Full Summary: Naruto was an enigma, one minute he was peaceful and serene the next he was hyper like a three-year old baby, but then there are the times where he is shown broken and melancholic. And don't forget those murderous moments, those demonic blood-red eyes with no hint of mercy. Kakashi is set out of this mystery that is Naruto Uzumaki. The Jinchuurki of the Kyuubi no Yoko.

Warnings: OOC, Definite Yaoi, Cross-dressing

Disclaimer: Seriously people, I wouldn't be writing this I did own Naruto and if I did, Sakura would die and Sasuke would just have to watch some Itanaru loving!~

I don't own Naruto.

"I hope that you will be seen as a hero and not as the being you contain." - Yondaime

Mindless chatter was heard about everything and nothing of importance. Well to Naruto nothing important was spoken. Gossips, rumors, myths, accusations, what happened to the lady next door. All was useless to Naruto.

The door slid opened and stepped in the class instructors, Mizuki Ashisu(1) and Iruka Umino. Nonetheless, the chatter still continued on, none noticing the instructors' presence bar a few.

Iruka Umino smiled at the hopeful children, but the smile faltered at the thought of them not being able to become a Genin. He sighed, sometimes I wish they all could become Genin, but then slaughter would only result to those who wouldn't make it. His gaze soon came to rest on one lone student sitting near the window. All the seats around the student were empty. Naruto Uzumaki. The Jinchuuriki. The container of the Kyuubi. Konoha's pariah.

Naruto was such an enigma, his gaze was never focused, always serene looking, airy, empty. It creeped many of the students, not to mention the rumors that surround him: the good-for-nothing demon that only deserved death. Resulting in total isolation and solitude, but Naruto seemed to be so content with it.

Naruto is the dead last of his class and the students always took the chance to rub it in his face, but it never did affect him. He always had that small smile, it looked so real yet so fake. Iruka never witnessed a true smile on his face, just that same fooling smile every single day he saw Naruto.

Shaking his heads from the thought, he missed the scorned look Mizuki gave to Naruto. Iruka walked to the desk up front and cleared his throat.

"Ahem, class," Iruka waited for them to settle down, but no evidence even hinted to the fact they heard him. Iruka started to get irritated as the minutes passed by, an ever-present tic slowly growing.

"SHUT UP YOU LITTLE SNOT-BOOGERS!" Iruka screamed with his specialty jutsu, Demon Head no Jutsu(2). The result was instant, as the class stopped their mindless blabble immediately. Iruka smiled (cough, bi-polar, cough) and started his speech on how they will finally take the Genin exam and see if they're qualified to become one.

Naruto tuned it all out and looked out the window.

"Angel, Angel what do you seek?" Naruto sang so softly no one except him could hear it.

I seek the blood of an infant filled to the peek. An almost-like-growl answered. Naruto only smiled a little larger.

"The towns will hunt, the Gods will roar."

If they hunt, I will succeed getting more. Naruto softly giggled at this.

"It's a sin, a treachery never forgotten."

Already I am a soul rotten.

"-to. Uzumaki Naruto!" Iruka's voice rang out breaking Naruto and the mysterious voice's collaboration.

Naruto stood up gently and almost glided towards the examination room.

"Alright Naruto you know the drill, hit at least five targets in the chest area out of eight first. With any weapon of your choosing," Iruka said with a clipboard ready to record.

Naruto nodded and took out senbons, and flicked his wrist. Five of the senbons hit the heart exactly while the three others hit the ribcage.

"Good, next you will have to try and score at least three hits on me with taijutsu," Iruka set out. Naruto nodded at this once again.

Iruka got into position and Naruto did too. Ten seconds later Naruto was the first to move. He first tried to score with a twirl kick and only ended up missing Iruka's abdomen. Iruka then punched to Naruto's right arm and almost succeeded when Naruto dodged and gently hit the arm. One, Iruka counted. Two, Iruka continued when Naruto kicked him in the shins, lightly again. Three, Iruka finished when Naruto rapped his knuckles against Iruka's forehead.

"Okay, you passed the taijutsu," Iruka announced and Naruto answered with a giggle.

