When she walked in my life

A Matt Olsen and Will Vandom Story!

Chapter 11: the year dance & the future they made of it!


It's Sunday morning and I start to wake up the sun is shining through my window meaning it will be a hot day; I think maybe I should go shower first then wake up Will. Just as I start to get up something holds me down I look down and just then my eyes widen as I see Will lying next to me with her arms around my waist she pulls her body closer to mine.

Maybe she came in the middle of the night after going to the bathroom or she sleep walks either way this doesn't look good because I'm shirtless and only in my boxes and will is in her sleeping shorts and a T-shirt wrapped around me. I hope mom doesn't come in on us please anything but that.

I try to wake Will up by shacking her by her shoulders, but she still asleep so I think of the next thing to do pour my glass of water on her I know she'll hit me or worse but us in the bed together is not good not on my part at least.

"AHH…what the hell!" she screams letting go of me then sits up straight with water poured on her head dripping down her top; she turns around and sees me with the cup in my hand her checks redden. "Matt what's wrong with you? why are you in my room?" she yells I just stare at her then put the cup back on my side table and look at her.

"you mean my bedroom, and I had to cause you wouldn't wake up" I say she looks around the goes red in embarrassment also seeing me in nothing but my boxes lying next to me in my bed.

"Oh my gosh, I must of forgotten which room was the Guest room I'm sorry Matt I better leave" she says getting out the bed and run out my door. I head out my bed then get some cloths out my draw then head to the bath room, I head inside then take my cloths off and began to wash myself by the time I'm finished I put a towel around my waist then put on a shirt and pants then use the towel that was around my waist to dry my hair before walking out the bathroom only to see Will still red with embarrassment and quickly went inside the bathroom leaving me with a smirk on my face for some reason.

I sit down stairs and see that dad and mom went out probably to church I slept in late so I missed out on it but I'm glad they left me if they saw me and Will they probably kill me or get the wrong idea. I made two cups of coffee and made flapjacks for us the time Will came down and saw the food she completely forgot what happened and ate her food in minutes I was surprised that she could finish food up so fast but took her time with the coffee.

"Do you always eat that fast?" I asked

"not always but I am hungry again I'm sorry for waking up in your bed" she said looking at her half cup of coffee; I put my hand on her one making her look up and smile at her "don't worry about it now you know what it feels like waking up with water poured on you" I say pulling my hand away then take out plates to the kitchen and our cups.

"So what are we going to do today?" she asks

"Well I was going to take you to the mall" I say looking back at her leaning on the kitchen counter.

"Why? I thought guys hated shopping" she says

"well I was hopping you go with me to the end of the school dance" I say looking away from her "you mean…oh Matt of course I'll go with you" she says just then she kisses me when she pulls back and look at me with happiness.

"I need to buy a tux and you need a dress maybe we can ask Cornelia and the girls to go with you to find a dress and Nigel and I look for tuxes" I say she smiles then grabbed my hand pulling me out the house all the way to the Mall when we reach it I call Nigel and she call the girls.

After a few minutes they arrived and we go looking for outfits Nigel and I have dates to our surprise Eric asked Hay-Lin and she almost jump on him with excitement well that what he said and Peter was going with Cornelia even Irma gave Martin a chance Eylon was going with this guy named Caleb from outside School.

The guys were finding there perfect tuxes as well as the girls were searching for the dress of their dreams to go with there guys to the last dance of the year. What I hear is girls and guys have their first night together I worry if this dance will make Will and I do it.

"So what did Taranee say when you asked her?" I ask Nigel who is helping me with my Tux as he found his "she totally went pale almost fainting but said yes it was so cool" he replies I laugh at the idea of Tara fainting after Nigel asked.

"what did Will say when you asked her?' he asks me as we go pay for our tuxes "let's put it this way she almost fell over herself after I said it then kissed me" I say I told Nigel about what happened to me and Will and he was shocked and he told me that maybe we might get just that far [I always told Nigel everything he was my best friend and I told everything to him] but I wished I never told him but of course he would brag about this for a while until the dance was over most likely.

