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Ch 2:My new home

"Nice of you to wake up Gabriella,"Shanna said, "Now here's what is going to happen. I am giving you to my old lover Alexander. I am telling him you are a slayer and you were planning to kill him, and his friends that live with him. Now, if you tell him I am lying I will kill your parents (oh shoot, not my parents) and a student from school(ok not good) Got it!"

"yes mam," I answered in a whisper. I was still not quite sure about the vampire thing. Though the more details she gave, the more I was starting to believe her and believe that vampries are real. Otherwise she was a lunatic that believed she had a vampire lover, when in reality it was all in her head.

"Good Damon pick her up and follow me," Shanna said to goon number 1. He was muscular with brown hair and hazel eyes. He actually was quite hansom besides the fact he beat me up. He picked me up a little roughly considering my bruises and broken ribs. Suddenly we were moving incredibly fast and I had to close my eyes. By the time we stopped we were at a what I would call a mansion.

Shanna knocked on the door. A girl answered the door. I could not tell if she was human or not.

"Hello Shanna, Are you here to see Alex?," the girl asked politely but I could since the hostility in her voice.

"Of course who else you stupid girl. Now go get your master," Shanna ordered. Hmm I wonder if this girl was a slave too.

"He is not my master. He is my employer Shanna," the girl said rolling her eyes and then flying at a speed to fast for my eyes. Guess that answers the question about if she is a vampire or not and if she is a slave.

"Gosh I never know why you dated that girl Damon. She has way too much attitude," Shanna complained.

"Yes well that was my mistake. I will be taking care of her as soon as she is out of Alexander's protection," Damon answered.

I really didn't like that they were talking to each other as if I'm not even here. I mean they could at least give me more details about vampires. Especially if I am supposed to be some kind of vampire slayer. I mean come on I couldn't even kill Shanna or my father!

"So what are you doing here Shanna?" a silky voice asked. Please don't be hott... Oh damn no such luck!

"I have brought you a gift. And before you say anything about the no human rule in the house you should know who she is," Shanna began. And then she told the lie about me being a slayer. While she told the lie I studied the vampire. He had black short smooth hair with blue eyes that popped out. He wore simple clothing, a t-shirt and jeans. As Shanna progressed with her story his blue eyes turned a stormy grey making me cringe under his anger.

Alexander's POV

As I listened to Shanna tell me how this human slayer planned on slowly and tortuously killing my brother and the servants in front of me before she finally killed me I grew angry. It was hard to believe someone as so pretty and innocent looking as this girl could plan that. She had long wavy brown hair and an olive skin complexion. Her best feature was her green eyes. Even with all the bruises that covered her I could tell she was beautiful.

"So why didn't you just kill her?" I asked. I watched the girl gulp. She didn't really seem like slayer material to me.

"Well I believe death would be much too peaceful for her," Shanna answered, " See I would of tortured her but I don't know how long Damon, Carlos, and I could avoid her blood and since everyone in your mansion has amazing control I figured I'd give her to you," Shanna explained with an evil smile. Weird usually Shanna would of just killed her.

"Very well Damon go put her in the guest room. And don't touch her besides setting her on the bed. She needs to recover so I can deal with her without killing her," I said in an emotionless tone. I watched the girl's olive complexion pale to almost my color.

Damon ran off to the guest room. When he came back, I thanked Shanna even though I couldn't stand her and then had Mindy show them the way out. I then went to the guest room to look at my prize.

When I entered the room, I heard the sniffling. The girl who was probably a few years younger than me was laying flat on the bed crying. As she looked up and saw me she began shaking.

"What are you going to do to me?" she said so quietly that a human would have not heard her.

"Well first tell me your name," I stated coldly.

"Gabby," she whimpered.

"Well Gabby this is what is going to happen after you recover you will become my slave. You will do the cleaning, cooking, and anything else I may require. Though I am a vampire for the most part I live like modern males so you will not have to worry about not knowing how to do things. If you do not do this, you will be punished," I explained with no emotion in my voice.

Her whimpering now turned into full crying. I did not understand why she had suddenly got so upset. I had not threatened to kill her or anything. She looked like she was ready to faint.

"Why are you crying?" I asked a little more angrily then I meant to.

"You….you said you will punish me sir," she said quietly. Her head still down.

"Yes you are my slave that is what happens when they misbehave, " I said still confused.

Then I really focused on her. I saw the multiple bruises, cuts, and broken ribs. And I knew what she thought I meant by punishing., She thought I was going to beat her like Shanna did. Even though this girl had planned the same thing for me and my friends I could never hit a girl. Shanna had made me angry plenty of times and I never laid a hand on her.

"Gabby calm down. When I say punish you, I mean take away some meals or put you in the dungeon for the night. You are not going to be beat or whipped," I said in a somewhat softer voice.

"Really?" she asked hiccupping. She seemed to be deciding if she wanted to believe me or not.

"Yes really even though you would of done it to me I will show you some mercy. Now get some rest so you can begin your life as my slave," I said harshly. I could not let her see weakness.

"Yes sir," she said a little louder.

I walked out of the room and slammed the door shut. I was furious at myself. She made me so soft. I felt like I had to protect her not punish her. But I had to remember what she planned. She is going to be my slave and she will be respectful to me no questions asked!

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