looked over towards the now unconscious Rock Lee, who was resting gently on his back.

Hayate- who didn't know why the kid didn't remember his name- nodded. "The match goes *cough* Sabaku no Gaara of Sunagakure." The proctor announced, and Gaara shunshined back towards his siblings. Naruto stared at the other Jinchuuriki who in return stared at him. Naruto signed in a different code, one that was created for Jinchuuriki's and Jinchuuriki's only.

"I'll fix your seal for you," Naruto signed to Gaara who, while not showing it, had a quick flash of hope flash through his eyes.

"When?" Gaara asked. "And why?"

"Tonight when the moon is high; meet me at the Fourth," Naruto told Gaara, who nodded minutely. "Why? Because you're my brother, someone like me," Naruto replied. He watched as the red head grasped the meaning of what he said, and the red head nodded.

Naruto smiled, and noted with satisfaction that no one, not even his teammates, observed their conversation. Naruto was glad that Shukaku had managed to get through to Gaara, if only for a little while, to teach him the code. Undoubtedly, Gaara would've understood the gestures he was making (it was programmed into a Jinchuuriki's subconscious). But, since Shukaku taught him, Naruto wouldn't have to teach Gaara himself. Knowing that Gaara knew how to sign reassured Naruto somewhat. The mission was going well; they knew that Orochimaru would attack during Gaara's battle, and the mission that everyone of the Hangyaku knew to do when they went back to the past, to change things, was going smoothly. As soon as he altered Gaara's seal, his brother would be able to sleep, and he would get his friend of the future a bit early; he admitted the latter reason was selfish, but he and Gaara had been best friends, even when he was in Hangyaku; whenever he had an extended amount of free time, he- occasionally with Sakura and Sasuke- would go to Suna to visit his best friend. He almost wished that he hadn't been assigned the mission, but then thoughts of his jiji- he only called the Sandaime that when he was alone- and how he would die to stop Orochimaru were brought back. He mentally shook his head; he needed to stay focused on the mission, which would be hard enough.


Meanwhile, a few people were wondering how Lee had escaped- mainly Kakashi. When Naruto spoke up, he was immediately suspicious. What had happened to his students while they were in the Forest of Death? 'Surely it couldn't have been that life changing.' Kakashi thought to himself. 'After all, they were only in there for two days; that wasn't nearly enough time for his team to become as powerful as they were now. Unless…' Kakashi narrowed his eye(s). 'Is Kyuubi the reason for this sudden increase in strength?' It would explain how they had become so powerful, but that would mean Naruto would have been in contact with the fox a lot more than he was letting on.

The masked Jounin moved his eyes towards his wayward student. He was looking over towards the Iwa-nins (again if he was correct) and trying to contain his laughter. Kakashi sighed; Naruto was too much like his mother for his own good. Kushina was always causing mischief around Konoha, and while the majority of the population had enjoyed her pranks, they certainly didn't like Naruto's.

Unfortunately, the infamous shinobi put a halt to his thoughts as the next match was announced on the board.


"The next match will be between Uzumaki Naruto and Inuzuka; if the two participants could please come down." Hayate announced, eliciting a sigh from our favorite blond. Standing up from his comfortable spot was, in the words of out favorite lazy bum, troublesome. If he hadn't thought it would draw attention to himself, Naruto would have said it aloud.

Walking down to the field, Naruto saw that Kiba was already there, a confident smirk on his face, just like the first time.

"You're going down, dobe!" Kiba proclaimed loudly, making Naruto wince slightly at the volume. Glancing towards Akamaru, Naruto saw the nin-dog eying him with a little unease. 'Looks like he found out.' Naruto thought to himself. 'I'm actually kind of surprised that Kiba hasn't found out yet… I always knew Akamaru was smarter than Kiba.' Naruto snorted at that, amused, garnering a weird look from the proctor and Kiba.

"Let the *cough* match begin!" Hayate announced, jumping out of the way. It was Kiba who initiated the first attack.

"Fang over fang!" Kiba shouted, his dual attack with Akamaru heading straight towards Naruto. Said person merely sidestepped the attack, his eyes calculating and alert. Kiba attacked again, producing the same results.

'This is getting us nowhere. He keeps on using the same attack, and while I can dodge them now, my body isn't physically capable of what it was before. If I don't end this soon, I won't make it to the next round. Mendoku se.' Naruto thought, pulling out some puppet-string wire he had personally made a couple of years ago. It was made for him to use specifically, though he could easily change the workings so someone else would be able to use it as well.

Going over his plan once more, Naruto nodded to himself- the nod being barely perceptible to anyone save for those with keen eyesight- and commenced his plan. With a twitch of his fingers, Naruto had discreetly coordinated his strings at certain angles along the ground and walls of the fields. The prep work done, Naruto created a Kage Bunshin, who immediately henged into a pebble on the floor, aware of it boss' plan, and held onto the strings.

