So I have no excuse but so sorry for the long wait. This is the epilogue. It kind of leaves some questions in case I ever want to do a sequel. I just would like to thank all my readers and reviewers for sticking with me while I wrote this story. It was a journey for all of us!

Gabby's POV

I couldn't believe the peace I had found in my life. My friends were all for the most part happy. Rob and Mindy were officially engaged and set to be married next year. My mom and Peter were now publically dating as were Kyle and Ellie. Cynthia and Sam were the happiest I had ever seen them. And Carlos and Jenna were on their honeymoon in Greece!

As for me, I was the happiest I had ever been. Alex laid next to me on our bed. His messy black bangs hung in his eyes. His eyes closed in a peaceful sleep. I brushed the hair from his eyes. His scar still stood on his head. I lightly ran my finger over it. He opened his eyes and smiled as he saw me. He leaned over and gave me a sweet kiss on the lips.

"Good morning sweetie," Alex said.

"Good morning," I replied my fingers still tracing his scar.

"Ready to go downstairs I believe Mindy and Rob is making some breakfast. Or Rob is trying too," I told Alex with a smile.

"Sounds great,"Alex said.

When we got downstairs, we found a sight we were getting used too. Mindy and Rob making out on the table the food pushed to the one side. I cleared my throat and they jumped apart only slightly embarrassed.

"I see you guys are having fun," Alex said with a smirk.

"Whatever we weren't the ones that kept everyone up last night," Rob said giving us a pointed look. I blushed.

"Yes well we can't help it we just love each other so much" Alex said kissing my cheek. I smiled at him squeezing his hand.

"So I heard your mother and Peter are planning on going on a cruise soon," Mindy replied a few minutes later when we had sat down to eat our eggs and toast.

"Yeah they are thinking the Caribbean. My mom always wanted to go there but of course Dan wouldn't let her," I told them sadly.

"Is there any new news about Daniel?" Rob asked.

"Nothing really just them him and Shanna are still missing," Alex replied, "I'm hoping they aren't together"

"Don't worry your girlfriend can take them, if they are dumb enough to try anything!" Mindy exclaimed.

"Oh I know she can," Alex said finishing off his food, "Ready to go!"

"Ah sure where are we going?" I asked.

"It's a surprise," Alex said with an air of mystery.

He dragged me out to the car. As we drove I began to recognize my surroundings. We ended up at the beach that I had been so many nights ago. The day I fell in love with Alex. It looked the same as I remembered it.

"Come on I have are suits in the trunk," Alex said smiling at me. I returned the smile.

After we changed in our suits we went down to the beach. We soon found ourselves laughing and having a water fight. It was a bit of an unfair advantage since he was full vampire but to make it even I froze his legs in the water a couple of time.

As I went to freeze his legs again, he jumped at me and gently set me down on the sand. He smirked leaning down and giving me a soft kiss on the lips. I returned the kiss. He pulled me up and said he had to set up something. He made me face the beach and promise not to peak.

"Gabby you can look now," he said from a few feet behind me. I looked to see a picnic laid out on a blanket. There was wine and a basket of food. There also was a blindfold.

"What's that for?" I asked.

"I want you guess what everything is before you eat or drink it?" He said.

"Okay sounds like fun," I said sitting down and letting him put it on.

The first thing he handed me was soft but firm. I sniffed it.

"Is it bread?" I asked. He told me I was right.

The next thing was hard and had a stem on the top.

"An apple," I replied.

"Correct," He told me.

The next thing he handed me felt like metal. It was circular and had a hole in it. The one part of it felt kind of uneven and rough.

"Um…candy?" I asked unsure.

"Nope," He said. I could hear a smile in his voice.

"I don't know," I admitted.

"Take the blindfold off and look," He told me.

I took the blindfold off and peered down into my hands. I gasped in shock. In my hand I held the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. It had just three simple diamonds flat on the band. The rough part I had felt.

"Gabby I love you and though I know we will always be together forever not matter what. I want to make you mine, and I want you to make me yours. Will you marry me?" Alex asked. He actually sounded a little bit nervous.

I jumped at him tackling him into a hug. Tears fell down my face as I kissed his soft lips. He gently held my face in his hands. His eyes were slightly misty as he seemed to study my tear stained face with adoration.

"Is that a yes then?" He asked me with a smile.

"That is a hell yes!" I exclaimed once again resuming our kiss.

I now knew everything was going to be alright. Though Dan and Shanna were still out there, I had loving friends and a loving fiancé that would do anything to protect me, and I would do anything to protect them. And I realized that I may not be free, but I didn't want that freedom anymore. My heart would forever and always belong to Alexander the love of my life.

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