5 Times Someone Saved Party Poison and One Time They Couldn't

A/N: This one is a little darker than the first one but still ends on a positive note. It mentions an OC but he's mentioned only briefly, though he is pivotal to what is going on in this one shot. I've imbued some of my own views/thoughts on Gerard Way and what he stands for (in my eyes) through Fun Ghoul's words, and I will continue to do it throughout the story. I would also like to mention that Party Poison will be saved in more ways than one, i.e. not only physically saved from danger.

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"He's gone. Nothing more we can do for him now, boys, than give him a proper burial."

Dr. Death Defying sits back up in his wheelchair as Show Pony roller skates next to him, hands clenching and unclenching as he stares at the body on the ground with tears in his eyes. He's the most effeminate out of all of them, even Cherri Cola.

Party Poison takes one more look at the body on the ground before turning on his heel and walking off.

Kobra Kid calls after him and gets only silence.

"You gotta give him some time Kobra. He needs to be alone now and work through things."

Kobra Kid only nods, chest growing tight.

"Where are we gonna bury him?"

When Party Poison doesn't join them for their usual dinner of BL/ind dog kibble crap, Fun Ghoul is the one to go after him.

He has to look for only a few minutes before he spots the flaming red hair in the distance.

He makes sure to approach noisily. Party has developed fast reflexes and wicked hearing and could very well mistake him for a creeping Draculoid trying to get the drop on him.

"Party Poison?"

The Killjoy doesn't turn his head or even acknowledge his presence. He only continues to stare at the setting sun and the un-natural violet haze it creates in the radiation-soaked atmosphere.

Fun Ghoul takes a seat next to his friend.

"I was supposed to keep him safe Fun Ghoul. He was sixteen fucking years old and I was supposed to protect him. I fucked up and the kid ended up paying the price."

The self-deprecation ringing in Party's voice sends chills up Ghoul's spine.

"It wasn't your fault Party. It wasn't any of our faults. The kind of world we're living in is shit and Killjoys don't exactly lead the safest lives around. "

Party Poison just snickers humorlessly and Fun Ghoul decides he'd prefer the self-hating tone to this one that chimes with an undercurrent of barely concealed panic and insanity.

"I should have sent him back when he found us, Ghoul. He was the youngest to have ever escaped from Battery City and I knew they'd come for him. They won't let anyone get away. I should have never let him stay."

Fun Ghoul remembers the first time the young man showed up at the diner, near starved with hunger and thirst, bearing a ray gun burn on his left shoulder. He had collapsed as soon as he'd seen they were Killjoys and not Draculoids. At first, Party Poison had been bent on sending the kid back. They hadn't needed the burden of a child (because that's what he was really, still only a child) on top of everything else.

But he'd grown on Party Poison. He'd grown on all of them.

And now he was lying on the dusty, cracked earth, voice forever silenced.

Fun Ghoul frowns. He doesn't believe in silence. Everything had a voice, a voice that could live on through others. Party Poison had helped him learn that truth, years and years ago.

"He made a choice to stay Party. He would have never left on his own. He wanted to be a Killjoy. None of us could have stopped him from that."

"He didn't need to fucking die!"

"You've never believed that death was the end of anything."

The rising defeat in Party's eyes scares the shit out of Fun Ghoul and he continues, voice growing desperately stronger.

"You can't save everyone Party. We chose you as our leader because you're the strongest out of all of us. I'm not talking about being tough. I'm talking about strength. Even after…after everything got fucked up by the bombs and BL/ind, you refused to give up. You refused to give in, to be silenced, and you convinced us and many others to do the same. You can't change what's happened already. But you can change the outcome and hope to change the world. You used to tell me that all the time. Were you lying all along?"

"Fun Ghoul, I–"

"That kid admired you because he believed everything I've just told you. Are you going to prove him wrong? Are you going to prove all of us wrong?"

Something else rises in Party Poison's eyes then. For a minute, Fun Ghoul thinks that the other Killjoy is going to punch him.

And then he recognizes the emotion for what it is (he hasn't seen it fully in a while).

Utter determination burns in Party's hazel eyes, brighter even than the setting sun.

There is still pain there. There always will be.

But now Party Poison is standing up, reaching to him to help him do the same.


"You're welcome Gee."

A small smile twitches on Party's face as he helps the smaller, younger man off the ground.

Next up: Kobra Kid! Yup, you'll see in what way he saves his brother :)

Also, if anyone would like to take one of these one shots and expand it into a story, I would be excited to hear that!