Satisfied with his clone's position, Naruto reached into his kunai pouch and grabbed a kunai with his right hand. Kiba must've assumed that Naruto was going to fight him up close, which meant that he hadn't seen the small yet intricate seal that was placed on the handle of the kunai.

Running towards Kiba with speed Naruto had because of the many chasing sessions he had had in Konoha, Naruto aimed his kunai as if he was going for a hit. Kiba held his kunai in defense, waiting for the bladed attack that didn't come. No, instead of a clang, there was a thwop. The Genins watched the fight, confused as to why there was a yellow slip of paper on Kiba's forehead. On the other hand, the Chuunins, Jounins, ANBU and Hokage watched intrigued, wondering what the village pariah was going to do.

Naruto, after successfully landing the seal on his opponent's forehead, leaped away. From his position, Naruto pushed a little chakra into the seal and watched as Kiba, whose back was slightly slumped, jolted back straight as if he had been hit by lightning. Not understanding what had happened to him, Kiba just shook off the shock and charged Naruto. As soon as Kiba was in punching distance, Naruto pushed a little chakra into his seal again and watched as Kiba jumped from the shock. But this time, instead if just staying in place, Kiba jumped backwards, right into one of the strings. Now Kiba falls on his butt and Naruto, with his incredible speed, pressed a kunai to the dog boy's throat, ending the match.

Sadly- in your case, anyway- you were mistaken. No, instead of falling on his butt like the idiot he can sometimes be, Kiba is blasted upwards so that he's level with the audience, who is watching with wide eyes (slightly in some cases, but you get what I mean, right?).

Falling back towards the ground, Kiba is, once again, blasted into the air, this time at a different angle. And, for the next couple of minutes, everyone watches as Kiba's body becomes a living pinball. It was at this time though, that Ino brought up an interesting fact.

"Hey, where did Akamaru go?"

Everybody looked towards Kiba to see if he had his nin-dog on his person, which he, fortunately for the dog, did not. Looking around, the audience tried to spot the dog that might be hidden somewhere along the walls. When everyone hears a snort, they turn towards Sakura who's looking a certain patch of space on the field.

"Figures," She said, shaking her head. The audience moved their eyes to where Sakura was looking, and sweat drop at the sight. There sat Naruto, sitting halfway up the wall, his back against the wall and legs crossed, with Akamaru in his lap. Said dog was currently yipping happily as he was being scratched behind his ears.

"I totally understand where you're coming from, Akamaru," Naruto said sympathetically. Another string of yips, ending with Naruto nodding in agreement, as if he understood what the dog was saying.

Looking up, Naruto decided that Kiba had been blasted around the field enough, and so he retracted the strings from his clone, who puffed away unnoticed. With another flick of his wrists, all the strings were broken, and Kiba flopped to the floor, unconscious before he even hit it.

Hayate, after confirming that Kiba was unconscious, announced the match. "The match between *cough* between Uzumaki Naruto and Inuzuka Kiba goes *cough* to Uzumaki Naruto." There were cheers for Naruto as he walked back up towards his team.

Sitting in between his teammates, he nudged Sakura. "Do something about it?" Naruto pleaded, and, while most didn't know what Naruto was talking about, Sakura did.

She nodded. "I'll make sure it gets done Naru." She smiled at said blond, who nodded before leaning back against the wall and falling asleep again.


About half an hour later, Naruto was awakened by someone shaking his shoulder. Naruto opened his eyes drowsily, looking into the face of the person who woke him up from his nap: Sasuke.

"All the matches are done," Sasuke informed him, to which Naruto nodded. Getting up, Naruto stretched, his back cracking as it was realigned.

"Alright," The voice of Gekkou Hayate called. "Will all the match winners please come down and draw a *cough* number."

The winning genin made their way towards Hayate, who was holding a box. Naruto was first, and he pulled out the number one. Next was Sasuke, who drew four. And this happened until all the participants had drawn a number.

"Here are the matches for the finals: 1. Uzumaki Naruto and Hyuuga Neji; 2. Haruno Sakura and Aburame Shino; 3. Sabaku no Gaara and Uchiha Sasuke; 4. Nara Shikamaru and Sabaku no Temari. The winner of the Nara/Sabaku match will fight Sabaku no Kankuro." Hayate announced the line-up for the finals before coughing into his hand again.

"Man, didn't think he could go that long without coughing," Naruto commented, to which his two teammates nodded in agreement. Those around Team Seven merely sweat dropped at the blond ninja's comments.

