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Chapter 1

The Start of A Tragedy

"Go someplace where no one knows your name"

Amatsu and I stood before the gates of Cross Academy, looking up towards the massive school. Glancing towards my companion, I found that she had changed her appearance to that of a young girl with short, raven hair and a birthmark under her left eye.

"Why her?" I asked flatly with little to no interest at all. The last time Amatsu had used the women was to kill her lover. Not only had she stolen her identity, but her name as well.

"Why not? I find this woman's body rather interesting," she said licking her lips. "It's far more comfortable then other bodies I have." I looked at Amatsu wordlessly. "Looks like we have company," glancing back towards the school, I saw a tiny brunette girl with a set of wide eyes running towards us breathlessly.

"Hey, sorry I'm late!" She stopped at the gate, bending over with her hands on her knees for a moment to catch her breathe. "I hope that I didn't make you wait to long!"

"Oh no! Not at all," Amatsu said in sickeningly sweet voice.

"My name is Yuki, and this is Zero. You can ignore him though," I glanced at the tall silver haired boy who had a scowl on his face. I took in his scent. 'vampire' I thought. If I had caught his scent, Amatsu must have as well. "So you must be..."

"My name is Amatsu Mikaboshi and this is my older sister, Sora Mikaboshi. It's a pleasure to meet you Yuki- san." Yuki turned around to smile at me.

"Hello Sora-san." I gave her no indication that I would acknowledge her presence, making the girl fidget uncomfortably. I could practically feel the vampire beside her glaring daggers at me.

"Well then, Yuki~!," Amatsu sang breaking the silence. "Take us away."

"Of course Amatsu-san," Yuki then turned on her heel and walked towards the school. Amatsu followed closely and I trailed little ways behind. My blue eyes took in my surroundings. It was quite a fancy school. Obviously a place where human parents sent their obnoxious children. Closing my eyes, I let out a sigh. I could not believe that I had to do this. But did I really have a choice? I could never disobey Father. He was the reason for my existence- the only reason for my existence. I had pledged my entire being to him the moment I laid eyes upon him.

Yuki and Zero led us inside the main building and stopped at a door. She knocked and a girly voice sang, "Come in!" she seemed to brace herself as she opened the door. "Headmas-" she was cut off.

"Call me daddy! How many times do I have to tell you to call me daddy! I- am- your- daddy!" He clung onto Yuki crying.

"Ok! Ok! No need to cry father, really!" The Headmaster ceased his absurd actions and straightened up.

"How are my wonderful daughter and son doing today?" The Headmasters eyes began to glisten, and I swore he started to sparkle.

"I'm not your son," Zero grumbled.

"Fine, we're doing just fine. Actually we have two new Day Class students here." Yuki motioned her hand in our direction. I could see Amatsu began to twitch in irritation at the ordeal, while my impersonal expression was the same as always.

"Ahh! They're both so pretty too! Aww! I get two new cute Day Class students! I'm the Headmaster of this school Cross Kaien. I'm so happy to met you two."

"The pleasure is ours Headmaster! I'm Amatsu Mikaboshi and this is my sister Sora Mikaboshi. We are so very happy to be here," Amatsu stated sweetly.

"Ahh! Aren't you just the cutest thing!" The Headmaster sparkled again and was swooning side to side admiring Amatsu. " She's so sweet too!" Amatsu just laughed.

"C'mon Head- father give the girl some space." To my disdain the Headmaster turned his attention towards me.

"And look at her! She's just as pretty as her sister!" The Headmaster's sparkling grew. "Aww come now! Show me that pretty smile of yours. I just stared at him blankly. He was getting too close for comfort.

"Headmaster I'm sorry but my sister is very claustrophobic and doesn't like people being so close to her." The Headmaster backed off immediately.

"Ah I'm so sorry Sora-san!" I said nothing. Obviously we didn't need to worry about the dim witted Headmaster of the school. He was nothing but trash. "But anyways, girls! There are a few rules that you absolutely must follow! Rule number four stay away from the Night Class, rule number three stay away from the Night Class dorms. Rule number two you are not allowed out of the dorms past curfew. Got it?!"

"Yes sir!" Amatsu saluted him. "But sir what is rule number one?"

"You want to know the rule you must always, always, always follow?" Amatsu nodded her head in determination. "Have a good time!" Amatsu simply blinked as the Headmaster grinned widely at her. "Now Yuki escort these lovely ladies to there dorms."

"Yes, Headmaster! Follow me." Once again I trailed behind them like a shadow. Yuki and Amatsu chatted the whole time with Zero throwing in a few words here and there. I said nothing.

"Here we are," Yuki stopped in front of our new dorm and handed Amatsu the key. "I'm so sorry you two, but me and Zero have to go now. We have duties to attend to," Yuki smiled apologetically.

"No need to be sorry Yuki, we'll be fine." Amatsu flashed Yuuki a reassuring smile.

"Well if your okay, then I'll see you around Amatsu-san. Yuki looked at me skeptically as if she was unsure what to say to me. After a moment she said, "Bye Sora-san." As usual I said nothing. She looked at me awkwardly for a second then turned and walked off. Amatsu closed the door and locked it. Her smile dropped quickly.