We met up with the girls and they had bags with them tonight was the dance and I was way excited about it also Will was heading home so she told me her mom would drop her off just to surprise me which I can't wait.

We all get ready and I asked Dad if he could drop me ten minutes before it started which was at 6:00 sharp he agreed I put my black tux on with a white tie then gel my hair back into a old fashioned style then look at my self noticing I look cool I turn to see it's 5:50 P.M. then dad and I get in the car and drive to the car when we reach the school I see my friends Peter, Nigel and Eric in Silver, navy blue and black tuxes with ties. We stand by the school hall room waiting for our princess I even see Martian in a navy blue tux with his hair spiked up in a cool style which Irma will like.

It's finally 6:00 and I see Cornelia come first in a baby pink dress in high hills and her hair tied into a half bun well the rest was loss for once I admit she looked pretty Peter was lost for words. Irma was the next in a baby blue flowing dress tied with one strap and high hills and a white rose on the side of her hair well she had her hair straightened making her looking like Corny's

Martin greeted her and bowed which she laughed and took his arm; Hay-Lin came in this black and white Chinese dress touching her ankles and her hair in two buns with white ribbons and high hill shoes Eric's mouth fell open but she simply closed it like when I saw Will in her swim suit for the first time.

Taranee and Eylon came in the same car when Nigel saw her he almost fell over she wore this red dress with a rose clip in her hair and earrings and high hills well Eylon wore this green dress like in those movies with Princess and even curls it making her look so much like those ladies in the movies. My friend went inside and I saw Caleb the boy that is Eylon date wore a brown tux I look back to the drive in and see Will's car arrive when her door opens my eyes widen and my mouth falls to the ground and no one was here to tell me or put it up she slowly makes her way to me.

She wore this dark purple dress with her hair tied back leaving two pieces of hair in the front she wore these high hills that wrap around your ankles and make up to make her look more like a woman. She stopped in front of me and both of us look down not knowing what happens next.

"you look Great Matt" she says now looking at me and I look at her admiring the new her and taking in her new change of cloths just for the dance; "you look beautiful I say then hold out my arm she gladly takes it then both of us walk in only for our friends to stare at us with awe faces making her feel nervous.

To I take her to the dance floor then hold her one hand putting her other on my shoulder well I hold her by the waist pulling her closer to me till we inches apart.

"Matt I…I don't know how to dance" she says which makes me pull her even closer

"Then I'll show you" I say and if on cue they play the song [can I have this dance?] how fitting as I spin her around and we dance to the words.

Take my hand, I'll take the lead

And every turn will be safe with me

Don't be afraid, afraid to fall

Cause you know I'll catch you through it all

And you can keep…

Even a thousand miles

Can't keep us apart

Cause my heart

Cause my heart is

Wherever you are

It's like catching lighting

The chances of finding

Someone like you

It's one in a million

The chances of feeling

The way we do

And with every step together

We just keep on getting better

So can I have this dance?

Can I have this dance?

Can I have this dance?

Can I have this dance?

Can I have this dance?

When the song was finished Will had learned the dance and didn't want to stop I spun her again her dress flowed as she turned I noticed my friends had joined us on the dance floor and we were lost in our moment with our girls.

I stare at Will as we dance and I feel like this year has gone so fast and now it was the end and I could help but smile at the fact Will and I had so much problems that we faced them and tonight was the night I planed to show her how much she meant not by a song or letting her stay over or even a passionate kiss I was going to give her something to show her what she meant to me and what we been through this year.

The song that was playing was Right here, Right now; was this planed out for us or was this my lucky night with Will. by the time this song finished we made our way to the drink table then Will walked outside for air when I brought out the drinks I saw Will spinning around looking at the starry sky that when she stop to look at me the dream of her was staring at me and now I realize it was this night that I've been dreaming of.

I give her the drink as we sit on the bench outside looking at the sky the wind was so light to perfect that I looked down and Will was staring at me smiling as she put her empty cup down I do the same and we stare into each others eyes just smiling.

