Once upon a time, there was a little girl in a giant castle. She had blonde hair and dull blue eyes and wore a small white dress. She was waiting for her rescuer to come and save her. She loved to draw, and one day she decided to draw a story to entertain herself. She decided to draw a dog, a rather goofy one at that. His name was GIR. He was green with black ears, a black tail, and he giggled instead of barked. Or meowed. Actually, it could talk and say pretty much whatever he wanted. She thought of how great it would be to have a puppy like this. They would be best friends and never be apart. She soon dreamed up a story about GIR...

One day, GIR wandered through the castle. He smelled waffles! "Oh My Gosh! WAFFLES!," he thought. He went to the kitchen to find some waffles to eat. But when he went to the kitchen, there were NO waffles yet. GIR started to spaz out at the thought of no waffles. He needed waffles - he needed them or he will explode, for that tends to happen sometimes. Like when he doesn't get tacos. He stepped out of the kitchen, determined to complete his quest for waffles.

On he went from store to store, house to house, and lots more. He even checked out outer space. No luck. He then went back to earth. He saw a sign, "Waffles Here!" as he landed. He wagged his tail and flapped his ears. GIR ran towards the sign and tried to find the waffles. He smelled them for sure, so he began to follow the scent. He got to the store, and the owner said, "We're sorry, we just sold the last waffles." GIR was sad and sadly wandered back towards the castle. He decided to get the legendary waffle sword, a sword that was rumored to create waffles . The sword smelled like waffles and syrup. His mouth watered at the thought of it. He got on his pink and sparkly pig, and rode off into the sunset to find his yummy waffles.

Just then, the door opened. The girl stopped with her story and started to stare at her rescuer. He had spiky brown hair and was wearing red armor. She stared and stared, and didn't hear what this man said. "Hello? I'm sorry, is your name Kairi?" "No, my name is Namine." "Huh. Oops." Oh well. I'm in a castle, I'll just save this damsel in distress. He thought. He then looked up to look at the girl in the eyes. "You need rescuing? Let's go! I'm Sora, by the way." "Thank you! Nice to meet ya!" The girl stood up from her chair, and walked to the other side of the room to her knight in red, pumpkin shorts, armor. She noticed a sword on his back. "Is that sword what I think it is?" "Oh, no. It doesn't look like a key or anything. It's the all-powerful legendary waffle sword." "NO WAY. WAFFLES! GIMME SOME!" They exited the castle the castle, with their mouths full of waffles.