Misa: Hey everybody how are you doing?

Naruto: Good, but where's-

Misa: She's not doing Summer Camp anymore!

Sakura: So Awesome Ana dropped out of Summer Camp?

Misa: Ding ding we have a winner!

Shikamaru: Can we just continue the story?

Misa: Fine, fine but why are you even in here?

Shikamaru: 'Cause someone told me to watch nine tails over there so he doesn't get into anymore trouble. Naruto is so troublesome!

Misa and Sakura: Now, put your hands together for….

All: Camp Couples (Awesome Ana said to change it from CAMP CRUSHES)!

Last time

Sakura's P.O.V.

"I signed you up for summer camp!" my mom had a giant smile on her face

"THANK YOU MOM! Wait… who's also in the summer camp?" I asked my mom

"I didn't get the e-mail yet but don't worry your friends are in it too!" yelled mom

"I was talking to your friends' moms and they told me that they signed Ino, Tenten, and all your friends for Summer Camp!"

I was so happy but I was wondering, did Iruka-sensei sign Naruto up for this summer camp too? How about Sasuke? Did Itachi sign him up too?

This time Sakura's P.O.V

I dash into my room with the biggest smile I can make plastered on my face. "I'm in Summer Camp and so are you guys!" I yell to Ino and Temari

"Yeah we know!" they chant

"This is going to be the best summer of my-* insert you belong with me by Taylor Swift here*" I pick up my phone

"Hello? Who is this?"

"I'm going to be in Summer Camp with you!"

Uh oh this might be the worst camp of my life! I say to myself. I hang up my phone and drop it on the floor.

"Who was that? Was it Tenten? Sasuke? WHO WAS THAT ON THE PHONE WITH YOU?" Temari asks me

"It was the end of our good times *gulp* because…because… Naruto is going to Summer Camp!" I nearly fainted.


"I'll be right back" I said, walking out of my room. Then I dashed right back down stairs.

Temari's P.O.V

"Why didn't you tell me that Naruto was signed up for Summer Camp?" Sakura yelled to her mom

"First of all, you don't yell to an adult second of all I didn't tell you because I knew that you would freak!" replied

"Well good job trying to hide the fact! Naruto just called me on my cell! I hate you for signing me up!" Sakura replied. As she stomped back up the stairs Ino and I headed back to Sakura's room.

"Wow" Ino stated

"I'm going call Sasuke and tell him about the-"

"What? You're calling who now?" Ino questioned me. No one, the girls who crushed on Sasuke, they still don't believe that I'm dating him (Misa: I know some of you don't like SasuTema, it had to happen 'cause this is a NaruSaku fanfiction).

"Hey guys" Sakura walks in "So what's happening?" I slowly walk out of Sakura's room

"Temari is calling Sasuke and telling him about the fight you had with your mom." Tenten says in her speedy voice

"WHAT?" Sakura says as she runs over to me

"Then, Sakura says to her mom 'Naruto just called me on my cell!'" Out of nowhere, Sakura comes in, takes my phone, then snaps it shut

"Seriously mind your own business!" Sakura yells to me, shoving my phone into my hand

"You're telling your boyfriend this? Stop spying on me!" Sakura states

"What are you telling your boyfriend? Oh yeah, you don't have a boyfriend!" I say to Sakura

"Well I bet that by the end of Summer Camp I will have a boyfriend" Sakura bets

"Oh it's on! It's on like Donkey Kong!" I say to Sakura. Then we shake on it

"I bet that by the end of Summer Camp, your boyfriend will be Naruto!" Ino bets Sakura

"Oh it's on! It's on like Donkey Kong!" Sakura says then they shake on it. This is going to be one heck of a Summer! I think to myself.

Ino's P.O.V

Temari and I were leaving Sakura's house

"Do you guys want a snack before you leave?" asks us

"No thanks we're getting ramen." I say as Temari and I leave Sakura's house and get in my car

"You do know that Naruto always gets ramen at this time" Temari says to me as she checks the time. It was somewhere around 5:40

"I know" I state to Temari. "I have a plan that'll make everybody happy. Even….Naruto happy!"

"I'm liking the way you think right now, what's the plan?" Temari ask me

"Well, when we get to the shop we'll bump into Naruto then tell him that Sakura has a crush on him" I reply to Temari

"But what if Naruto questions us about Sakura having a crush on-"

"Don't worry" I interrupt Temari. "Everything will work out then Sakura will have a boyfriend and we win the bet!" I say to her

"Okay" Temari replies back

*at the ramen shop still in Ino's point of view*

"Are you ready?" I ask Temari

"Yeah" she replies. Then we walk up to Naruto

"Oh, hey Naruto" I say to the nine tails boy

"Hey guys what brings you here?" he replies

"We just wanted to get some ramen and tell you some awesome news that I know you'll like!" I say

"Well what's the news?" Naruto ask us

"Sakura has a…. crush on you!" I whisper in his ear

"Seriously?" Naruto ask us

"Yes she does" Temari answered him

"But I always thought that she ha-"I don't allow Naruto to finish

"That's what she goes, she pretends to hate you to hide the fact that she loves you" Naruto shoots up out of his seat like a rocket taking off

"What should I do?" he asks us

"Well first…. What you do is acted like half Sasuke because she kind of still has feelings for him but I know that you can win her over" I answer him

"Okay" He replies. Then we talk as we eat our ramen. Sakura is really going to be surprised about this. I think to myself. This is going to be a summer we will never forget!

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