"Can you believe the year is over already?" I asked

"Not yet, I just can't believe we made it through this year and it still feels like the first day I walked in the school" Will says looking at the sky

"truth is when I first saw you I couldn't take my eyes off you and when you came out that car I swore I saw an angel" I say she blushes and I just laugh "Matt you know I'm just like all the other girls here" she says making me stop laughing then smirk.

"No you not, you're way better and that's way I love you" I say she looks down at her dress I put my hand in hers then when she looks up I kiss her and she returns it and soon we making out; I pull away then stand up and extend my hand and she takes it.

"Where are we going Matt?" she asks

"To my place I got something for you" I say and she smiles, we walk to my place then when we head to my room she goes to my bed well I lock the door so mom doesn't bug us or asks why Will is here at 9:00 at night.

"Matt what is it you wanna give me" she says taking her shoes off cause it's probably hurting her. I go to my side table then stand in front her and take her hand. She looks scare and wondering at the same time. "Will we been together for a year now and I just want to thank you for being the first girl to change me for the best and now I feel that I have the chance to show you what you mean to me" I say putting a silver bracelet with [W& M Forever] written on it I see her pull it towards her to look at it and just before I knew it she pulls me in a hug.

"Oh Matt I love it, you planed this didn't you" she says pulling me on the bed to sit next to her well holding my hand "well I didn't plan for those song to play tonight but yeah the rest I planed just for you" I say

"then here's my thank you" Will says before pushing me back wards on my bed and lays on me looking down at me as her hands press against my chest; she pulls her hair out into her normal short hair now touching her shoulders. Then I turn over so she is laying on the bed with me on her, she smiles at me as my hands put hers above her head and entwining our fingers.

I lean forward and kiss her, she returns it with so much passionate like she's been waiting for this it wasn't long when both of us are lying on the bed just in our underwear, Will's heart is beating so fast as she lays on my chest running her fingers on my chest well mine was running around her back.

"I'm happy Matt" she suddenly says looking up at me

I look down at her "me too, I wish this moment could last forever" I say then kiss her; not long do we fall asleep lying in each other arms.

{7 years later}

Will and I are living it this pent house in California near the beach we finished school three years ago and now I'm a rock star with my band from high school playing everywhere around Nigel and Taranee got Married and so did Cornelia and Peter, Eric and Hay-Lin have a child and as for Irma she meat the guy of her dream and they engaged as of Eylon she is single but is a teacher for dance classes.

Can you believe it as for me and Will of course we married we got married after Nigel and Taranee; Will is a professional swimmer and couch for young swimmers; our lives are busy but we still make time to have fun and have our alone time.

Will grew her hair till it reached the middle of her back and had the figure like her mom maybe better, my hair grew till my shoulders and I wore better and cooler cloths. I love how our life got the way it should be.

My best girlfriends I haven't seen them in ages but I hear Hay-Lin is an artist in Paris {wow} Taranee became a layer like her dad in Heatherfield cause there was only one which was her dad, Cornelia owns her own flower shop in New York as for Irma she became a designer in a fashion shows that's how she met her guy who takes photos of the models and at times of Irma.

I'm stand on our balcony looking at the sunset when I feel two arms around my waist I know it's Will; "hey baby" I say

"hey yourself what you thinking about?" she asked now standing next to me I put my arm around her waist as we stand leaning on the balcony watching the sunset "how perfect our lives have been" I reply

"Funny I never thought I ever met a guy at Sherifield and marry him and now we living our dreams and our friends are living theirs" she said I look at her and she smiles

"You know what Will" I say

"What?" she asks raising an eyebrow?

"I think I liked you with short hair" I say and in return she hits me on the arm and smirks "well I liked it when I could push you in the pool"

"oh now you going to get it" I say as I chase her through our house jumping over the couches and the bed then I grab her and pull her into a hug holding her by the waist and kiss her she put her hands on my chest and we stay like this for a well.

"You're my world Matt and I'm glad you're in the future I was afraid you wouldn't be" she says looking in my eyes

"And you're mine and Will" I say

"Yes?" she asks

"I'm glad I found you" at this she laughs remembering my song I smile at her and then walk to the balcony watching the colorful sunset go down; I love her, I love my life and I love where everyone got and who they were with.

The end

Hope it was good!