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Team Seven, also known as Team Ayatsuru of the Hangyaku, was a force to be reckoned with. And when they are assigned to go back and stop nuke-nin Orochimaru from killing the Sandaime Hokage of Konohagakure, how will the trio change the fabrics of time? Will the three be able to stop the reoccurring pattern of past Team Seven's? Tight-bonded Team Seven (brother-sister relationship), minus Kakashi. 100% chance of no yaoi. So relax.


Naruto was awakened by Iruka's yelling for him to wake up. Grumbling abut big vocal cords, Naruto dragged himself out of his comfortable bed (Iruka threw a fit when Naruto said he wanted to use the one from his apartment, saying how old it was. He didn't know that Naruto had recently changed it to a better quality, but Naruto certainly wasn't going to tell his Academy instructor that) and went to his closet to change his clothes. Over the past two months, Naruto had changed his outfit to accommodate his lack of physical strength (though it had gone up considerably since the end of the preliminary round) and this would be the first time he'd wear it in the village, for he mainly wore this while he was doing missions for the Hangyaku.

Humming a random tune as he collected his clothes from the closet, Naruto went over his choice of style. Naruto wore a black vest that had as many pockets as a Jounin vest would with a zipper should he want to close it. The vest itself was made out of cloth, which was a combination of silk and wool, creating a cloth that was easy to move in yet very hard to tear. While no longer wearing a shirt- a trait he had picked up from his time in the future Hangyaku- his arms were covered in long, intricate designs that most mistook for tattoos but in reality were actually seals. There were a variety of seals, and each of them had different uses. One of them was used as gravity seals, for endurance training; on his left arm was most of the seals he kept his puppeteer-ing equipment; while he had scrolls for his equipment in his kunai pouch, he preferred to keep his puppets in his arm, as it gave him easy access to them; another was used to store weapons, such as kunai, shuriken, ninja wire, as well as the sword he had acquired a little after he had met the Hangyaku of Konoha, and he was now using the sword style that Zabuza had used (he had learned this whilst in Mizu talking to the Godaime, Terumi Mei, who had allowed him to use the technique, as he had seriously grown to respect the man after he had left Konoha). Though he was a little rusty, he was able to pick up the sword style easily after some training. Placed on his wrists were normal weights, at which weights he kept secret, not even telling his two teammates; if he had told them, he may not get them back. Moving to grab his pants, Naruto smirked as he remembered the first time he had worn the pair of pants on a mission for the Hangyaku; needless to say, he turned heads. The pair of pants looked to be like any other pair of standard Jounin pants, but they were far from it; Naruto's pants were made of the same cloth his vest was made out of, and had a bluish-white stripe (in honor of Haku) going down the sides of the legs. Embedded with seals that cleaned the pants after he wore them, Naruto knew these were his favorite pair. Slipping them on with ease, Naruto reached for his ankle weights, and slipped them onto his ankles, securing their place with a chakra latch he had created designed for the amount of weight he had placed onto them. Upon his feet were ordinary black shinobi sandals, though there were minute holes within the soles that allowed him to channel chakra to his feet and create invisible but deadly spikes at any time he chose. Tying his hitai-ate on his head with the forehead protector to the right (as Zabuza had) Naruto had made his way down to the kitchen where Iruka was making breakfast. Normally, Naruto would make his own breakfast in the mornings, as Iruka had to go to the Academy earlier in the morning than he would wake up but, as it was the day of the finals, Iruka said he wanted to make Naruto breakfast so he could do his best.

Entering the kitchens, Naruto took a whiff as he placed his sandals by the door-Iruka didn't allow shoes on in the kitchen- and slightly drooled at the smell of his adoptive father's cooking. A grin on his face, Naruto sat down at his place at the table, just as Iruka had placed Naruto's breakfast.

"Ohayou, tou-san," Naruto greeted, having gotten himself into the habit of referring to his Academy Instructor as such.

"Ohayou, Naruto. Did you sleep well?" Iruka greeted his son back, talking as he grabbed his own plate and sat at the table.

"Yep, I sure did! That bed is really comfy." Naruto replied, speaking the truth. While the bed back at his apartment was quite comfortable, there was something about the bed Iruka had gotten for him that just made him sleep like the dead, and as far as Naruto knew, the only way he could sleep like the dead was if he was dead exhausted, which really didn't happen.

"That's good. Are you ready for the finals?" Iruka asked him, taking a bite out of his rice with his chopsticks.

"Of course!" Naruto replied, though it wasn't with the type of voice Naruto would have said when he was actually this age years ago. "I'm going to kick his ass out to next year!" Inwardly, he was thinking about the irony of facing Neji; both of them were on superior levels to what they should be, as both of them were from the future, being some of the Hangyaku's finest shinobi. It would certainly be an interesting match.

"Naruto!" Iruka scolded, though amusement and mirth were clear in his eyes. "You shouldn't speak so rudely."

"While that may be true," Naruto began, a fox-like smile appearing on hiss face, "that doesn't mean I won't!"

Iruka only sighed at Naruto's antics, and for that, Naruto smiled. This was the type of life he wished he could have lived way back then, when he was a true citizen of Konoha.

The rest of the meal went about the two laughing and smiling about random topics and such, until Naruto looked at the clock and sighed.

"I guess I have to get the rest of my things together before I leave," Naruto explained to Iruka, who had looked curiously at him; after all, the finals didn't start for another hour, and he still had another twenty minutes or so before he actually had to leave.

"So you have more things to put on? By the looks of it, you have plenty." Iruka asked with a small smirk on his face, which Naruto just rolled his eyes at. The first time Naruto had worn his new clothing, Iruka had complained about how little he was wearing. This clearly was a jab at him for that.

