It's been nearly two years since I have updated this story. As I informed you all last time, this story was on hiatus and I wasn't sure if I was ever coming back to it. This story was the first fanfiction I had ever published, and despite me being such a terrible writer back then, I received a surprising amount of support and feedback from everyone. I was 13 when I first started this and now I am nearly 18 and done with high school. It was hard for me to continue this story seeing how poorly written this was, but now I have decided to revise all the chapters and finish the story. This fanfiction was near the end, and it was selfish of me not to give you all the closure you deserve. So I will continue to write for my awesome fans out there that have stuck with me through out the years, watching me grow as a writer. The next chapter should be up later on tonight or tomorrow. I hope some of you still remember this fanfiction.