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Pairing: Hotch/Prentiss, Rossi/JJ, Morgan/Elle, Reid/Austin and Garcia/Kevin.

Rating: PG

Category: Family/Romance/Friendship

Summary: Hotch take his pregnant wife and sons to the mall on Christmas eve to buy a gifts for everyone. The teams want to find out about Hotch's secret and who his wife is.

Chapter: 1

The teams except Emily working on the paper, so they can get to the mall before they closed at night. The reason they work on Christmas eve, because Scrooge told them to come to work or else, so they went to work to finish the files they work on. Morgan and Reid looked up at the office to see Hotch still working and he did. He tried to finish the files quickly, so he can meet his wife and sons at the mall.

"I wondering why Emily is not here?" Reid asked, in curious.

"Because Emily is sick." JJ answered, when she walked in the Bullpen.

"Please tell me, we don't have a case," Morgan asked, in worried.

"No, we don't have a case. I'm done with my case for the holiday," JJ said. "I'm waiting for my husband to get done with his work."

Rossi came out of his office when he got done with the files and saw his wife waiting for him in the Bullpen, so he walked down the stairs and walked toward his wife.

"I can't believe that scrooge made us worked on Christmas Eve," Rossi said, in anger.

"Who's the Scrooge?" Reid asked, in confused.

"Scrooge is Strauss," Morgan explained to Reid.

"Oh, okay. Thanks."

Hotch finally finish his last files, picked up his suitcase then grabbed his suit and walked out of his office and locked it. He walked in the bullpen and told the teams, he will see them on Monday and enjoy the Holidays. He got in the elevator and went home to his wife and sons.

"Do you see Hotch's ring on his left finger?" Morgan asked, in confused.

"Yes, I did notice it lately," Rossi said.

"I thought he was divorced," Reid asked.

"He was divorce. He probably got marry again," JJ answered.

"Hotch never got marry, this is his first marry," Rossi corrected JJ.

"What do you mean this is Hotch's first marry," JJ asked, in confused.

"What I mean is, he was engaged, not marry." Rossi explained. "He break it off because he caught Hailey cheated on him when he got home early from work."

"I wondering who he is marry to?" Reid asked.

"I don't know. We will find out when we hit the mall." Rossi said.

Garcia walked in the bullpen and saw the teams in the bullpen except Hotch and asked them, "Are we still going to have a party at Rossi's place tomorrow or not?"

"Yes, we are having a Christmas party at Rossi's cabin," JJ said.

"Good. Let's get to the mall before they close," Garcia replied.

"You heard the lady. Let's hit the road!" Rossi said, in excited.

They are left the BAU to get to the mall.

Hotch's apartment

Hotch walked in the apartment and dropped his suitcase and take his suit off. He saw his 3 years old Jack ran up to him.

"Daddy!" Jack yelled, in excited.

"Hey, Buddy." Hotch said. "Where's your mother and your little brother, Lucas?"

"Mommy is in the bedroom. She is not feel good," Jack said. "Luke is his crib asleep, I think."

"Okay. You wait here, buddy." Hotch replied.

"Okay, daddy."

Hotch went upstairs, walked in his room and saw his wife of 3 1/2 years getting ready to goes to the mall with her family. He went up to his wife and put his arms around her waist to protected their baby.

"How are you feeling?" Hotch asked.

"I'm doing okay. Our baby kicking me in the stomach," his wife answered. "I'm still going whether you like it or not."

"I know you are going whether I like it or not." Hotch bended down on his knee and touch her pregnant stomach and said to the baby, "Quit kicking your mommy's stomach. Are you ready?"

"Yes, I'm ready. Let's go and get our boys ready."

They left their bedroom, got the boys ready then left the apartment. Put the boys in the car seat then got in the SUV and left the parking space. to get to the malls. They finally arrived to the mall, Hotch got out the SUV, took his boys out the car seat then went around the passengers car to help his wife out the SUV. They walked in the mall and they went their separated way to get each other presents.

Hotch took Lucas with him while his wife take Jack with her. Hotch bought his wife a necklace with a match earrings then he bough some more Lingerie for his wife. He got Jack a super hero and some car then he went on to buy his friends' present for the party tomorrow.

Hotch's wife bought her husband a gift, Lucas' Christmas stuff then went on to buy her friends' present for the Christmas party tomorrow. They finally meet again in the middleof the mall. Hotch take Jack with him and his wife took Lucas with her then they bought some more gifts. They meet each other again, Hotch take Lucas from his wife then they leave the mall. Unbeknown to them, they were being follow.

"Well, well, looked who we got here," Rossi said.

They stopped when they heard the man's voice. Hotch turns around and saw Rossi and his friends standing front of them.

"Hi, guys. How your Christmas going?" Hotch asked, in nervous.

"We are doing fine and we just got done with our presents," Rossi said. "And are you going to introduced your wife?"

Hotch looked at his wife and they nodded each other. She turns around and her friends grasped and said, "Emily."


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