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Sighing I looked ahead and frowned. My perfectly good weekend was about to be ruined by my two seven year old cousins. Now don't get me wrong I love them to death, but when they come over they always want to be with me and playing with me, but worst of all my friend Sarah (Sara: Yeah we wanted to be in our story hee hee) was suppose to spend the night over, which might not happen now. Running my hand through my short red hair I realized my yellow and red hair band was missing.

"Dang it" I mumbled before walking straight ahead.

"Ana, wait up!" A voice cried out from behind me.

Turning around I noticed a girl running full speed towards me. Eyes widening I quickly move out of the way. The said girl ran right past me and ran into the tree which magically appeared. Falling on her back she gasped and yelled out in pain.

"Ow, what was that for?" She screamed at me.

"Well when someone is running full speed at you, your gonna want to move out of their way" I replied "Anyways, why were you running after me?"

"Oh yeah" she replied excitedly. She stood back up and wiped the dirt from her short black skirt and black leggings, she then straightened up her blue shirt with a black jacket over that and then fixed her long brown hair.

"Any day now would be fine" I mumbled though I knew that she heard me.

"Whatever but guess what?" She answered excitedly "Um…Trevor asked you out?" I guessed bored out of my mind. Blushing madly she quickly shot down that answer.

"Uh…..You found the jacket you wanted?"Sighing she replied "No though you should be thinking about getting one, I mean it's the middle of October and your wearing short sleeves" She replied pointing to my outfit.

My outfit consisted of a short sleeved purple spandex shirt and white cuffs at the sleeves that ended about three inches about my belly button. I wore a shorter white tank top over that and orange baggy cargo pants. Added on was my yellow hair band with red stripes, which was missing at the moment.

"Hey I'm not the one who's always cold" I shot back

"Yeah, but seriously it's October and you're not even cold"

"Yeah cause I'm from the north so I'm used to the cold" I reminded her.

"Whatever, but you still didn't guess" she said changing the subject.

"Uh yeah I did and they were all wrong, so what is it?" I asked

"Ugh fine be a party pooper" She grumbled before tossing me my hair band.

"OMG, I LOVE YOU!" I shouted at her before tackling her in a hug.

"Ack can't breathe here" She mumbled before I realized her and put the hair band in my hair. "So am I still coming over?" She asked me as we started walking again.

"Sure if you want, but I'm warning you the twins will be there" I warned before turning around so I was walking backwards. "Your aunts dumping them on you guys again?" She asked

Thinking for a moment I realized that this is the 45th time the twins have been to my house this year. I also thought that she probably thought we were her personal babysitters. Sighing I finally answered "Yeah I guess she is."

"Then why do you let her do it?" Sarah asked. Thinking a moment I said "Well my dad says that their family and families help each other out."

"Even if your family wishes you were dead?" she asked. Sighing I looked ahead and saw my house. "Hey let's drop it ok? Plus we're here" I said before running towards my house with Sarah yelling my name behind me. Reaching my front door I turned around only to be slammed against the door by Sarah.

"Sorry I couldn't stop" She apologized. Groaning in pain I replied "No problem, I think". Rolling her eyes she waited till I opened the door and stepped in. Listening for a moment I concluded that the twins weren't here yet since they weren't yelling for someone to play with them. Sighing with relief, I turned around to tell Sarah the good news when something rammed into me causing me to fall on the floor. A chorus of "Ana's back" and "Play with us Ana play with us" told me that it was the twins who ran into me.

Looking up at my giggling best friend I asked. "What is it and people trying to knock me down?" rolling her eyes at me she walked over to the living room. Groaning I stood up, which also meant that I had to give two people a piggyback ride. Walking into the living room, I walked over to the couch and fell down on top of the twins.

"Hey Ana get off" Kisa shouted. "Yeah you're crushing us" Misa shouted after her twin. Laughing I got off and looked at them. Their long dark red hair was half up and half down with a green bow holding it together. Kisa wore a neon red shirt with a long sleeved jean jacket over it, while Misa wore a neon light green shirt and a long sleeved jean jacket. They both wore jeans and sneakers.

