Hey Fablehaven readers, I just finished the book Keyes to the Demon Prison and I didn't want the story to end there because I love it so much. So therefore, the story Impossible was formed. I hope you like it and please review so I can see what you think. So anyway enough of my droning and here's the story:


Chapter 1

Seth's POV

Ever since the demon prison was no longer a threat, I felt really bored. I needed something to do and fast. Newel and Doren were still busy watching their new T.V. and Kendra was…well being Kendra. With no adventures to keep me occupied, boredom quickly overcame me. I got up from my spot in the grass near the house and decided to go exploring.

Even though I already knew almost every inch of Fablehaven, it was better than doing nothing. I decided to visit Graulas's old cave. I liked to go there a lot for some odd reason.

After walking the path I knew all too well, I finally reached the cave. When I got inside I saw a person sized lump huddled underneath a ragged blanket in a far corner. I turned on my shadow charmer shade walking skills and slowly approached the lump. As soon as I got close enough I ripped the blanket off to reveal a girl.

She had very light-lime-green colored skin and looked very petite. Her dark chocolate hair was slightly matted and her bangs were pulled back like a crown. In addition to her bangs a small, petite, fragile crown rested on her head. It looked worn and had no jewels.

Her dress was in tatters and it was short. No warmth could possibly be provided by it. No shoes were on her feet. She had a long, slender tail. Her skin looked like it was scaled but was smooth to the touch. I found that out when I jostled her shoulder to wake her. Her eyes fluttered open and I noticed they were right scarlet and looked reptilian.

Her voice sounded like a symphony of flutes, chimes and music boxes. "Who are you?" She asked after she sprang up and crouched into a defensive position. She barred her sharp looking teeth at me. "My name is Seth Sorenson, who are you and why are you on my grandpa's reserve?" I asked.

"Ah, Seth Sorenson. Killer of Graulas and Nagi Luna. I'm very impressed by you. It's hard to slay a demon. I would know." She said, uncrouching from her position. "You didn't answer my questions." I said.

"My name is Hermia. I come here in search of answers and revenge, possibly. Don't bother asking how I got in. I have special abilities as a shadow charmer." She said with a sly smile on her lips.

It wasn't until then I noticed the small necklace around her small neck. It had a crystal center and was surrounded by a mixture of rock and dirt. It was on a leather chain. "Well then, um…why don't you come to the house to get your answers?" I said hesitating.

I didn't know if grandpa would approve of her being here. But why did I care? I shouldn't care but for some reason I felt drawn to her. Like I would die if something happened to her. "No, no, no, no. I don't want to go there yet. I can't go there yet. I want to explore and get to know you a little better. I know Stan and he would never approve of me here. He thinks I'm quite dangerous." She said with her eyebrows knitted together.

"You don't look dangerous at all." I said and instantly wanted to take it back. She looked surprised and then offended. "I am more dangerous than you think Seth." Hermia said darkly. She somersaulted over my head and landed in a crouch behind me.

"Come on Seth, let's explore!" She said as she lept out of the cave. That weird feeling I had about her forced me to follow her.