"Now you will have to perform the Kawarimi jutsu, a Henge and make three or more Bunshin clones."

Naruto first started with a simple Henge as Iruka himself, no flaws in it. Then he performed the Kawarimi jutsu and replaced himself with a chair. And finally Naruto ended with four Bunshins, his worst Ninjutsu. Or so Iruka thinks.

Iruka wiped the sweat off his forehead after Naruto performed the Bunshin no Jutsu, hoping Naruto would succeed. He sighed; I'm getting too old for this, and grinned at Naruto.

"Congratulations! You passed the exams!" Iruka announced happily and Naruto clapped with Iruka giggling at the same. Iruka missed another look of scorn to Naruto from Mizuki, but Naruto certainly saw it, but showed no reaction towards it.

Naruto picked up a standard ninja headband with red cloth to match the kimono he was wearing. He was now considered an adult. After all, if you're old enough to kill, you're old enough to do anything else.

"Naruto can you please tell Sasuke-san to come to the examination room next?" Iruka requested. Naruto simply waved his hand and gave a kiss to Iruka's cheek. An action they both were used to and none were surprised by it. As Naruto did that to anyone who were nice to him. Including the Hokage.

Naruto entered the classroom with his headband hidden underneath his kimono sleeves and walked towards the crowd of girls. Already he could hear confessions and requests for dates. He somehow managed to get through the crowd and was now exactly in front of Sasuke Uchiha. Currently the last of the Uchiha to reside in Konoha as the other one, Itachi Uchiha ran off after killing the whole clan except for his little brother, Sasuke.

"Sorry to disturb Uchiha-san, but Iruka-sensei asked to me tell you it is your turn to be tested," Naruto politely delivered his message; he then turned around and headed towards his lone seat.

"Hn," Sasuke answered, though Naruto wasn't there to hear it. He got up and headed towards the door. All the while cheers and Kyas were trailing after him.

"Hmph! Dead-last didn't pass the Genin exams, I knew it! Loser!" Kiba loudly exclaimed and the rest just laughed at the supposed failure bar a few.

Naruto merely smiled his fake smile as he watched the world yet again.

"You'll always be an angel to me."

A rumble of deep chuckles responded.

Later That Same Day…

"Ha! Ha! Ha! You Anbu would never catch me! I'll deliver this to Orochimaru-sama and he'll make you pay for injuring me!" Mizuki boasted as he soared through the trees with even faster black blurs chasing after him.

A few seconds later, one of the black blurs slashed Mizuki's legs. Resulting in Mizuki falling and the huge scroll on his back to fall out, right into the Hokage's hands.

"Ashisu Mizuki, you are to be arrested and interrogated for stealing Konoha's Forbidden Scroll and admitting your allegiance to Orochimaru," the Hokage calmly said with a stone-face.

Mizuki only laughed and kept on talking about how his master will come to save him.

"Fool will only die in betrayal," a man clothed in black wearing a wolf mask said while reading an orange book.

A familiar figure was standing in the spot Mizuki was apprehended, his eyes full of betrayal.

"Why Mizuki?"

TimeSkip ~ Next Day!

Loud chatter was heard outside the door of Naruto's classroom. Excitement could practically be felt in the air and congratulations were given everywhere. Naruto hummed the tune he and his little friend sang yesterday and entered the room. Naruto calmly walked/glided up the stairs to his lone seat when Kiba stepped in front of him.

"What are you doing here? You failed the Genin exams! Or are you too stupid to even understand that you F-A-I-L-E-D!" Kiba mocked.

Iruka stepped just in time to hear Kiba's derision.

"Kiba, Naruto did pass the exams. He does have his ninja headband as proof," Iruka said.

"What? Where? I don't see it at all!" Kiba exclaimed while practically sniffing Naruto, a noticeable blush continued to grow on Kiba's cheek when he noticed how attractive Naruto was.

Naruto giggled and took out his headband out from under his kimono sleeve.

"It was under here Inuzuka-san the whole time," Naruto teased as he swung the headband back and fourth. He side-stepped Kiba and skipped merrily to his official seat.

Kiba blushed even more at the flirt he just received and slowly walked back to this seat in between Hinata and Shino. Akamaru barked at Kiba, embarrassed at his master's behavior.

