When she walked in my life

Matt Olsen & Will Vandom story!

Chapter 1: the new girl

[Will's thoughts]

Here I am in front of a new School in a totally new city [oh joy] I say goodbye to my mom then stare at the school sign "Sherifield what kind of name is that?" I say then when I look at the kids running inside I remember it's raining and I'm totally late for my first class.

I run inside only to find all the hall ways are empty I read my scale see where I was should go and I'm heading to my worst subject "History" I sign then run to that class sure enough I found it but something tells me that I'm going to be moan for being late; I knock and the Teacher says "come in" I take a deep breath then open then to find several eyes on me.

Not to mention the annoyed face of the teacher, man he gives me shivers ok not the best way to start the school year he frowns then says "well young lady your late where's your papers" I hand my forms he checks them carefully then he looks at me saying "welcome Miss. Vandom and take a sit" he points to the middle of the class, I walk pass some kids then sat down and barded my head in my arms.

I had a feeling someone was staring at me, but I don't look up cause I just want to get out of this class and head to a better class with least staring kids.

[Matt's thoughts]

I'm sitting in my first class and kids are already talking some are still coming, I see one of the popular girls Cornelia Hale and her friend Eylon they were part of a group they were just as popular as I'm a lead Singer of a band Called Wreck. 55; anyway Cornelia and her group may be popular and all but they were so down to earth.

Suddenly the Teacher enters the class with a frown on his face, everyone sat in their seat and I couldn't help but notice an empty desk next to me; I knew that only meant one thing a new kid was coming [oh joy]. He starts he's boring lecture about the Holocaust, I start writing songs in my note book when suddenly a knock is heard, Mr. C. [Mr. Collins] tells them to come in and when the door open my eyes widened.

A girl entered and she was totally hot cause I felt my mouth hang open, if Cornelia didn't whisper that my mouth was hang on the floor I would have made a total fool of myself. She is so different from any girl in our school cause having been friends with Cornelia and her crew I won't know every girl but that was be sides the point.

I pulled myself together then watched as she gave Mr. C. her forms then he welcomed her and pointed to the desk next to mine and Cornelia; she nodded then head to the desk, she sat down and immediately threw her arms on the desk then bared her face in it. I had no idea why I was staring at her for so long but I couldn't help but admire her short red hair just touching her shoulders, the vanilla colored skin, and her way of clothing as a tom-boy it was totally something Matt was not expecting from a girl.

Guess she just wants to be different and hates being the center of attention well that would be a problem as everyone is noticed in this School; so I went back to writing my song but I only found that my mind went blank thanks to the hot red head next to me. I turn to look at her and find she's doodling in her note book. When the bell rang she threw her book in her bag then ran for the door after four other kids.

When I slowly got out of the class I got a pat on my back, I turn to see Cornelia and Elyon with smirks on their faces. Then Cornelia says "having a crush on the new girl are we Matt" I roll my eyes then hear Eylon say "so when are you going to ask her out?"

They really annoying I remind myself why I'm friends with girls; [because you're friends like them] a voice in my head says then I lean forward to their faces "I don't even know her and it's non of your business"

I lean back seeing their surprised faces then I turn and walk away to find the cute red head and ask what her name is.

[Will's thoughts]

I'm in front of my locker opening it and putting my books in it and pulling the ones I need for my next boring Class, although I heard they had a swimming pool and sometimes does P.T. there; when I heard this I almost jumped up and down but controlled myself before I looked like a freak.

I finally got my last book out and closed my locker, when I came face to face with a boy a pretty hot boy; I blushed a little and he seemed to notice has he smirked at me. I held my books to my chest trying to calm myself down as my heart felt like it was about to jump out of it. He held out his hand and I just stared at him for a few seconds when he said "hi nice to me you, I haven't seen you here before I' m Matt Olsen"

Now my heart really was close to jumping out of me, I smiled shaking his hand then said "I'm Will Vandom and yeah I'm new just started today"

He let go of my hand and for some reason I wished he hadn't, yet he smiled then offered to help me to my next class; we walked through the hall ways and for some reason almost every girl glared at me [like what the hell!] then I heard one of the guys ugly ones at that called me "Willhelma" I feel my face turn red and I stop turning to him saying "don't ever call me that my name is Will!" I just storm off after I see several kids stare at me then I notice that Matt ran up to me then stopped me.

"So what was that all about? I hope you know those guys back there are the school bullies" he says confused

I feel like this year is going to be hell, but if I'm friends with Matt, Cornelia and the other girls in her group it might not be so bad. I needed to know who I should be friends with and who to just avoid like the school bullies.

"So can I ask you something?" a say to him

"Sure what" he replies

"When we walked along the hall ways, why did all the girl just glare at me" I say

He laughed then stares at me for a few seconds then answered "cause I don't usually hang out with new kids usually girls except Cornelia and them so they just jealous"

"Then why are you hanging are me?" I find myself asking him this

He leans forward close to my face so he can whisper in my ear, my body freezes as he came this close to me then I heard him say "cause you're different" then he pulls away leaving me frozen I completely forgot that when he was whispering in my ear I held my breath, I breath out then turn around saying "I…I got to get to my next class" I walk ahead again without looking back then head into the class to a seat in the middle and find myself baring my face in it again with the thought of his skin just slightly touching mine when he whispered in my ear.

And what did he mean by "I'm different" was it good or bad and how did that guy know my full name [man, school stinks and so does that stupid name of mine] what I failed to notice was Matt was in the same class and was sitting behind me at least were in English I like it cause I was good at it unlike Math's and History but I can't wait till P.T. cause we're doing swimming my best thing in the world.

To be continued…

How you like it, I did one love story now I want to try it again so tell me what you think!