Out of an extinct race will rise two warriors
One a pure-hearted defender of justice
One a bloodthirsty seeker of power
They will fight side-by-side to save the universe
One fighting to save for the sake of love
One fighting to save for pride and honor
The first will walk into eternity
The second will end his life in peace

The race from which these warriors came will be restored
They will rise to defend the universe from evil
Under the guidance of the last survivor
He will be redeemed of his transgressions
And will be allowed to rest in peace at last

The Supreme Kai rolled the ancient scroll and reverently returned it to its place in the prophetic archives. He sighed, knowing exactly what this one meant. One of his ancestors, generations ago had written this prophecy and it was his duty to see that it was fulfilled. None of them were set in stone; no, it was the responsibility of each Supreme Kai to set them into motion when the time was right. Failure to do so could have dire consequences for the universe.

"It seems it is time to visit an old friend," he said lightly as he approached his elder, who was sitting under a tree reading his favorite comic book. His mood didn't match his tone, but he was determined to convince himself what he was about to do was, in fact, a good decision.

The elder kai looked up from his comics with a sly smile. "Well, you'd better hurry up if you're going to go through with this. He's just died and King Yemma will condemn him soon."

The younger kai's eyes bulged when he heard that piece of information. "He's dead? Oh, no! I'm going to be too late!" Without another word, he disappeared, only to reappear in front of King Yemma's table just as the one in question was stepping up to be judged.

"Next!" King Yemma shouted, not noticing the commotion down below.

The Supreme Kai closed his gaping mouth after a few seconds, regaining his composure before speaking to the man standing in front of him with an impatient expression on his angular features. "You – you still have your body!"

"How observant," came the predictable snide remark. "Have you come all the way here just to tell me what I already know?"

Kibitoshin groaned quietly and slid his hand down across his face. He knew dealing with the last prince of the saiyans was not going to be much fun. Despite having the ultimate authority over the entire universe, the dead mortal still wouldn't show him the proper respect. And sadly, he didn't have the power to put the saiyan in his place. He just wasn't strong enough.

"Yes, well," he said before clearing his throat to start fresh, "I've come to tell you that you are being granted a new life. Actually, you will be made immortal as you are to be the guardian of the new Vegeta-sei."

Vegeta's eyebrow raised as his arms crossed over his chest. He resented not being given a choice in the matter. He decided long ago that he did not want to be immortal as he had when he was still a young man. He welcomed death, even if it meant going to hell, so he would not have to suffer alone anymore. Now here he was, being thrust into a position he did not ask for and wasn't sure he wanted. Besides, what new Vegeta-sei? His planet was destroyed almost three centuries ago along with the rest of his race. Every saiyan was dead now that he had died.

"And what makes you think I'll accept this offer?" he asked tersely.

"What is going on down there?" King Yemma growled, leaning over his table to see what the hold-up was. He did not appreciate anyone holding the line up. When he saw who was standing there, though, he immediately found a new supply of patience. "Supreme Kai! What brings you to this part of Otherworld?"

Kibitoshin turned to look up at the giant god and gestured toward Vegeta as he replied, "This one is not going to stay here, King Yemma. I am personally giving him an immortal life so that he may become a guardian of his own planet."

King Yemma was flabbergasted when he saw who the Supreme Kai was talking about. He would never forget that soul, no matter how many millennia passed. "Vegeta?" he bellowed.

"Yes, and I will need a list of all the saiyans in hell so that some may be revived to populate Vegeta's planet," Kibitoshin continued.

Vegeta growled and grabbed the kai by his collar and pulled him down to eye level. "Look here, kai," he spat angrily, "I do not want to be a guardian of anything. Just let me go to hell and leave me alone!"

"I'm sorry, but I can't do that. A prophecy written by one of my ancestors clearly states that you will be the guardian of your warrior race. You will be its guardian and you will teach your people to fight for justice, thereby redeeming yourself so that you can go to heaven when you are ready," Kibitoshin stated firmly. He pulled himself free of the shocked saiyan and took a step back, smoothing out his rumpled clothes.

The saiyan looked down at his hands and then back up at the kai standing in front of him. His eyes softened considerably as he nodded dumbly. "I will be allowed into heaven?" he asked softly.

The Supreme Kai was astounded by the vulnerability the saiyan showed. He could tell he had changed greatly over the years since they last met. He was still hot-headed, stubborn, and proud, but he was able to express some emotion without immediately covering it. Maybe there was hope for him, after all, if he could go from threatening to docile so quickly. Perhaps he had greater control over himself than he originally displayed.

"Yes, Vegeta," Kibitoshin said, "After you have redeemed yourself through your people, you will be allowed to go to heaven for eternity."


Kibitoshin smiled when he heard the whispered name of the saiyan's lover who died over two hundred years earlier. Indeed, there was hope for this blackened soul if he was able to love another so strongly. He knew that after the Buu fiasco Vegeta had changed, even being considered good enough by the Namekian dragon Porunga to be restored to life a second time. Now it was time for the proud prince to complete his transformation so he could be reunited with his loved ones forever.

"Come," Kibitoshin commanded gently, "Let us journey to your new planet. I will bring your people soon, after I have chosen them based on their behavior in hell. I must tell you this now, though: You are not to let them know who you are. You must guide them not as their monarch, but as their guardian. Do you understand?"

Vegeta shrugged and looked away. He knew he should be filled with pride. His race, his elite warrior race, was being restored! He would be their guardian, able to watch over them and see them grow into a great empire once again. But all he could think about was the length of the wait before he could see Bulma. It would take centuries to make up for his sins. His hands were covered in the blood of billions of lives. Still, he was determined to redeem himself, no matter how long it would take, so that he could finally be with her again. He didn't care what rules he had to follow to obtain his goal.

"Where exactly is this new Vegeta-sei?" Vegeta asked after a few minutes.

"Exactly where the old one was," Kibitoshin answered as he put his hand on the saiyan's shoulder, ready to teleport them to the planet. "It was made to be an exact replica of the old."

Hardly before the last word of his sentence was uttered, they found themselves in a new location. It was nighttime on a planet with a higher gravity than where they had just been. The air was balmy and filled with the sweet scents of desert flowers. Overhead was a black, velvety blanket speckled with thousands of shining stars and two glowing moons. Vegeta immediately recognized the constellations he hadn't seen since he was a young boy and had to fight back tears.

"I'm really home," Vegeta mumbled to himself as he looked around. Home. That was a word he hadn't used since Frieza destroyed it three hundred years ago.

"Welcome to the new Vegeta-sei, Kami," Kibitoshin said warmly as he stepped back to allow the saiyan to reacquaint himself with the planet he hadn't seen since he was five years old. As he spoke, he ignited new life in the prince's dead body, restoring him to his perfect, youthful form.

Vegeta turned to see the kai, a faint but sincere smile on his lips. His eyes gave all the thanks the kai needed before he turned again and gazed up at the clear night sky, hardly able to believe it was real. If Bulma were there, he would have thought he already was in heaven. His tail twitched behind him slowly as he lost himself in his memories.

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