"Troublesome dogs," Shikamaru yawned and glanced at Naruto, who surprisingly was not looking out the window, but looking at what seems to be Shino. Shikamaru simply lifted an eyebrow in confusion at this revelation. Troublesome blondes, Shikamaru thought.

"Alright first off everyone, congratulations on finally graduating Ninja Academy! I wish you great luck on your first mission and the many ones to come soon after! And now you will all be assigned as a three-man squad to a single Jounin instructor," Iruka announced and took out his trust clipboard.

"Team 1 same team, Team 2 consists of Lulu Lulufer, Fufu Fufufer, and RuRu Rurufer(3)…" Iruka trailed on and then finally came the much waited teams.

"Team 7 consists of Uchiha Sasuke," at this all the girl students immediately perked up, "Haruno Sakura-" Iruka was interrupted by a Shannaro and a take that Ino-Buta!, "And Uzumaki Naruto with Hatake Kakashi as their instructor." At the Sakura groaned and glared at Naruto while Sasuke just hned as always. Those two will only hold me back, Sasuke stated to himself.

Naruto clapped and smiled a slightly larger than usual smile when Naruto heard his instructor's name being called.

"Team 8 consists of Hyuuga Hinata, Aburame Shino and Inuzuka Kiba with Yuhi Kurenai as their instructor." Hinata blushed and stuttered a hope to work well with you both, Shino greeted them both with a hello and Kiba grinned at being paired up with his crush even if there was a third member to the team.

"Team 9 same team. Team 10 consists of Nara Shikamaru, Yamanaka Ino and Akimichi Chouji with Sarutobi Asuma as their instructor." Ino groaned, great, I'm paired with a lazy-bum and a fat-ass. Shikamaru just muttered a troublesome and Chouji continued to munch on his chips though he was happy on the inside for he was paired with his best friend.

"All teams please wait here for your instructors to come and pick you up," Iruka instructed and exited the room. Chatter quickly filled the silence.

Sakura and Sasuke walked towards the empty seats next to Naruto with Sasuke in the middle, Naruto on his left and Sakura on his right.

Naruto turned to his right and giggled.

"I hope to work well with you both. I think we will have a fun time together," Naruto greeted and leaned on his elbows with his face held up by the palms of his hands.

"Hn," Sasuke didn't even glance at either of his teammates.

"Just don't hold Sasuke and me back Naruto-baka!" Sakura cruelly replied while staring at Sasuke. You could practically see the hearts and sparkles around her.

Naruto merely smiled and stood up.

"Where are you going dobe?" Sasuke questioned Naruto.

"I'm going to get my lunch, and I suggest you to too. I have a feeling our sensei will be extra late. On purpose too," Naruto sang while skipping towards Shikamaru and Chouji.

"C'mon let's go!" Naruto eagerly said while dragging his two friends with him.

"You can come too Ino!" Naruto added in as he turned back to see if they were following him.

"Troublesome blondes," Shikamaru mumbled with a hint of a blush.

Chouji's face just reddened with a blush more noticeable than Shikamaru's.

"Troublesome, troublesome~" Naruto repeated after Shikamaru out of the classroom.

Ino just sweatdropped and followed after them, well, mind as well try to get to know them. Who knows, they could be decent.

Outside the Classroom with the Kidnapper and Kidnapped!

"So I made you guys your favorites as a congratulations gift! This is yours Chouji, Shika this is yours and Ino I made you one too, but I didn't know your favorites so I made food with low-calories since you said you were on a diet. I don't think you need one, you're too skinny enough." Naruto happily handed out the bentos to the designated person.

"Thanks Naru," Chouji cheerfully replied and greedily took Naruto's bento.

"I love your cooking! It's so good!" Chouji complimented, pausing after a few bites.

"Che, didn't need to do something so troublesome," Shikamaru remarked, but still took his bento. I agree with Chouji though, Naru's cooking is so good. Better than that troublesome mom of mine.

Ino was speechless, "Wow uhm, I don't what to say, but thank you."

Naruto giggled and handed the bento to Ino. He then took out an apple and a lollipop and started to nibble on the apple much like a chipmunk. (A/N: that's what I do with my apples -sighs- Such good juiciness)

So cute! Ino squealed and took a bite of the eggroll.