"Can you play with us now?' Misa asked Sarah and I. "Yeah can you play with us?" Kisa repeated.

"Sure, let me put my bag in my room first." I said before walking with the stairs. I then walked into my safe haven. Light blue walls surrounded me while my window curtains ad my bed comforter was purple. Walking over to my desk I picked up a picture of a woman with curly light red hair and sparkly green eyes, while holding a two year old girl with short red hair and gleaming green eyes.

Smiling sadly I spoke to the picture. "Hey ma I'm home." Before putting it back down and heading towards my bed. Finally dumping the heavy backpack onto m bed I notice a figure standing in my room. A woman with dark red hair with specks of grey held together in a tight bun and green eyes glaring at me stood by my desk.

"So the witch has returned" She said glaring at me. "I thought you had a flight to catch" I said while tightening my hands into a fist. "I do but I wanted to make sure that my sweet daughters won't be cursed nor be killed by a witch."

"I would never kill anyone" I countered glaring at her. "Oh really then why did you kill your mother?" She asked. "I didn't kill her" I replied.

"Oh really, then where is she? Oh that's right dead because you killed her" She spat out while glaring at me. "I didn't kill my ma" I countered as a few tears escaped from my eyes.

"Oh really then how is it that you were the only one who survived the crash? How is it that you only broke your arm and my sister broke her neck? How is it that you, a witch, survived and she didn't?" She screamed. "It was all your dad's fault. If he hadn't showed up and make her run away with him she would still be alive and she wouldn't have died saving you."

"Shut up" I shouted at her with tears streaming down my face. "I'm sorry that she died saving me. I'm sorry that I can't go into the past and change it, but you have no right to blame my da. They loved each other and it wasn't his fault nor mine that she died so shut up!"

"Why you-"she began before being interrupted by a man shouting "Shut up". Turning towards the door, I noticed a man standing their glaring at m aunt. His short brown hair was combed back and he wore a black business suite that made him look younger. "Lillian if you don't leave now you'll miss your flight." He said to my aunt. She glared at him and left slamming the front door shut.

"And you, Ana, need to calm down. The twins are down stairs waiting for you." he said. Looking at him I walked over to him as he engulfed me into a hug. "There there calm down "he said running his hand through my short hair. "But she keeps saying that he death was my fault" I cried into his shirt.

Gently he pushed me away from him as he bent down and looked me in the eye. "Ana Maria Haas, you know as well as I do that it wasn't your fault. If anyone it was the other drivers fault." He said while wiping the tears from my face. "Now go down stairs and play with your cousins"

Nodding I hugged him and walked out the door before he called me once again. "Oh and Ana, there's money in the draw so order anything you guys want for diner alright." Nodding I went down stair and walked into the living room. I noticed that the twins were quite and had sad expressions on their faces. Walking over to them I asked. "Hey what's with the sad expressions?"

"We heard what mommy said to you." Kisa started. "And we were frightened and scared." Misa finished. Looking at them I consumed them in a hug. "Hey now everything's fine, so how about a game of hide and seek?" I asked them before they jumped up and shouted "Sarah's it" and running away.

Giggling I soon felt a hand on my shoulder. Turning around I looked at my best friend's grim face. "You sure everything's ok?" she asked. Nodding she pulled me into yet another hug. Pulling away I smiled. "Ya know you should start counting since the twins are hiding ad I need to hide" I said before running up the stairs. Shaking her head she began to count.

Looking at the doors, I noticed one cracked open. Curiosity getting the best of my, I opened it further and notice which room it was. Furniture and paints were spread across the room in random places, the same furniture and paintings that my ma bought and made. Why I the world was this door opened? I thought as I heard Sarah shout "8...9…10 READY OR NOT HERE I COME!"

Looking around I noticed a wardrobe, quickly running towards it I climbed into it and shut the door. Confusion filled my face as light was emitting from behind me as I backed up. I expected my back to run into the back of the wardrobe, but that never happened, instead being as graceful as I am, tripped and landed in something wet. Rolling over I noticed snow falling and trees surrounding me. The only thing coming to mind was I don't think I'm I Kansas anymore

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