"There will be a two month time period between now and the final match to allow foreign dignitaries to travel here." The Hokage said, surprising Naruto slightly. Two months? That was certainly different from the original timeline, but Naruto wasn't complaining; this would give him and his team enough time to get situated to their new base here in Konoha, and for them to broadcast the Hangyaku. Without him knowing, a slightly feral grin spread across Naruto's face, scaring some of the surrounding shinobi.

Everybody was dismissed after that, and Ayatsuru split before they could be interrogated with the increasing number of questions their peers had. Shunshining away before anyone could trap them, the three arrived at the abandoned Uchiha grounds, where they were sure no one was going to find them.

"Well, I'll see you guys later," Naruto said, trying to get away to his apartment before Sasuke did something unnecessary like telling him he could stay with him. That wouldn't be good.

"Where do you think you're going?" The Uchiha asked with his arms crossed, plenty aware of what his leader was doing.

"Why, I'm going back to my apartment, where else?" Naruto gave the two a fake smile before disappearing with a flash of yellow.

A look was shared between the two remaining members of Ayatsuru before they dashed off, tracking down their leader.


Right now, Naruto was henged as a villager, and eating dango with a pot of green tea. Sure, dango wasn't as awesome as ramen, but it was still pretty damn good. Our favorite blonde here was trying to act normal, knowing he had dangerous people tracking him down. Maybe he shouldn't have set off that prank in the ANBU headquarters?… Nah, it was totally worth it. Naruto snorted to himself inwardly; seeing the ANBU in hot pink armor and yellow ANBU pants and tank tops was absolutely hilarious. Their faces were priceless. He knew that if he was caught, though, he probably wouldn't make it out alive.

Paying for his meal, Naruto left the dango shop and started wandering; technically, he hadn't been here in over ten years. It was to his surprise that, while wandering, he ran into the stoic fate-obsessed Hyuuga Neji. Neji, who was a genius, didn't need his Byakugan to see the henge over Naruto.

"Why are you walking around in a henge, Naruto?" Neji asked, walking instep with Naruto.

"Chakra control practice," Naruto lied, not being able to come up with something better. "I suck at it."

"Right, you suck at chakra control and you were easily able to focus your chakra into even amounts throughout the strings." Neji deadpanned.

Naruto laughed nervously, knowing he'd been caught. 'Jeez, I didn't expect to be figured out this early.' Naruto pouted slightly, amusing the watching Hyuuga.

"Well?" Neji asked, waiting for the answer he knew he was going to get.

"If I told you I was hiding from some people, would you believe me?" Naruto asked, getting a raised eyebrow from Neji.

"What did you do now?" The Hyuuga prodigy asked, knowing that if he was henged, it had to be really bad.

"Let's just say the ANBU have gotten new wardrobes." Naruto cryptically replied. Neji's eyes widened. He had seen the ANBU fleetingly, but he definitely caught the flashes of hot pink and yellow they were wearing.

Neji did the only thing he knew to do in this situation: he snorted in laughter, his eyes holding amusement.

"Good luck with that," Neji told the blonde who sighed.

"Thanks, though I'm not as worried about them as I am about the other people chasing me." Naruto told Neji, who looked at him with a hint of incredulity.

"Who else did you piss off?" Neji asked.

"Well, I didn't exactly piss them off, it's just that they were going to do something that was really unnecessary, and I really didn't want that to happen, so I sort of left." Naruto explained, eliciting a sigh from the Hyuuga.

"Who are you running from?" Neji asked, shaking his head mentally at the blonde.

"I believe that would be us." A somewhat masculine voice said from behind the two talking shinobi. Turning around, Naruto and Neji saw Sasuke and Sakura, who weren't looking very pleased.

"We've been looking for you for three hours, Naruto," The anger in Sakura's tone was clear, and Naruto slowly started backing away from his two teammates, who walked closer towards him.

Knowing that he would get caught if he didn't run right now, Naruto turned on his heel and began running, only to be caught by an arm encircling his chest. Looking over his shoulder, Naruto saw it was Sasuke who had trapped him. Naruto glared at the Uchiha, who merely smirked back before tossing the blonde over his shoulder.

"Hey! Let me go!" Naruto whined, trying futilely to get out of the older boy's grip.

"If I do that, you'll run away again." Sasuke replied.

"Of course I will; I don't want to go back there!"

"What's wrong with my Clan grounds?"

"It stinks!"

"What did you say?"

"It stinks! Ow! Don't hit my head teme!"

"Shut up, dobe!"

"Why don't you?"

Thonk! Thonk!

"Both of you shut up!"


Neji sweat dropped as he listened to the retreating form of Naruto being carted off by his teammates. Even though he knew the famous blonde captain for twenty-five years, Naruto still remained the same, whether he was twenty-six or thirteen.

Sighing, Neji began walking again. He needed to prepare for tomorrow's meeting…


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