Ino's eyes slowly started to sparkle with big chibi tears going down her cheeks.

"Sho…gewd!" Ino exclaimed and started to eat viciously.

"Slow down!" Naruto giggled and handed Ino a water bottle when she started to choke on the food.

"Wow Naruto! I can't believe you could cook like this! You have to teach me one day!" Ino demanded as she ate at a slower pace.

"Sometime, someday Ino-chan~ Someday, sometime," Naruto sang.

And so the quartet continued to eat their lunch with laughs and comments here and there.

After Lunch

All the teams' Jounin instructors came to pick them up, all except Team 7.

"Argh! Where the heck is our instructor! I swear, when he comes I will pummel him to Hell!" Sakura screamed and stomped her foot, with that ever popular tick that both she and Sasuke had.

"Hn," Sasuke's eyebrow twitched as he was irritated too at his instructor.

Naruto giggled and took out a chalkboard eraser. He then slightly opened the door and tucks it in between the opening.

"Pun-ish-ment~" Naruto wagged his finger at his other two teammates.

"Like that will work!" Sakura tried to bonk Naruto on his head, but she missed miserably.

Right at that moment their Jounin instructor opening the door and fell on the floor with a crater under him when the eraser hit his head.

"What the…" Sasuke muttered with wide eyes. Seemed Sakura likes to imitate others as she had the same wide eyes and looked at Naruto who giggled and clapped.

Naruto skipped over to his Sensei and sat on his back.

"Punishment! Punishment! Naughty, naughty Kaka-sensei!" Naruto sang as Kakashi tried to get up, but it seemed the eraser was somehow weighing him down.

What the, what did he do? Kakashi wondered.

Naruto, seeming to decide his Sensei had enough of his punishment, simply kicked the eraser off of his Sensei and stood up.

"My first impression of you all, I hate you. Meet me at the roof," Kakashi announced with his infamous curved-eye smile and poofed away.

Sakura and Sasuke were once again speechless and silently started to walk towards the roof while Naruto skipped besides them humming an unfamiliar tune.

"I think our Sensei is going to love us!" Naruto sang right before he opened the door to the roof.

Said Sensei was lazily leaning on the railing and reading the bane of all women's existence. Icha Icha Paradise.

"Oooh~ Naughty Kaka-sensei! Reading a book like that in front of us little people!" Naruto accused.

"Maa, maa. As long as the other two don't know what I am reading, it's all good," Kakashi answered nonchalantly.

At this time, Sasuke and Sakura were seated while Naruto was sitting on the railing next to their Sensei.

"Mhm okay so let's start with our introductions. Name, likes, dislikes, hobbies, dreams and specialties," Kakashi drawled.

"How about you start us off Sensei?" Naruto stated.

Kakashi sighed, "I'm Hatake Kakashi. I have no intention of tell you my likes and dislikes. Hobbies… I have dreams. Specialties… I guess Ninjutsu."

The S duo sweatdropped and their eyebrows twitched.

So we only know his name and he's talented in Ninjutsu.

"You pinky, go next." Kakashi pointed at Sakura.

Sakura huffed at the nickname, "My name is Haruno Sakura. My likes…" she stares at Sasuke, "My dislikes, Ino-Buta and Naruto-Baka! Hobbies…" she squeals while looking at Sasuke again, "Dreams…" her face turns red and she giggles a little insanely, "And specialties? Uhm, I only know the Academy Jutsus, but I'm told I have good chakra control."

Great a fangirl, I should hand her to Anko to shake her up and let her catch up to the others.

Hn, useless.

Mo… Why does everybody got to hate?

You seriously asking that kit?

Naruto pouted at this even more.

"Okay, you next emo-duck-butt." Sasuke's tic grew and twitched at the nickname.

"My name is Uchiha Sasuke. I have no likes. Many dislikes. Hobbies include training. Dreams… no my ambition is to kill a certain man. Specialties are Ninjutsu, especially in the fire element."

Great, a slightly insane emo boy who's only ambition is to kill. Great, just great. I bet he thinks he's too good for the others too. Woe is me!