"Bah! I just need to put on my forearm protectors, put on my gloves, tie my kunai pouch on and seal a pillow into my seals so I have something for my nap!" A mischievous smile appeared on Naruto's face as he thought about how Nara-like he was in that respect. He had to hand it to Shikamaru, though, if it wasn't for him, he probably wouldn't have known about the wonders of naps under a slightly cloudy sky.

Watching his adoptive father roll his eyes, Naruto's smile merely grew. Leaving the kitchen, Naruto could hear Iruka muttering about 'naps' and 'bloody Nara's being too damn influential' and laughed out loud, causing Iruka to mutter even more.

Entering back into his room, Naruto walked to his nightstand and strapped on his forearm protectors. While it didn't seem more than forearm warmers, the forearm protectors had been crafted of the same material as his pants and vest were, but were the same bluish-white color the stripes on his pants. Even more, they had miniscule seals hand-sewn into them, allowing them to withstand the damaging and forcefulness of his wind chakra, and on other occasions, Kyuubi's chakra. Thinking about the Kyuubi made him stop for a moment in sadness, but he continued on, knowing that the Kyuubi would give him an earful for being so sappy. Smirking slightly, Naruto pulled his fingerless gloves on, also being made of the same material as his forearm protectors securing them with the same chakra clasps he had on his ankle weights; he didn't want to risk destroying his hands, for what good would a puppeteer be if they couldn't use their hands?

Strapping on his black kunai pouch, he made his way back to the entrance of the kitchen, slipping into his sandals just as Iruka finished the last of the dishes. Looking up from the sink, Iruka smiled at Naruto.

"You ready to go, Naruto?" Iruka queried lightly, a knowing smile on his face.

"You bet I am!" Naruto exclaimed, truly getting excited for the finals. He really was looking forward to battling against Neji and seeing how far he had come since Neji had gone back to the past.

Walking to the front door of the house, Naruto waited for Iruka, who came down the hallway soon after Naruto. Nodding to his adoptive father, Naruto opened the front door and stepped out of the house; the sky was blue, and there were fluffy clouds just waiting for Naruto to gaze at once he was finished with his match. A serene smile came onto his face: he was going to have a very nice nap today. Behind him, Naruto could hear Iruka chuckling as he locked up the house, but that didn't bother him.

"Let's go, Naruto. I'll walk with you part of the way." Iruka said, and Naruto nodded, walking alongside Iruka as they made their way through on the main road of the village.

As the two of them strolled, Naruto knew the villagers were staring at him, and not just because of hate; he knew their first reaction was to glare at him venomously because he was the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune, but blinked as they saw what most likely was the reincarnation of the Yondaime Hokage with only a few differences, such as his eyes being slightly larger than his father's almond shaped ones. Other than that, though, there weren't really that many differences between himself and his father.

Glancing around, he looked ahead and saw Sakura and Sasuke a little ways ahead of them. As if they noticed someone staring at them, they both looked back at him at the same time. Now, while that would normally freak out most people (such as Iruka who was standing right beside him) he wasn't affected by it at all; he was the one that had taught them how to do that in the first place.

A smile lit Sakura's face as Naruto walked up to her, and Naruto noticed that Sakura and Sasuke were wearing their new clothes as well. Sasuke's was somewhat similar to his own, differences being that he just wore a tank-top, there weren't any other colors on his clothes besides black, and his hitai-ate was placed on his forehead with the protector facing straight out. Sakura, on the other hand, probably had the more diverse outfit; she wore a sleeveless top that had fishnet stripes on the side, and was an emerald green in color, bringing out her own eyes (the shirt was obviously made out of the sane silk-wool combination). She was wearing a pair of shorts (also made of the silk-wood combination) that hugged her legs nicely, yet were loose, giving a full range of movement. And while Naruto and Sasuke were wearing black shinobi sandals, Sakura was wearing heels similar to what Tsunade wore and her hitai-ate* was tied around her neck.

"Looking good," Sakura greeted, saying hello to her Academy Instructor when she saw him. Naruto chuckled slightly at that.

"You're not looking too bad there either, Sakura." Naruto complimented before nodding at Sasuke, who gave a nod of his own in reply.

"Well, it looks like I better get going then," Iruka said, smiling at Naruto, who gave a large grin in return.

"I'll tell ya all about it when I get back tonight, 'ttebane!" Naruto replied, slipping into his mother's way of speaking unconsciously. Whispers started spreading among the villagers as Iruka blinked, looking shocked.

"What's the matter, tou-san?" Naruto asked, tilting his head to one side. Out of the corner of his eyes, he knew Sakura and Sasuke were curious, though they weren't obvious about it.

"Oh, sorry Naruto," Iruka replied, blinking again, "it's just that you sounded a lot like Kushina-sama for a moment." Naruto blinked at this himself.

"Like kaa-san?" Naruto asked, his head tilting to the side again. He heard the whispers spread, even faster this time, and inwardly smirked; today was just getting better and better.

"K-kaa-san?" Iruka asked with a stutter. "S-she's your mother? But- but if she's your mother, then that means your father is…" Naruto watched as Iruka looked at him with wide eyes. Naruto winked, which left Iruka, and most of the now gathered crowd, gaping.

"I'll see you later, tou-san," Naruto told Iruka as if he just hadn't revealed an enormous S-Class secret. It was always so much fun to cause mayhem. Looking to his teammates, he nodded to them. "Let's get moving; we don't want to be late, after all." Naruto smiled at his two teammates before continuing on to the arena, thinking of what today would bring. A slow smirk appeared upon his face, making those who look at him make a double-take as they thought they saw the ghost of the Yondaime. Today would be fun indeed.

And with that thought in mind, Naruto led his two teammates into the arena.


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