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Authors' Notes: Firstly, we know this is after Christmas, but holidays tend to be busy times so... also it's on the short side, as will be the next one. HOWEVER we've got a longer story planned here soon with all sorts of drama and such going down. So belatedly, Merry Christmas everyone.

I'll Be Home for Christmas

Part 10 of the Not Over Yet Series

I am dreaming tonight of a place I love
Even more than I usually do
And although I know it's a long road back
I promise you

This was not ideally how Charissa wanted to spend her Christmas holidays by running from the Government and a part of her deep down a very small part knew it could be stopped. But she couldn't do that, she would never do that. End of story.

So here they were in middle of now where Illinois trying to get away from new Lynch and his people. It was the first time she had been on an actual job with them and it had been fun until the local authorities had decided to turn them in for the profit of it. Money sells now days.

"We're never gonna lose'em guys." B.A. grumbled as he drove his van through snow and sadly without chains, "Come on baby." He whispered to it, patting the dashboard, "Don't kill us." He muttered as he skidded around a corner, his dark knuckles lightening as he gripped the steering wheel tight.

Lynch shook his head as he pursued the A-Team, "Idiots." He muttered, amused they hadn't thought about chains, but then again he hadn't exactly given them time now did he, "Faster.

There's a switchback turn coming up, we'll have them then."

"But sir…"

"Do it."

"Come on, come on." Murdock was urging the vehicle, casting nervous glances between their driver, who seemed white-knuckled against the steering wheel, and Face, who was holding a damp cloth to his forehead. The con-man was pale, coughing a bit. He'd contracted some sort of fever from running naked in the snow while trying to get away from them before he caught up. As it was, he was wrapped in several blankets and whatever warm clothing they were able to grab before they were forced into the mountainous areas.

"How are we doing back there?" Hannibal turned from the front seat where he sat, one hand planted firmly on the dashboard for stability.

"We're doing..." Charissa muttered, shaking her head at Face but then also trying not to laugh. It had been one of the funniest things she had ever witnessed really, "okay, I think." A small hint of a giggle slipped out.

B.A. was still trying to forget the mental image that Sosa found so damned amusing. Now he understood what Murdock had felt like in Hawaii in a way, "Uh oh." He took his foot of the gas suddenly making the van begin to slow but it wasn't enough.

"Why are we slo-"

"Hang on!" B.A. interrupted the woman as he felt his beautiful van begin to fish tail in the snow as they rounded the corner and hit what he feared they were going to sooner or later… a switchback. The van skidded the opposite way and began to slide down the embankment as he tried desperately to keep them from flipping at least. If that happened everyone was walking. As it was, they could dig the van out of snow and he did have chains, which he was mentally cursing himself for having not put on the second it had started snowing.

The CIA came around the corner at a much safer speed, "skid marks in the snow." Lynch pointed with an almost smile crossing his face.

"How did you…"

"Like I said, they're idiots. And now they're mine." He waited until his driver stopped their SUV and stepped out into the cold air with a small shiver, "I hate snow."

Charissa tried to help brace herself and Face in the back as the van slid down the slope and into a wall of snow. She would never look at skiing quite the same way again after doing it in a large van, "Great. They've got us, we've been had." She muttered.

"Maybe. Maybe not." Hannibal was pointing above them. "The wind is picking up and it's getting dark. B.A., turn off those headlights and just let us slide a bit...that way..." he pointed, gesturing for the big man to turn the wheel slightly to guide them. "If we can get far enough down this way, the blowing snow will obscure the tracks and we'll be able to move more quickly once they've lost us."

Face moaned and pressed the cloth to his eyes. He was burning a little.

"Sure thing Bossman." B.A. didn't argue much when Hannibal had a plan that did not involve flying… which was less often than the Sergeant liked. He shifted the wheel and made a small face as his baby gave a bit of a groan in protest to the movement.

In the mean time, Charissa checked Face's temperature and frowned, "Hannibal, we need to get him somewhere before he gets worse. I'm worried, he's really burning up." She didn't like seeing Face like this, one because it wasn't him and two he was the biggest baby ever when sick.

Lynch took his time strolling up to the edge of the small drop off that the van had to have slid over. Behind him men with guns were taking positions to be safe. He had them, he was going to make sure they never got away again, "Send down a team." He directed to one of his upper men.

Instantly a group of six men slowly began to make their way down the small slope.

"Uh oh. They're sendin' someone down here t'find us." B.A. grumbled, this wasn't going to work… they were screwed, but then again he had always been a little pessimistic.

"We just have to make sure they don't." Hannibal pointed out, looking at the door. "Even if we have to get out and push." he glanced back at Charissa and Face. "I'm sorry we can't get somewhere a bit more civilized. We may have to camp out here until they leave." he gestured up the slope at the small crowd.

Face shook his head. "I'll be fine." he tried to settle down, but only coughed more.

Charissa grumbled inwardly but said nothing. Face was being better about it all than she had figured he would be really, but it still didn't take the edge off her worry.

"Relax Girl, Faceman's toughed through worse." B.A. assured her and kept an eye on the men coming down with their guns, "Hmm… I think it's workin' out."

The point man paused and held up his hand in signal to halt their process any further as he scanned the area and frowned very noticeably, "Sir." He spoke into his headset, "I think they made it. There's no sign of them."

"Damnit." Lynch frowned and began to pace. He wasn't as violently upset as his predecessor was, he was calmer on the outside anyways, "Give the area a thorough search." He instructed.

"Yes sir."

B.A. frowned hard as the men began to continue their descent again, "Persistent Fools."

Murdock was itching to get out and do something, but he kept still, waiting for instructions.

Hannibal was well aware of his team's anxiety, but kept silent and calm. "As long as we stay put, and don't attract attention to ourselves, we can stay hidden." he noticed the temperature was dropping slightly in the van and tapped the dashboard. "As soon as they're gone, we have to turn up the heat in here, and get moving." he turned back to Face. "Do either of you have anything with GPS in it? Or can you find out where the nearest service road is?"

B.A. nodded and shifted in his seat, "So glad I got outta this state when I did. Damn snow."

"I have my cell phones." Charissa spoke up and dug into her bag and got them both out, "Hmm. No service on the one…" She gave Face a glance, "Why is it that the phones that you give me always get service every where?" She questioned both in amusement and honest curiosity.

After a moment or two she had the GPS application up and was looking things over, "South from here about five miles."

"Hannibal… they're getting closer." B.A. whined ever so slightly in a nervous manner.

"Bosco, we're gonna be fine." Murdock murmured, though he wasn't sure at all about it. He was shifting back and forth from foot to foot, trying to watch out the back window.

The snow squalls were becoming much more fierce now, and the visibility was nearing zero - especially with the sun having completely vanished from the sky by now.

The point man shook his head, "Sir." He spoke into his direct link to Lynch again, "There's no point to this. Even if they're out here we won't find them in this white shit."

Unfortunately his man was right and Lynch sighed, "Fine. We'll get back on their trail tomorrow." With that he turned back to the car he had been riding in and got back inside.

"Yes! They're giving up." B.A. was almost dancing in his seat.

"I second that burst of enthusiasm." Charissa called up from the back, "Are we actually going to be able to get out of here or are we stuck for the night?"

A hand was ran over B.A. Mohawk as he thought a moment or two, "Well if they get outta here fast enough and maybe Crazy Man and I can slip out and get the chains on…" He glanced to his CO as he left the sentence hanging.

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