"Ugh, she is so annoying, can't I just kill her already?" she scowled.

"Patience, do as you wish once our mission is complete,"

"Well once we get our job done I'm gonna kill as many stupid humans as I can," Amatsu's grin was malevolent.

"You must keep that form till the job is done," I ordered bluntly, earning me a displeased scowl.

"You want to explore campus a bit more and find out bout this Night Class?"

"Do I have a choice?" I grumbled with a sigh. We left the dorm to investigate campus.

"Is it just me or do I see a mob of screaming human girls?" I looked to where Amatsu pointed. As she had stated, a mob of girls surrounded a gate with a crescent moon over it. They were all screaming bloody murder. "Trash?" Amatsu raised an eyebrow questionably.

"The lowest of it," I answered coldly. This was why I hated humans. They were all mindless, sex driven creatures. Amatsu started off towards the mob. We pushed our way in the front to find Yuki struggling to hold back the girls.

"Girls get back! Please don't push! Hey you get back in line!" I glanced to Zero's side. He merely glared and the girls scurried back. 'how worthless,' I thought to myself. As the gates opened the girls only started to scream louder. Amatsu looked like she wanted to tear every humans head off.

Out walked the Night Class students. They wore a white version of the Day Class uniforms, and walked with their heads held high. I knew immediately that they were all vampires. The scent of the undead was sickening. I immediately started to analyze and observe them.

Amatsu's POV

I watched as the stoic girl next to me began to study the vampires with her eyes. Sora truly had an amazing ability. She could always determine how powerful someone was just by analyzing their aura. She could point out flaws and weaknesses and could determine what their special power was. She could tell if they were an obstacle or not. She was clever, cunning, and one of the most intelligent creatures I had ever met. Always calculating and observing. She was like just like a snake. A very clever snake. She was materialistic and did not believe it if she couldn't see it with her own eyes. This was why she was chosen, she was the most cunning and logic driven out of the eight. With her the mission was sure to be a success. Because unlike me, Sora never let emotions rule her.

I seethed at the sight of the vampires. 'They think they're so high and mighty and better than everyone. Especially those stupid Purebloods and Nobles.' I hated vampires almost as much as I hated the humans. 'I can't wait to kill them all,' my skin almost boiled with the lust to kill.

I was suddenly pushed forward by some fangirl. With a yelp I fell forward and landed right in front of the vampires who merely glanced at me like an insect. My hands curled into a ball, fingernails nearly breaking the skin of my palm. 'How dare the look down on me. I could kill them all right now if I wanted. I could-

"Are you alright, Miss?" I blinked in surprise, the voice snapping me out of my thoughts. A tall blonde vampire stood before me with his hand outstretched towards me, a kind smile on his face.

In a fit of rage I stood up quickly, smacking his hand away in the process. "I just got trampled by your stupid fangirls you dumbass! Do I look okay to you?" His eyes widened, a bit taken aback. He looked amused nonetheless. 'This little shit, does he want to-

"Temper, temper," Sora's cold voice warned me. I turned around to see her disapproving stare. I knew she was telling me not to blow my cover. I changed my attitude quickly.

"Oh! I am so sorry for being so rude! I'm just not having such a good day that's all!"

"It's alright really," said the vampire with the look of amusement still on his face.

"Amatsu!" uki ran over to me.

"Hello Yuuki-chan!" I smiled dazzling at her. 'what the hell does this little girl want now?' Honestly I wanted to tell the girl to screw off, but if I did I knew that my cover would be blown and Sora would kill me. She did not tolerate any failure.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I just took a bit of a fall that's all. But Yuki what exactly are you doing?"

"Oh well I'm a Guardian and you see my job is to protect the Night Class from the girls."

"How interesting." I turned to the blonde with green eyes. "Again I am very sorry."

"It's alright really. May I ask your name?"

"I'm Mikaboshi Amatsu," I grinned at him but internally I twitched.

"I'm Ichijou Takuma, it's a pleasure to meet you Miss."

"The pleasure is all mine Ichijou-san."

"Amatsu," came the sardonic voice of Sora.

"Ah hello there Mikaboshi-san," Yuki waved nervously. Sora completely ignored her presence.

"We're leaving," she commanded flatly, quickly turning on her heels and walking away.

"Wait for me!" I ran to catch up with her turning around to smile and wave at everyone else.

"So tell me what you learned about our new vampire friends?" the innocent and kind expression was immediately replaced with one of irritation.

"Trash, they're all worthless trash."

"And what of the Pureblood?" I narrowed my eyes slightly at her, who didn't even glance my way as she stared blankly ahead.

"He is an obstacle to overcome but I will deal with him. You can deal with the other trash that are unworthy for me to kill." I frowned.

"How disappointing, I was expecting more of a challenge." Sora stopped and turned around to fully face me. I knew I was in trouble with her.

"You need to learn to control your temper or I will kill you," she stated simply.

"Sorry Sora, I sometimes let my emotions get the best of me." To be honest I was afraid of Sora more than I was afraid of Father sometimes. She looked at me with her voided eyes.

"Emotions? Don't be silly, Amatsu. We don't possess such human things."