It's will be three shot. I'm sorry I took so long because my muse keep run away everytime I get on the computer.

Disclaimer: I don't own CM and the Character. I own Ella, not Elle Greenaway. Her name is Ella Johnson.

Pairing: Hotch/Prentiss, Rossi/JJ, Morgan/Ella, Reid/Austin and Garcia/Kevin.

Rating: PG

Category: Family/Romance/Friendship

Summary: Hotch take his pregnant wife and sons to the mall on Christmas eve to buy a gifts for everyone. The teams want to find out about Hotch's secret and who his wife is.

Chapter: 3- Party

Morgan, Ella, Garcia and Kevin arrived to Rossi's and JJ's house with a lot of presents for the kids and them. Garcia has to go back to the store to buy more presents for Lucas. Morgan rolls his eyes at Garcia for buying more toys.

Morgan asked JJ, "Everybody here beside us?"

"No. Reid, Hotch and his family are not here yet."

Hotch and his families arrive to Rossi's house and bring Christmas present and foods. Not long after they arrived, Reid and his girlfriend finally arrived last and they also brought foods and presents.

The teams help put the foods on the table after they finish set the table up. They all sit down on the chair while Jack and Henry sit at the kid table near them, Lucas sit on the high chair near Emily.

Henry got out of his chair, went to his mommy and asked, "Mommy, when are we going to open our presents?"

"In a few minutes, sweetie. When we get done eating then we will open your presents. Okay?"

"All right."

They finally finish eating dinner, they picked the dishes then they clean up the kitchen and they went to the living room to open their presents. Jack and Henry are so excited about opening their presents.

They let the kids opened their presents before they open their. Soon the kids finish opened their presents.

"What do you said to them, Jack?" Hotch asked.

"Thanks Mummy, daddy and everybody." Jack answered.

"You're welcome, Jack."

Henry finally finish opened his presents. Emily help her son, Lucas opened his presents and now an adults can opens their presents.

Garcia opened her present from Kevin, it's was a trip to Hawaii, they were going for a vacation after the Holiday. Kevin opened his present from his girlfriend, it's a stuff for the computer to keep it clean.

Now it's Morgan's turn to opened his present from Ella, he opened his present and it's a tool he can built for his house. She opened her presents, it's was a necklace and earrings and she love it.

Reid opened his presents from his girlfriend and Lila did the same thing. He got a book and video and she got also a book and a romance movies that she love.

Rossi and JJ opened their presents at the same times. JJ got a beautiful diamond necklace and earrings. Rossi got a new laptop for his story and a pregnancy test and he got a tear in his eyes.

"Are you sure?"

"I went to the doctor yesterday and she said, it was positive."

"We're going to have a baby?"

"Yes, we're going to have a baby!" JJ scream in excited.

"What's going on?" Garcia asked.

"Dave and I are having a baby." JJ answered.

"Congratulation. What about Will? Garcia asked.

"Thanks. Will left us and went back to New Orleans and he is not with us anymore. Dave took us in."

"How long you and Rossi being dating?" Emily asked.

"We have been dating for 6 month and I'm 2 month pregnant."

Finally, it Emily's and Hotch's turn. They opened their presents. Emily got a sexy pajamas and a pretty necklace that has two pictures of her sons inside and she loves it. Hotch got a tie that he wants and a pregnancy test.

Hotch looked at his wife and said in tears, "We're going to have a baby?"

"Yes. I'm pregnant and my doctor confirmed it and I'm one month pregnant."

He picked up his wife and twill her around and put her down and kiss her passion.

"Congratulation." Rossi said.

"Thanks." Emily answered.

The men clean up the mess. Emily stared at Hotch's butt when he bend down to picked up the paper, so she decided to pinch his ass then walked away after he yelped then he looked around then he got a smirk on his face. They finally finish clean up then they picked the presents then they put in their car or truck and went back inside the house.

The teams, Lila and Ella left the house and got in their cars and left the place to go home.

The End

I hope you enjoy it. It will be a sequel on this one and I don't know when. I like Will, but he is not in this story. I like JJ with either Rossi or Will. I will tried to write Reid with JJ. I will always put Emily with Hotch.