Kyaa! Too cool Sasuke-kun! Too cool!

You don't think it's…

Who else would it be kit?

Naruto sighed for once.

"Next is you crossdresser." Naruto giggled at this implication.

"Okay minna-san! My name is Uzumaki Naruto. I have a lot of likes, but I especially like Ji-chan and Yu-chan. My dislikes are little to none, but some are hypocrites and animal-hunters. My hobbies are mostly my likes; some include gardening, training and cooking. My dream huh…" Naruto paused and his eyes glazed, "I guess to be accepted. My specialties would be a hi-mi-tsu."

So Naruto would like his specialties kept as a secret, I have to ask Hokage-sama about this. But Iruka did say he had horrible chakra control, so maybe it's Taijutsu. Oh well, I'll see tomorrow during the test.

Hn, they'll only get in my way.

Oh my gosh! Did Sasuke just look at me? He did he did!

"You guys have very unique personalities. I like that. So tomorrow we're going to begin our first mission, well after we begin training. Survival training."

"Survival training!" Naruto jumped up and down.

"Survival training? We trained plenty enough at the Academy Sensei," Sakura said, confused.

"No, no, you guys are mistaken. This is no normal training." And then he started to chuckle.

"What's so funny Kakashi-sensei?" Sakura asked, a little disturbed and nervous.

"Well you guys will certainly be surprised at this, the Genin exam you did before was just a fake. To keep the hopeless from with who actually have some chance of becoming an official ninja. Only nine graduate and become Genins out of the twenty-seven that pass. Those who failed will be sent back the Academy."

"What!" Sakura exclaimed and even Sasuke's eyes widened a bit.

"Whooo! Another fun year together then!" Naruto cheered.

"Shut up!" Sakura screamed at Naruto.

Naruto's eyes started to get all sparkly and chibi tears were starting to form.

"Waah! Kaka-sensei! Sakura's a big fat meanie!" Naruto cried while hugging his Sensei. Kakashi sweatdropped and patted Naruto's back.

"Maa, maa Naruto. I don't think she meant it," Kakashi reassured.

Naruto sniffed and nodded, but he didn't move from hugging Kakashi. Instead he turned around and stayed in between Kakashi's legs.

"Uhm, so anyways the training tomorrow will have a drop out of 66%. So tomorrow I will decide whether or not you guys are competent to be a Genin or should stay as little Academees. Okay, come to Training Ground 3 tomorrow at 5 AM with your ninja equipments. Oh and don't eat breakfast."

A why? was heard from Sakura.

"You'll only throw it back up," Kakashi gravely warned.

Gasps were heard from Sakura and Sasuke's hands continued to shake.

"Throw it all up!" Naruto repeated hanging onto Kakashi by looping his arms around his neck.

"Okay well you're all dismissed!"

Sasuke started walking away with Sakura trailing after.

"Sayonara, Kaka-sensei! It was nice meeting you!" Naruto merrily said and then jumped off the roof.

"I have the weirdest team I bet," Kakashi muttered to himself, but then remembered Gai's team, "Never mind. The second weirdest team."

At Night

Here we are, past the moderately good homes and apartments into the slums of Konoha, where our mysterious hero resides in. In the apartment room 444(5). It seemed to be the most destroyed with red marks of Demon and Monster plastered on the door and what seemed to be a broken window.

A haunting tune was heard coming from apartment 444 though. A slow, wistful tune.

"Mhm, you always did play so well on the cello Kit."

Naruto smiled a small true smile.

"Thanks Kyuubi."

(1) It seems Mizuki's last name was not heard so I made one up. It means Evil Essence, or at least it does to me…

(2) Again, it seems there's no official reason or jutsu when Iruka's head grows huge to scream at the little booger-heads.

(3)…Meh didn't want to think of names that I have no need to mention in the rest of this story.

(4) Sigh, sometimes I just wished I knew everything! But then my brain would explode… Can't find what Naruto's apartment number was so I made it into 444 as it is a common belief that 444 is an unlucky number because of it's pronunciation as death. Again if you do know his apartment number, please either put it in a review or Pm me please.

And that's a cut people! Good job everyone!

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